Wildcard: Chris Dorsey – Destroying Jewish Civic Nationalism (11-24-16)


On this so called Thanksgiving based around over eating slaughtered animals, consumerism, and Jewish controlled rigged football games. chris calls on the people to start participating in their own destiny through lawful actions at AIPAC 2017.

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David Dauterive

We have put these elite on notice and make there crimes even more public than it even has been…

David Dauterive

Sorry for the typos….

Nick Spero

Chris. This is one of your best shows so far. Very professional sounding. Your ums and ahs were almost non-existent. Articulate & orderly. Spoke with authority and leader like. Excellent, coherent & important information presented. Hey, maybe even some #AltRight fringe members would snap out of the controlled psyop if they listen to this. Bravo!


Ex-Mormon here, can fully agree. Down with Mormon control. They are jew-fetishists to the max. One of their coming of age rituals is to be assigned to one of the 12 Tribes of Israel (Patriarchal Blessing). While I can appreciate the white ethnostate they ran in the 1800’s they had the habit of calling anyone who wasn’t them “gentiles” like the jews did.

To sum of Mormonism: white people who want to be jews

Anthony Roberts

Great show Chris. I do believe ‘flash mobs’ are the way forward; especially with the coming clamp-down.

5 men and women, 10mins, outside jew-gov buildings or local tv/radio places. Banners, hand out leaflets, then disperse.

We need to expose these evil jew creatures for what they are. Let’s start using our own script.

I think we should support the doers that are in the street we have enough theory and talkers, so what your saying makes a lot of sense to me. I agree the more money someone has the more of a sold out capitalist piece of shit conformist to the jews they are. The white middle class is like the jew’s management team.


Our history is not really ours. It is comprised of hollywood and commercial products that have our memories made. They are writing our history for us in their way and their context. All of it comes to some piece of shit consumer product or movie star, or song. Like when people get married they have “their song” which is some jew jingle. We must write our own story, and have our own memories, not some commercial trash from some bastard kike. We must take our story back. I am working on something.


I agree with you chris, superb show. I hate christmas because of the hysterical, out of control, feverish commercial maelstrom that it has become. All it is now is BUY SHIT, BUY SHIT, BUY SHIT COME ON BUY MORE SHIT. No fucking cocacola have their arse print on Santa Claus. I am fucking sick of it. This is not what Yule is about. I used to love it back in the day when you would have the little rituals like putting your socks by the fireplace and the lights being put up in December not ALREADY IN NOVEMBER, the atmosphere. All it has become is buying shite, and just buying shit. Not that it hasn’t always had its retard moments like when people stormed shops… Read more »


The kid with the glasses looks so uncomfortable doing the Roman salute. That picture speaks volumes lol.