Wildcard: Bill – Kosher Comic Book Crusades (4-26-17)

Bill talks about the history of the comic book industry and how jews have been inserting their subversive narratives from the very beginning, with the agenda only escalating in recent years.

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Great show..it’s really quite amazing how much of American (and now world) culture and entertainment is not organic and natural but a sick imposition of the Jews. Looking forward to the day we can start all over in a healthier manner.

happy shicksa

http://www.jweekly.com/2004/03/26/maurice-sendak-illustrates-kids-tale-with-holocaust-past/ The author/illustrator of Where the Wild Things Are
I hope Bill can do some more talks on children’s stories as well.

Foster XL

Oh gaaawwd! The 6 gorillian!

Foster XL

Actually I read as much of that article as I could stomach (not much) plus the little “Also on..” bits at the bottom all in a Morrakiu jew voice – it was so entertaining I made myself chuckle where normally I would’ve just felt the ball of righteous hate in my soul grow yet larger.


A disgusting story. Mind control for children. A good reason to not let your young Aryan children consume. Jew programming.


Yeah. (((Sendak…)))


Superman’s name is Kal-el. Kal is the Hindu version of Satan/Yahweh, the god of time. Everything born of sex must die and has a time limit, So, sex and law come into play. And El, is Hebrew for god.


I think Ka is spelled, Kaal.. ??

Bill, you are a good host. Interesting tpoic as well. Would be Great to hear more from you in THE future on renegade.

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