Wildcard: Bill – America’s History of Racial Riots (5-24-17)

Bill talks about the racial reality of life in America, and how we are given almost no education growing up about the very serious history of massive racial rioting, including lots of arson, and the serious consequences it has had on the fabric of our society.

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Anthony Roberts

The jews did a UK test run of a chimp-out in Aug 2011. The police were kept back for 6 days, so (((they))) could observe. What if a riot was “allowed” to carry on for 6 months? The next time you see a White homeless person, imagine whole squatter camps filled with these poor lost souls. That WILL be you and your family, if we don’t stand up and fight now! We need our great thnkers to come up with a plan to remove the jew first and foremost. All the rest of us need to be active and spread propaganda about jews, and especially their controlled-op “femites” in the alt-right promoting White sharia. PS You were great Bill. Very interesting topic. Thank you for… Read more »


Well thank you very much for the kind words. Racial riots are an interesting topic to me. I don’t get invested in the “reasons” why these riots occur so much as the reactions taken by the rioting party. And I’ve noticed a consistent theme when it come to Negros living within white societies. Negros, as I see it, will always be a perceived underclass, be it true or not. There is no amount of handouts or special rights that can be given remedy this situation other than the complete separation of the two groups.


Every black “migration” was pushed by the US government within black communities as they offered free or cheap housing and menial jobs wherever the landing spot was, be it the midwest, northeast or the west coast. Each and every time, there were incentives to their movement.
Midwest states (namely IL, WI, MI, IA, MN) were grimy enough to offer welfare benefits sight-unseen. <– That means that monthly, they'd drive all the way north from their homes in the south JUST to collect their welfare checks. Golly. I wonder who (JUDEN!) was the driving force behind these "migrations?"

On the subject of movement and welfare. I have a trucker friend who told me that every month when it is time to collect their government hand outs one can see car lodes of didn’t do’s heading north on I57 into Illinois in rout to Chicago to do some double dipping of welfare. These leaches are maintaining at least two address. It is also well known that I57 is a major drug corridor.
Good show keep up the good work.


Michael Jones ( I know his weaknesses) shows in “The Slaughter of the Cities” the organized Jewry in the secret service, politics, NGOs and media behind the black migration to Chicago. Of course with help of gentile elites. In many ways it’s the tested and improved blueprint for the flooding of Europe. Churches then and now were part of it.

If a method works they use it everywhere again and again.


That wouldn’t surprise me if your statement is true. I tend to think that most outcomes are intended. Jews, for instance, have a fascination with Negros. As Negros are one of (((their))) favorite proxies (because Negros are less intelligent and prone to reactionary aggressions). The Jew is a master of weaponized migration and manipulation. Lacking in guile the Negro will almost always plays into the hands of the Jew.


Oh, it’s true alright. Supposedly, some midwest states have somewhat/kinda/sorta/LOL “cracked down” on it, but one thing I have never actually seen prosecuted is welfare fraud. I hear people bitching about literally everything else the police can or do come after people for.


Thank you everyone for listening to my show! I’m just trying to do my part and I will continue to try and and improve so long as I am able to do so. Thanks again, and keep up the good fight!