Wildcard: Andrew & Kyle – The Genocidal Nature of the Equality Agenda (6-2-17)

The VeGAINator talks to Kyle about how “equality” is an obvious fraud, since jews rule everything disproportionately while Whites are discriminated against at every level in this genocidal system. They cover a lot of topics in this show and Andrew even goes into hour 3.

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7 years ago

Fight fire with fire. Asians invaded Madagascar Africa way before anyone else and they raped the women so now they’re miscegenated ‘Blasians’ / Asian / mixed. India was invaded many, many times by many different melaninated beings until Iraqi jews like David Sassoon invaded India and China in the early 1800s and destroyed a land of over 1 BILLION people for the last two centuries but it’s not ‘politically correct’ to say that. https://tinyurl.com/ydadred5 The ‘Bank of India’ and the ‘Hong Kong and Shanghai Banks’ were founded by Iraqi jew David Sassoon and the same banks are still owned by his descendants to this day. HSBC has major banks accross the world [ https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/HSBC#Operations ] that they admit are used for laundering the world’s drug.… Read more »

7 years ago

Many of the alt right media outlets like Breitbart and their offshoots Milo, Ben Shapiro, Rebel Media, etc. are reporting on white genocide. But always deflecting and blaming the minorities. If anyone has been following the situation at commie Evergreen College where biology professor Bert Weinstein, who can’t keep himself from bringing up Hitler at every turn for no good reason, is making the media circuit, pretending to be an ally of white students against the colored minorities banning them from the campus for a day. The craftiness of Jews is a bottomless pit..it astounds me at every turn. Can we file legal cases using their own rhetoric against them? For example, accusing them of inciting racial hatred and division. Very documentable. Equality and affirmative… Read more »

Reply to  Teresa
7 years ago

Yes, I don’t like memes like “remove kebab” and all that. Remove the Jews. I don’t resonate with focusing on Blacks and Arabs when Jews are behind it all. It’s like people are muzzled from saying the J-word or something. In fact it’s serving the Jewish agenda by turning all peoples against one another instead of uniting against the source all the problems. As I said elsewhere though, there’s no need to educate the masses. The only people who really need to be educated are those in control of the military machinery, the young men with the guns and tanks and jets and bombers. If these men had a high level of awareness, ZOG would be finished.

Karen in E Tenn
7 years ago

FYI regarding the couple you were talking about, it took place in Knoxville, Tn. The perpetrators were three black men and one black woman. They actually let the black woman out of jail a couple of years ago. Sickening!

7 years ago

Now this was some good hard hitting talk radio. No fluff here. Fuck the jews to hell.

7 years ago

The fear is real. As a particularly attractive Scandinavian female born in america, I have NEVER experienced a single moment of protection from any male. I have been a target of rape, hatred and harrassment from my conception. First from my father and then from men and their sons everywhere i went. My wealthy nordic specimen grandfather didn’t even have an inclination to protect me, though he fraternized philanthropically with bill gates. Men do not have an innate impetus to protect females beyond securing us for sexual access, which is known as mate guarding. Mate guarding and protection don’t seem to be the same thing… If men are fighting for their cocks, for their *liberties*, we’re only going to end up with more sewage, as… Read more »

6 years ago

There is a particularly good lecture by Black history professor Tony Martin; it is the video in which he is wearing a brown suit and has an intro-video segment by Michael Hoffman Jr. The title of the video is something like: The Jewish Role in the Trans-Atlantic Black African Slave Trade. He was a tenured professor at Wellesley College in MA but faced an onslaught of attacks from Jewish professors and students plus an array of columnists in media in Boston and NYC and beyond, when he introduced the info that Jews were a major player [actually THE major player] in the importation of black slaves from Africa to North America. In fact the jews as crypto jews and open jews had already established the… Read more »

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