Wildcard: Chris H, Heathen Vegan – About Aryan Cultural Revival (12-29-17)

Chris H stepped up to the plate to take the initiative to speak about how we connect with nature and our natural way of thinking. Heathen Vegan then turned up, and both discussed civilisation and finding our cultural heritage through the artificial world. Vegan Nance came on near the end to speak about staying true to who we are in the now.

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Anthony Roberts

Mr Powell was almost right. It will be the “jew-funded” Indian who holds the whip hand over the White man, in the future. “The empire comes back!”

They are now the: doctors, dentists, lawyers, politicians, computer boffins, factory owners etc. While our dumb, degenerate youth beg for min wage- 0 hrs contract- p/t parcel/shop work from them.

Thanks guys and Nance for stepping in at the last moment, for a fine show. Your efforts are much appreciated.

PS Ex UK lib-dem leader Nick Clegg ( who speaks on the Ren advert after the sephardi woman ) has just been Knighted by Liz ll. 5 yrs of his destroying White people, communities and spreading cult marx. Thanks jews!

Here are some examples of decorative painting:

Sweden: http://swedishdalapaintings.blogspot.se/

Five different traditions: http://www.artezan.com/artezan/styles-n-techniques/traditional.html

Enjoy learning about those styles, even if computers are no longer available.

Of Ukraine, Petrykivka painting: https://petrykivka.culturalspot.org/


LMAO Buy air from Canada. I bought some Air Canada and I got a flight to Toronto.


HeathenVegan Would have like to join in but… times LeL! Good point about the killing people @ around 36 min but if that were the case the situation and how we conduct ourselves would be very much different to the warm milk bubbles we exist in currently, and I also doubt it would be that “clean cut” to walk up and kill someone for some perceived slighting and not have any repercussions down the line. The petty laws you speak of would not exist in a natural setting, in fact a lot (if not all) of the bullshit has been deliberately created by the jewdicial system. Life is simple, well SHOULD be simple, but there is too much money to be made in the preponderance… Read more »


Great show. ALthough how would we filter the jews out form any budding Pagan moves? That is the essential problem, because a jew will always infest and turn everyone against any pro white thing? How do we nurture a healthy, proper jew aversion among our people so that we can cut the jew out of all deals, and perhaps turn the tables on them?


It comes down to us ust being able to live out how we are always living. The jew has made sure that whites have a hard time in forming their own nation, all they have to do is use their created golem: WW2, Hitlah and The Nartzies.

Heathen vegan

True Pagan movements, well the ones I have had the pleasure of meeting, would not fall for the dupe. Real Pagan groups are very aware of the importance of blood in their mythology. Many pagans believe as our ancestors surely did, that they are the direct decedents of the heroes, Gods and Goddesses of their ancient law, these people cannot be fobbed of with the “were all one nonsense”


@Heathen Vegan – thanks for pulling Chris H. out of the train wreck.

Chris H

Train wreck? I listened to it back and I thought I was doing just fine. You must have either thought I was not doing very well, or misread how I was dealing with the show. I could have gone the whole show easily without callers. I didn’t feel I was lacking any will to do it. Sure it wasn’t the smoothest show start ever, but nowhere near “train wreck” in my standards.


It wasn’t a train wreck just a delay because of unforseen circumstances:, someone’s car stalled in the middle of a level crossing and they had to get the staff to help move it over before they let the schedule continue.

Chris H

Kyle was trying to find other people to join me on the call, so I was checking the chat for latest developments. Not because I needed callers. This was all last minute stuff. “do you want to join me on the call” doesn’t automatically mean “ahh I need help, save me!”. However I understand people jump to the first conclusion that pops into their heads. Well I don’t understand it at all, but I am sufficiantly numbed to it.


No you were fine, I didnt think anything was amiss. I was just playing with the posters comment.