Wildcard: Batman & Lilly – Taconic and Tonic (1-3-17)

A special Tuesday wildcard edition featuring Batman and Lillyvalle; they discuss the wrong way crash on the Taconic expressway in 2009 resulting in 8 deaths (featured in HBO documentary “There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane; open music an cultural discussion follow. A good time was had by all!

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This was a great show guys! Lilly is awesome. I have first hand experience with ambien. That is one of the drugs that I was given by my own father. The first time I took it I hallucinated and my stereo started talking to me and my beanie babies came to life and were like, “Let’s go on a magical journey together.” It was nuts! I was only about 10 or 11 years old. It will straight up make you see and hear stuff that’s not there and then the next day you have NO recollection of any of the retarded things you’ve done. DANGEROUS! My Dad used to take it to sleep and would wake up and eat a whole pie in the middle… Read more »

Hussairn Knight – This is an A.I. program. If you look carefully at what it is saying, you will see it has not (yet) been perfected, as the errors it makes are strange and contradictory, suggestive of a non-human mind. Lucky girl, to have Google target you with its latest A.I. technology.

I think you are right.

Another good show Batman. Thanks also to Lillyvalle for bringing this tragic story to our attention. It seems an obvious cover-up by the pharmajewticals, but like was said, we will never know their family life. Why did the husband sit there for 31/2 hrs knowing she was poorly and driving in all directions? Why didn’t he grab the keys from the ignition, or handbrake, when she went down the off ramp? Off topic but similar, i believe the gov agencies can hack the computer systems of modern cars and control them. There was Diana’s mercedes; slammed into the pillar by the following M16/SAS. We had the reporter whos sports mercedes inexplicably sped up and slammed into a tree, exploding. The movie actor in his porsche… Read more »

they do say in the doc that Daniel and his brother headed to the area to help look for the van, but it wasn’t really specific. Thanks for listening

Sorry, my mistake. I thought Daniel was sitting next to her in the minivan. It does seem rather odd that both vehicles didn’t stay together on the way home though. I know it’s difficult with other traffic around, but they could have slowed/speeded up to stay close. They would have seen something was wrong, and perhaps intervened. All those innocent people, what a tragedy.

I’ve just finished watching the doc and i do believe all the evidence points to Diane being impaired and not fit to drive. I think Batman was correct in saying it wasn’t clear cut. We have the: vodka bottle, smoking, pres drugs and her controlling nature. Both tox reports came back the same. I get the feeling the husband knew all along about her addictions, to cope with modern life. She was trying to be supermom, wife and career woman. His silence over the retest seemed very telling. Jay, the sister-in-law, was well meaning, but didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes and the “real” Diane. I think she discovered the horrible truth in the end. It appears Diane was having to play… Read more »
I know they can hack newer car systems. I think bam margera used one of these hacks to drive his “friend” Ryan Dunn into trees at high speed as bams initiation into higher secret society circles. Look at the day and time of death. Its all occult sacrifice high days. Route 322. They set him up in that shitty film “living will” and got him to play a ghost who has lines like “dying was the best thing to ever happen to me” and ” I wish I had an exciting death like by fire”, which is how he died if the crash didn’t kill him. Just last year bam did an interview talking about meeting Jeffrey Epstein, going to Lolita island, meeting Bill Clinton,… Read more »

Hi. I am planning another episode of Readings from the Tribune as a wildcard offering for this evening. There is a wealth of material to draw on and hope to do them justice.

Just say “NO!” to audio without a proper microphone.
There’s just no excuse for it anymore.

it was not intentional; Renegade using new system and the settings are different; figured out after I was talking into laptop microphone even though I was wearing headset with mic right next to my mouth :/

That’s cool. I apologize for being a jerk about it. I’m just an audio snob. I’m in the process of helping people get cleaner audio. My comment in no way disparages your content. It was a very good show.

Diane Shuyler was not drunk. She was not an alcoholic. 50 of her friends, family and acquaintances were interviewed and nobody identified her as someone with a drinking problem. Someone with a .19 blood alcohol content, driving in broad daylight with 5 children in the car did not wake up one morning and start gulping out of a vodka bottle. Driving the wrong way on a big freeway – for 1.7 miles? No, it’s much more likely that she was in an Ambien trance. She may have combined rx’s, such as Ambien + barbituates for her chronic toothache. This is the only explanation, if you watched the movie. A little bullying, bribery or blackmail, and a corrupt person in authority who switched Diane’s toxicology with… Read more »