The Wild Hunt: Rollie Quaid – Dancing with the Devil in the Squared Circle (8-30-17)

Kyle has Rollie back on to discuss the recent fight, Mayweather as the gimp, Bob Arum’s harum of boxers and promoters, dirty Dana White of the Don King and his relationship to Arum, Trump, and South Africa, occult underground fights, mind control match-ups, and much more.

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Please discourage people from attending the FED asset Andre Anglins “ARMED” march. It’s a very transparent FBI operation designed to help to destroy all of our 2nd Amendment rights. When this thing goes sour with the predictable “Staged Atrocity” … what sort of “new laws” do you think will be proffered? Anglin, Delaney, and Roberts are ALL FBI assets. They are not “agents”. They are informants. They are despicable scum exactly like Hal Turner was. Please be overt about discouraging anyone from attended this FBI setup and trap.

All genuine pro-Whites should have disowned anglin ages ago. I would add Spencer and Duke to that list also. I don’t take any pro-White seriously if they support any of those three actors in any way whatsoever.

Agreed, Duke who had extensive facial reconstruction surgery to make himself look less jewish has been working with the Feds and ADL for a very long time. That list also includes Duke’s close friend Don Black who started the Stormfront forum. Alex Linder is also a jew. The outwardly visible portion of this “movement” is mostly Fed handled Controlled Opposition honeypots, opinion shapers and agent provocateurs. That is why the “movement” hasn’t really gotten anywhere except an enhanced bad reputation among the sheep. After the faked Cville event where nobody died, an “Armed March” led by more FBI controlled stooges will only make “White Nationalists” appear to be terrorists in the public mind. It will be a field day for CNN.

What I think is giving people like Anglin, Azzmador, Heimbach etc away the most is I hear and see them promoting Stalin as a hero who saved the goys from the jews. They do this frequently, and even Cantwell does it. They also are promoting universal basic income which Sorros and Zuckerberg are promoting.

Cantwell is definitely a KIKE. Look at his nose. Definite KIKE..

Its possible, although I’ve been listening to Cantwell for years before he turned white nationalist. He’s extremely ‘edgy’ and I suppose it pays off because he’s one of the few that makes enough money to live on and buy expensive toys from doing just a radio show. He also showed his dna test results (if they are genuine) and it was 0.01% jew. So he’s got a drop I suppose.

I have pretty good jew-dar and I’m quite sure that Cantrell is a KIKE. He’s obviously been working with the FBI/Joint Terrorism Task Force as did Hal Turner. The FEDS look for and recruit people like this by playing to their ego. Cantrell is DEFINITELY working with the FEDS and is a poor actor. His post Cville “schtick” was pathetic and transparently amateurish.

You very well could be right. From what I understand, Cantwell was kicked out of New Hampshire’s free state project because he was trying get people to go to war with the local government and the people were not interested.

I think the fight had a “Pre-Determined” outcome. Amateur boxing fights even at the Olympic level only consists of 3 rounds. A 3 round fight does not take anywhere near as much strategy concerning energy efficiency as a 12 round fight. Do I think McGregor knows his body well enough to have properly managed his energy output? Yes, I do. Athletes at that level know. As for the claim that McGregor wasn’t “loading up” on his punches…well, you really can’t do that against a skilled counter-puncher. If you throw a haymaker (100 % effort) against someone like that, your momentum will expose you to a counter for a much longer time period than a punch that’s thrown well within your normal capability (say, 60 or… Read more »
That’s a good summation Pat. According to McGregor’s post fight interview, turning ones back is the ability of a seasoned skilled opponent to change strategy mid fight lol. McGregor had trained for every possible outcome except May changing style and hiding his chin in his shoulder. What a shame and such tough luck. This was a total choreographed hoax – the goyim were fooled again. How many times did a smiling Conor say ” good knock, had a bit of fun” afterwards? Also, May said he tried to place bets on himself but was turned away. Is that even legal? He told the interviewer he got a mate to place a 6 figure sum on his victory. May’s neighbour, Maloof brother, also staked $880,000, winning… Read more »

May told everyone in neighborhood he was going to win even the village idiot, Like Buster Douglas vs Tyson, MAY partyed the nights before the fight. Except Tyson got KO,’. Mac/May play looked like a pillow fight, the fight Michael Rappaport wanted. Skip Bayless Watched rappaport she cardboard cut out of Connor, he said as far as you had the cut out is this hard as May is going to hit MAC. Which turned out to be true because the whole match look like soft Sparing among friends.

