The Wild Hunt: Rollie Quaid – Mac and May, Fixed Fights & Kosher Control (8-22-17)

Kyle speaks to semi-retired MMA fighter “Rollie Quaid” about the upcoming match between McGregor and Mayweather, how he sees a “Pulp Fiction” scenario playing out, the role of jewish promoter Bob Arum in this fight and the whole world of boxing, Arum’s calling MMA fighters and fans White skinhead homos, and much more about the world of fighting.

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Anthony Roberts

Great last minute show Kyle and thanks to “Rollie.” I know little about both versions of the sport, but i feel it’s going to be more jew theatre. Black on White in the summer of hate, 50 yrs after their drug & music manufactured summer of love. Another jewish f-mac & f-may financial grab? Will this crossover fight lay the groundwork for a “fight to the death” gladitorial future (((they))) so relish? Whitey has got to lose in this kosher scenario. My prediction is a “staged” points victory for May or possible disqualification for Mac. They have to show us as weak or cheats. Won’t May be the greatest of all time at 50 – 0, beating White Marciano’s raging bull record, if he wins?… Read more »

Rollie Quaid

That’s for liking the show was a guess on, did you ever notice MAY hat says 48 not 49 . MAY told Connor MacGregor that he doesn’t need to learn how to read he just need to know math, that hat shows me that he doesn’t know math, and I’m wondering who does the books at his crack den strip Club as MAC puts it? Is he a tool to lauder money??? What do you think? Any Theories let me know. 3301×


Nobody should read too much into what McGregor says publicly about “race” issues. Why? Because McGregor knows very well that all he’d have to do is give the kikes something to work with and McGregor could kiss endorsement contracts goodbye. It’s about the money.


Nice to hear you mention Fury.. What a guy! What a name! Such a great style of fighting, totally out of the box..he treated the whole thing like a joke, which is how jews need to be approached. They went after him hard, and he participated in his own demise, but accolades for starting a trend.


How many whites are addicted to jew televised sports?

I say let whites be culled.

The ones who want to live are disconnecting from jew media. The commercials alone will rot a white brain. I note that the advertisers and sponsors are slipping light-skinned, non white women in to dating scenes with handsome white men.

This stage is the withdrawal stage. Every touch with the system pollutes and rots the white soul.

The next stage will be secession.

Then it all goes permanently “interesting.”

mystic mac

I don’t watch any tv, or any sports. I can’t even name 10 football players. But for some reason mma/ufc I just like it. The stereotype it has ala Meryl Streep and others, that its a sport for white guys, there’s probably something to it. Could be because there’s a lot of champion whites, its a sport that white people dominate. The heavyweight, middleweight, (welterweight for a very long time GSP until recently), lightweight, bantamweight champions are all cool charismatic white guys. After they started really strictly testing for steroids 2 years ago the whites have just dominated even more than ever.

mystic mac

Also the featherweight. Basically 6 of the 8 weight classes, but light heavyweight the Swede Gustaffson is probably going to move into the champ spot. The white women were completely dominant for a long time as well until the past year with Ronda Rousey, and Joanna Jędrzejczyk (women have two weight classes.)

mystic mac

On youtube Dana White’s Video Blog | MAY/MAC WORLD TOUR | Ep. 1 in ESPN studios Dana asked 5 black people and 2 white people who would win, both whites said Mcgregor all the blacks said Mayweather. ESPN will also bring in the actor (((Michael Rapaport))) for some reason and he’ll turn it into a social justice segment about how racist Mcgregor is. I guess calling someone ‘boy’ is racist, and saying Rocky 3 literally had dancing monkeys is racist. Mcgregor is having to repeatedly say on film that he’s not racist and says blacks have big penises to prove he’s not racist, they also ask his dad if he’s a racist. White journalist who says he’s black, Shaun King, wrote an article ‘Mcgregor is… Read more »

Rollie Quaid

Mystic good observation mate, did you see the Skip and Shannon undisputed with Rappaport as a guest? Skip Bayless is the only voice of reason on that show. Shannon-Rappaport given their expert marxist analysis on the fight, Rappaport expects it to be a “pillow” fight in MAY’s favor, Rap punched a bill board of Conor and Skip suggested that the might at which Rap hit MAC board cut is harder that MAY will hit at the actually fight hahaha I was on the floor, then Rap asked Skip are you Irish are paid by Irish mob?? Skip was probably thinking are you Jewish? Are you paid Arum and the Kosher Mob? Shannon ended with us Americans stick together, Shannon same that try to concieve Lil… Read more »

mystic mac

@Rollie Quaid I’ll watch Rappaport videos just because he’s so aggressively anti white that its almost like he’s playing a character. It also probably gets him spots on ESPN. If I find any good articles or videos in the future related to this stuff I’ll send them your way.

Rollie Quaid

Skip Bayless was only voice of sanity during the pre and post fight. Shannon and Rappaport I can’t see myself having a beer with. Skip commented on wrapping for punching a cut out of Conor McGregor and Skip said “as Hard that board cut out is as hard as Mayweather is going to hit Conor McGregor ” .. also said that Mayweather has pillow punching power ,which held true, and of course after fight Rap said that he got the pillow fight he wanted.. please dig into this guy , turn a couple stones over , we are digging into real issues that nobody else is talking around about way . Right now I’m digging into a Manny Pacquiao, he has a six grade education… Read more »

[…] Renegade Editor’s Note: Rollie is a semi-retired MMA fighter who is using a pen name. He recently did a show with Kyle Hunt, which you can listen to here. […]


