Wildcard: Brigid – Readings from the Tribune (1-4-17)

Brigid returns to read some of her favorite pieces recently featured on Renegade Tribune.

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What a beautiful picture Kyle selected to represent the essence of the show last night. I loved every moment of preparing for and doing it. Do search for info and inspiration, in the Tribune.

Fantastic idea/format, now I can tend to my garden and ‘ read ‘ the Tribune at the same time.
Thank you Brigid……..

And I hope your crop will be bountiful.

Hi. I will be on again Wed., at 8pm EST. If you have a particular selection from the Tribune that you wish to have read aloud, please feel free to give us the title, typed in here at the comments or in the chat room, and I will put it on the list.

Hello Brigid, Great show once again. I would like to hear you read from this story if you get the chance on your next show. This Tribune article was one of my favorites the articles that I have read so far, Its mostly a video but it should be short and sweet for you to breeze through http://www.renegadetribune.com/?s=killing+private+kraut

Got it. It’s on the list. thanks.

Another very enjoyable show Brigid – great job! A big thank you also, to the wonderful writers, researchers and contributors at Renegadetribune.com. I don’t know where we would be without such talented folk bringing us the truth.

In fact, after I told him about tne shows, a radio personality just emailed me to ask for an interview, and after thanking him for his glorious offer, I asked him instead to interview Kyle, giving the gentleman several reasons for my recommendation, which reasons I am sure you know. Btw, Anthony, your contributions are also very valuable., Thanks.

Hi Brigid! I wanted to thank you for the reading, I’m flattered that you would think anything I have to say is worth being broadcast. (Although, I’ll admit, I didn’t hear the whole thing as it is strange for me to have my own words read back to me.) Thanks again!

My goodness; you are as humble as I am. Have a great week!