Anthony, an analogy for McGregors situation: You’re swimming across a 3 mile stretch of water and you want to do it as fast as you can. Do you just go “all out” so that you completely exhaust yourself and drown a bit more than half way? Or do you constantly keep in touch with your energy output and moderate it as necessary? Let’s say a shark chases you for a bit on your swim… do you just go “all out” and place yourself in a situation where you’re going to drown due to exhaustion? No. McGregor is a professional. He trained for this. Most of the dumb asses out there probably “bought” the story. Sad.

Today, McGregor talks about his lack of stamina he says was due to a “lack of training time”. That excuse is “plausible” but I still don’t buy it. His statement below: “Just coming back around after a whirlwind couple of days. Thank you to all the fans for the support of the fight and the event! Without your support we as fighters are nothing so I thank you all! Thank you to my team of coaches and training partners! I had an amazing team and It truly was an amazing and enjoyable camp, and honestly I feel with just a little change in certain areas of the prep, we could have built the engine for 12 full rounds under stress, and got the better… Read more »

It was a planned excuse for being “Gas”, Bob Arum owns the 2 most imporant think-tanks of Boxing progranda the maganize “The Ring” (only on paper does Oscar de la Hoy on it) and Top Rank ESPN. He has everyone in the back pocket at WBO. My next article is going to close lose ins to this MAC-MAY Play-date.

they used to be 15 rounds; back in the day

You should look up the video of Rogan’s show where Eddie Bravo brings up pizza gate and Rogan’s friend and frequent guest Bryan Callen, who is in big blockbuster movies and a stand up comedian, immediately went into a rage to shut the conversation down. Something really fishy about that guy like he’s guilty of participating.

Callen is a KIKE. That explains it.

I am @ reddit looking for hot leads to my article “Vulerable Adults of Combat Sports and Their PCA Handlers” What I have written so far is stick drawing, I have the Sistine Chapel waiting. Also, I want to write the first Bio of Bob Arum before Bill Wise does, I’ll publish my material for free on RB. Any hot leads??

What is a PCA handler? (What does ‘PCA’ mean?). An interesting case I think is the Russian mma fighter Fedor Emelianenko who came out of the Russian military to start fighting and went a decade without losing and is considered the greatest mma fighter of all time. People speculate that the (((Russian mafia))) pretty much controlled him (like they do all Russian athletes) which is why he never came to the UFC because then Dana White would be in control of him. Dana offered Fedor 25 million I believe to fight Brock Lesnar but Fedor’s handlers, M-1 Global, said it won’t happen unless they got like half of UFC’s total earnings of the fight. As his career went on he was looking more and more… Read more »

Interestingly his brother, who is also a Russian fighter, has a swastika tattoo and a tattoo “Gott Mit Uns” which was written on third reich belt buckles.

PCA Personal Care Attendant meaning someone to wipe a fighters ass and baby sit them..

Dana White and the Mob

this guys in broken english on FB challenge us to fight

Dana White has a bit of hearing loss because he said people beat the shit out of him within an inch of his life and left him by a dumpster. It seems that just about every UFC fighter complains about Dana White. Fighter Tyron Woodley recently threatened to leak a lot of stuff on him. I’m not sure how much fight fixing goes on in the UFC but if you want to see a proven fixed fight look up Mark Coleman vs Nobuhiko Takada.

No, the 3 stripes on Monster logo means, 666 the beast. Kyle is 100% correct. It’s the 3 vav’s. 6th place in the Hebrew alpha bet. Sacred Egyptian alpha bet long before the Habiru stole it.

