Wildcard: Brigid – Readings from the Tribune (12-28-16)

Brigid reads a diverse selection of recent articles from Renegade Tribune.

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Good job Brigid – well done you! I think it’s a great idea to have an audiobook version of Tribune articles. People have busy lives with their jobs or young families, so can’t always have “me” time to read. You can now listen while you cook or do housework. Keep it up – i look forward to future shows.

I always appreciate your comments here at Renegade Broadcasting. I am so glad that I can help people access the articles at the Tribune, as am willing to continue doing the reading shows, hoping to get better and badder, lol.

Reading from the Tribune is something I am so pleased to be in a position to do. Yesterday was an awesome experience for me, so beneficial to my mind and heart, and hopefully to all the listeners. In the future, I can do my own breaks, interludes, playing music and podcasts posted at the Tribune, and then continue with the readings. Thank you so much for the feedback here. One can never be too smart, and as my mother taught me, never weaken.

This is a great idea. I don’t have all the time I want for reading the tribune. Thanks! Hope this will continue.

Hi. So glad that I thought up the show, and that you liked it. More to come!

This is a great idea.

Thanks. I feel very privileged that we all can get together for the readings, thanks to Renegade.

An introduction would be great.

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