Wildcard: Bill – Don of a New Day in America (8-16-17)

Bill first discusses the Charlottesville fallout and then gets into the subject of gematria and wild theories, focusing mainly on the many times Trump’s future was seemingly predicted in popular culture. He also talks about the supposed end of the world, Nibiru, and more.

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Great show Bill! Thanks for stepping up! I’ve been trying to record some stuff to put together a show like Sinead used to do, since I’m not sure how I can guarantee two hours of uninterrupted silence, especially in the evening. I wish I could say otherwise, but it’s coming along slowly… molasses slow. . . . It is so wonderful to hear rational, logical voices analyzing without fear all the crazy pieces of this insane jewtrix we currently find ourselves in. I REALLY look forward to the days when we can dedicate more time to our great and glorious history, like what Chris was doing (with his shows, Never So Defiant and Proud, I think that’s the Chris you were referring too). Our past… Read more »


Thank you Amber. I try to be as rational as one can be when looking into the realm of “high-strangeness” because on some level I find these sorts of ideas entertaining to consider. But I try to keep everything in context. For example, consider the coming solar eclipse. Many Christens are attempting to draw parallels to some kind of messianic end time narrative. Unfortunately the Bible is a contextual collection of writings that bear little relevance in today’s world. People see what they want to see I guess.

Our peoples history is amazing 🙂


Great show. Agree that jewish theology is an extremist superimposition. The jews view creation as coming out of chaos, or nothing, 0, Ex Nihilo, nihilism. That’s why the have the imperative to create a new world order out of chaos. But the world was already ordered and came out of a higher order. Which they are bringing into chaos. They have everything backwards.

This jewish neurologist blames a brain parasite that influences the host’s behavior on…cats. Wild stuff. https://www.edge.org/conversation/robert_sapolsky-toxo


Parasites most definitely can affect behavior. Also, heavy metals have a profound effect as well. Toxins such as pesticides and herbices can also detrimentally affect behavior. With a world literally bathed and soaked in toxins, I would suppose that few human beings are anything like what we’re supposed to be. Thanks, jews!


”Parasite Rex” by Carl Zimmer is deepy disturbing.. so is Eustace Mullins’ talk on the Jew and it’s may similarities to parasitic behavior…


Wow! That website is literally straight out of the Frankfurt School. And the scary thing is, is that they have 6,000,000 more popping up daily just like it , all the while analyzing our minds with their algorithms with every click we make. The entire web and all these events are part of their psychological experimentation on us.


and warfare.


Most Jews are a little unhinged. It seems to me that (((they))) are the ones with the problem. Jews tend to overlook Nature and her infinite wisdom and beauty preferring their “holy” books over the majesty of Natures true creation.


Zecharia Sitchin is a Jew, like you said, so one must be extremely skeptical. According to Max Spiers (RIP), he only told about 60% truth. I doubt that percentage. I personally believe he only told about 35% (maybe less). Also according to Max Spiers (again, RIP), Sitchin was at many “Satanic” rituals (not that Max himself was there, but he apparently remote viewed it). Sitchin also knew NO cuneiform. The Big Bang theory is asinine. The Anunnaki exist(ed), but they did not come from space-because “space” is fake- but rather, from another dimension or the inner earth. Ancient Aliens has been created out of ancient ARYANS. That giant tablet is very interesting, but what we are told is the sun on that tablet is not.… Read more »


Thank you. You seem to know your stuff as well. Yes, the Sumerians, were Aryans, as were the dynastic Egyptians, and Central Americans. Most ancient societies were founded by an advance race of Aryanoid people.
Zacharia was a Jew, but there is SOME truth in what he said. But mostly lies like the Anunnaki being space aliens that came from a small moon that orbits a brown dwarf star called Nibiru. If you simply change Aliens to Aryans than things start to make sense.


LindseyNarratesWordress’s picture Vote up! 1 Vote down! 0 new LindseyNarrates… overmedicatedundersexed Aug 17, 2017 8:11 PM A Charlottesville police officer has come forward to express his anger at being told to “stand down” by the city mayor during violent clashes between protestors. He also claims the protests, which pitched “white supremacists” against members of Antifa, were “set up” to further the agenda of the elites. “We [Charlotesville police] were ordered to bring the rival groups together. As soon as they were in contact with each other, we were told to stand down. It was outrageous. We weren’t allowed to arrest anyone without asking the mayor first. We weren’t even allowed to stop the driver as he sped away.“ “The event was being set up as… Read more »


I pasted that comment from a ZeroHedge comment. Guess the cat’s out of the bag.


This really makes no sense though does it? Does the mayor of a city have this kind of control over the police? Just passing it along…


This seems vary interesting. Thank you for sharing this.

Anthony Roberts

Top show Bill – well done! There are so many disinfo agents out there working for jews. They still hide their clues in gematria, tv, movies etc, but mix it up with bs and limited hangouts. I never fall for any of it lol. Shoes, missing shirts & one trouser leg ( usually disguised by medical attention ) are hallmarks of jewish ff/hoaxes. Much like the strange 411 ‘missing persons in state parks’ phenomenon. It’s totally mace-sonic fam! Call me doolally, but this nasa projection show, sorry solar eclipse, is a joke. How can 2 lights, circling just over 3000miles above us, both 32miles in dia, ( provable with old-fashioned sextant, and weather balloons have shown a hotspot ) cast a shadow path? Also, there… Read more »


Solar and lunar eclipses have been seen periodically since from ancient times so they are NOT a nasa projection show. You’re right about the Flat Earth model of the Sun and Moon luminaries circling above us in the heavens. The cause of these eclipses may possibly be due to mysterious companion objects around the Sun and the Moon that interfere their respective illuminations. Here is an outstanding video refutation of the ball model explanation of eclipses that nasa wants us to believe. This is definitive proof that model is absolutely rubbish. The total solar eclipse moves from west to east but the Moon moves from east to west. Therefore, it is impossible for the solar eclipse to be caused by the Moon’s obstruction. Do all… Read more »


Thanks for the video link. I don’t know what the shape of the earth is, but I like hearing the arguments. Secretly I mentioned this event because this eclipse was triggering literally EVERYONE. “flatearth” “ballearth” “science” “christens” “newage” you name it, they were talking about it.


Thanks for finding it interesting. For most people demonstrating Flat Earth reality stirs up too strong a backlash cognitive dissonance reaction that similarly occurs in trying to explain the jewish problem.

Application of clear scientific logical thinking to this topic is all it takes to break the globe delusion within just days of basic research. That is the real appeal of presenting Flat Earth reality to others.


Some Christens think that these two solar events will mark the seven years of tribulations as stated in the Bible. I doubt it. I know about the documentary “411” (4+1+1=6) but it seems that people do go missing in the woods. Some think its Bigfoot abducting people and taking off their cloths. However, against my better instincts, I do think there is some validity to Bigfoot. Nasa lies, no doubt about that. Unfortunately in this world I don’t know what the truth is. The Moon is not what we are being told it is. It could be an artificial construct. Hell, we don’t even know how big, or small, either the Sun or the Moon is. Could the Moon be a hologram? There is some… Read more »


There can be no mention of the Charlottesville Staged Atrocity Event – without FIRST acknowledging that is was FAKED and that there is no credible evidence that anyone was injured at all.

This was faked. It is easily recognizable as faked.


I agree that is was a premeditated false flag event… It looks like a hoax and I have many doubts as to its authenticity. Charlottesville was a setup from the get-go.


Ingersoll is actually a manufacturer of locks LeL. Not sure if that has any connotations.