I was quite surprised to hear that the guest didn’t seem to know anything abbot the negro Jon Jones having tested POSITIVE FOR STEROIDS “AGAIN”… This means that the despicable negro UFC cheat will likely serve a 4 YEAR suspension for monkeyshines. Typical…

mystic mac

He is the stereotypical superstar black athlete screwup. The guy is the greatest of all time, was a janitor, trained in fighting for the first time in his life for like a year then became the youngest champ ever. Tested positive for cocaine before a fight, DUI for crashing his car with a bunch of white girls in it while being married, was smoking weed in his car and ran a red light and hit a pregnant woman then ran from the scene, tested positive for steroids twice, got in a fist fight in the MGM lobby. Guy has zero ability to see the consequences of things. Trained for like 10 days for one of his championship fights against the swedish Gustaffson. He’ll have missed… Read more »

Rollie Quaid

I hope let them fight fair. McGregor would kick his chimp ass..McGregor is bigger and his head is much bigger and I think the race baiting might piss him off. I think its a racial set up with some kind of Dylan Roofe scandal to make McGregor look like da white devil cheated and the refs helped him win. Bullshit!!! It could be they fake Mayweathers death and blame on the white man and the racist white refs.


If you go to Extracapsa’s blog which decodes rigged sports using gematria and numerology, there is a strong suggestion that Conor will be disqualified in round 8 or 9.

mystic mac

If you check out Zachary K. Hubbard on youtube he breaks down sports outcomes decoding freemason numbers, dates, and other stuff. I’m not saying what he’s saying is correct but its similar.

Hubbard is a subversive jew so take his gematria with a grain of kosher salt.


You can learn something from them as long as you always remember there’s almost always an anti-White angle in everything they do. Often they’ll throw in quite a bit of truth to set up the anti-White bit.

Rollie Quaid

I have shocking new evidence that MAC is an Illuminati-MKULTRA-Robot-Clone (or wut eva) programed to kill MAY.

Can you get thru this video and not laugh? I couldn’t, beware Dana White hand gets too close to MAC butt.

mystic mac

Reminds me of the people that say Britney Spears was killed and buried, and was replaced by a tranny clone.


A very good podcast all around, I never knew that Arum was a jew. I refuse to pay for PPV and make those promoters richer. It is obvious that they are always looking for the next big fight to promote and get richer. Sports are a distraction though, but if there is a sport worth watching, it’s MMA because you might learn a good move from it.

I wish Kyle would have asked about Rollies diet and how the guy is 280 lbs.

Rollie Quaid

you dont want my diet I like ice cream and I’m shaped like Roy Nelson

I am @ reddit looking for hot leads to my article “Vulerable Adults of Combat Sports and Their PCA Handlers” What I have written so far is stick drawing, I have the Sistine Chapel waiting. Also, I want to write the first Bio of Bob Arum before Bill Wise does, I’ll publish my material for free on RB. Any hot leads??

Rollie Quaid

I just want to make my thesis statement clear before the fight tonight, that Bob Arum gave the orders Connor to make a dive. I’m torn between believing he will lose on his feet , or he goes Rogue and completely takes the guy out just like Butch in pulp fiction. Email me your thoughts if your in the twin cites in Minnesota tonight email me and we can discuss the fight. Good luck MAC, be safe RB team and fans, and lets watch a Mutha FOOKing fight.


Just watched some highlights of the fight. Conor lost but was much better than expected by pundits. Considering that it was his first pro fight in boxing against an undefeated former champ he did alright. Going into the fight the stats were 49-0 against 0-0.


McGregor and may weather did NOT fly on the same plane during their 4 city press tour. The both flew on SEPARATE planes operated by a charter company called ZETTA JET. The two separate aircraft were both Global Expresses that had the same paint job … but different tail numbers and were parked next to each other at each destination location.

Ghost Man O\' War

Go watch Conors highlight reel. All the fighters in both entities say if it were a street fight Conor would finish him within 20 seconds and hospitalize him. Go watch Conor spare with two time world champ Pauli Malinaggi. Conor beat him down bigtime. Conor can win this. It will be enjoyable. MW has never faced anyone this powerful, no doubt. Conor looks like a GD Viking War Lord. After one ko the announcer said, Watch that Icelandic FURY. Conor today said, it’s in stone, he will walk through him and break him. He told him face to face if it were mma rules he’d kill him easily and then called him a little bitch with a tiny head and core. Conor won’t throw the… Read more »

Ghost Man O\' War

Go see MMAs UFC heavyweight champ, a white dude name Stipe Miocic. Holy shit. they call him a heavyweight Conor Macgregor. hahhahhaa Go watch his highlight real. Whites in UFC, win way more often than not. Believe you me. Fight IQ is everything. It shows. Jon Jones just got busted for steroids for the 4th time. His belt is stripped. Watch Jones vs. Gustaffenson, a Big Nordic dude. Jones is undefeated and Gus and he went to decision and Gus was robbed. Go watch Gus highlight reel. Bit nasty Viking Looking slender guy Dude can fight like Leaf Erikson never dreamed. A boat load of these guys would have taken Rome in 1/2 an hour. hahahahhah All races have their share of baddasses, but European… Read more »


After seeing the results my sense was confirmed. I KNEW black boy would win. And whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat a surprise a jew is the promoter. It all fits, the negroid must always be seen to defeat the White man, it is all theatric propaganda. There is nothing that isn’t scripted in sport and entertainment, it is all part of the jew beast.

check out a fighting style called Silat. It is one of the best styles out there in my opinion. As far as the UFC goes, I’m not entirely into it, but I do like Conor McGregor and Brock Lesnar. In ancient Japan, women were taught how to properly handle a sword and a weapon called the “kititana”. I definetly think that women should be able to defend themselves. I personally am attracted to strong women and I love seeing women who know how to use weapons, BUT I am not for women being on the front lines at all- that is what men are for.