I’ve commented on 1000 video’s and I don’t remember even 1 video OR 1 other comment besides mine that talks about Obama’s ma being J so he is therefor. Michele O’s 1st cousin I’ve heard tell is a Rabbi. I saw a pic of her with him and sure enough, skull cap anyway. Oh, Clinton wasn’t named Clinton until he was 18 and changed to Clinton. I think his name was Blythe. Bush Sr.’s dad Prescott’s ma and dad AND wife, daughter of Herbert Walker of Brown Brothers Harriman which is arm of London R-child. Them and London’s Brown/Schipply. So all three seem to be youish. hahaha Just sayin’. When they say Obama is musliim it’s just such swindle speak. So ridiculous. Notice UFC couldn’t… Read more »
Wow, I’m a hard, nasty man when need be and Mrs. Whites words crushes my heart flat. I’m not very religious, but I believe were designed…the world system of self cleaning and how dirt and rain make the poisons in our polutions in their many forms, becomes inert or diluted rendering it safe for animal life and detoxifies it. Lifts from the warmer equatorial waters to clouds and to the N. and S. mountain ranges and rains and down to the rivers it goes for another cleaning cycle. This mad house is beautiful, renewable and to me, undeniably designed. Google: Micrograph of Flagellar Motor. It’s totally a nano sized outboard motor with gears, propeller, rotary table, clutch and 2 gears and goes from forward at… Read more »

I agree. These sports, they’d sign those contracts for 1 million a year and be totally satisfied. It’s a kids game. Hell, they’d do it for 200,000 if you ask me. It’s only 16 games. That would be over 10 grand for 3 hours work. It’s part of Israel Cohen’s Racial Program for the 20th Century.

this was a great show! I should have called in :p

man i hope these comments make sense after i listen to the show.

Here’s a pretty good essay from a pretty popular author Chuck Klosterman from his book “Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs” about the 1980’s biggest rivalry in sports was the Boston Celtics vs the LA Lakers. The Celtics with Larry Bird was a team of white guys that represented conservative white America, were very disciplined and basically ran their own practices. The LA Lakers with Magic Johnson was a team of black guys that represented liberal non white America where they were ‘cool’ and wild, Pat Riley was basically their baby sitter. All the white people he knew wanted Boston all the non whites wanted the Lakers, it was set up pretty heavily by the media to be a culture/ethnic clash.

I wish you guys would have broached the Joe Rogan subject a bit further.

Rogan is a completely jew’d counterfeit Timothy Leary. He dances on a string – now controlled by the Israeli Ari Emanuel (brother of Rahm Emanuel). Both members of the jewish mafia. Rogan heavily promotes drug use, civil rights for everyone EXCEPT White people, drug use and more drug use.

Eddie was always good to me but I never meant Rogan so here you go. Look up UFC fight Jacob Volkman, Rogan gave an interview to him and Volkman said to the effect “Obama is an idiot, Id wish I can knock some sense into him.” Rogan imminently to the secret service after the interview, they arrested volkman for questioning, he was fired from the UFC, he lost his job Assisting Coaching wrestling, and lost chiropractor business. We thought he was a Ron Paul guy, wrong! He said on his podcast that Obama greatest President ever! He is douche of tom cruize standards, Eddie is his BJJ teacher and he told rogan, he cant do a conspiracy show . Sam Harris is black belt in… Read more »
Wouldn’t surprise me if Joe Rogan was jewish. Within weeks of moving to Hollywood was getting acting jobs on big budget tv shows and never had a problem getting acting jobs. He’s aggressively for the new world order and pretty aggressively wants no borders. A large percentage of his guests are jews, especially if its about politics its almost always a jew or a non white and every single time without fail the jew will bring up how persecuted the jews are. Someone was talking about gene manipulation and Rogans first comment was ‘I wonder if we can eliminate racism with that.’ Not how much more intelligent we could be, not eliminating disease. An italian guest Nick Dipalo brought up to Rogan look what is… Read more »

Should be obvious to everyone that broadcast “sports” are a manipulated Political Tool to promote negroes and disparage White men. Why? Because today’s “sports” are in the hands of ISRAELIS and their agenda is to ELIMINATE WHITE PEOPLE.

Rogan allowed Sam Harris his idol to say this and didn’t shut his down..

Eddie’s crib

Start writting checks to dear old Eddie..

By the way I wish MAC drop Notorious for only Mystic MAC

Just a jew talking about redistributing wealth. Make it sound like a good idea until you realize you are having to give your wealth to the new Somali immigrants. That’s how they started the income tax, make it sound nice like it will only affect the super rich.