Wildcard: Chris H, Steed, Shawna – The Germans Knew & The Grand Conspiracy (1-23-18)

Chris H was joined for a wildcard show by Steed and Shawna. The show started with the topic of our lost European Culture and how much we can relate to the remnants of this culture. From there the crew went on to speak about Aryan and European history and the genocide over time to what we have become. How we are all being poisoned by the web of lies in every aspect, and also the physical poisons. How the jewish elite and their minions are using dark rituals to control and bring down the light. Some conspiritorial talk about how everything we are told is a lie and also the topic of flat earth was brought up. How The Germans Knew and how National Socialism had to be destroyed since they were waking up beyond the great lie.

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Anthony Roberts

Besides being the only White platform telling the whole truth, Renegade gives us a 21st century brain, with the heart and spirit of our 6th century ancestors.

We can utilize the essence and memory of our past, and then produce a modern variant that can defeat the jew. We don’t need to larp – just put Aryan thought and ingenuity into physical action.

PS A chatango “*****” show Chris and Steed, and nice to see/hear Shawna again.


In its essence NS is the law of nature to the Aryan race.
This mindset, the nature orientated weltanschauung, unites Aryans worldwide and most of them and the purest form of late was to be found in Germany pre 1945. Thus 2 WWs against them. Nothing is lost forever …


Indeed Anthony, larping is to indulge in lie, therefore forgoing Truth and playing on the devil’s side and therefore subordinating to the scumbag.


Great show. Heil Hitler


Good talk. I like listening to the woman in this one who has a lot of valuable insight to share. She touches on the work of Jeanice Barcelo and what a waste of time and youth schools are. It doesn’t have to be this way, but Jews feel they have the right to control all life and to rule over everyone and everything. They have mind controlled much of humanity. Of there being a spiritual or supernatural dimension empowering Jews, I just don’t know. It is hard for me to make sense of things, and frustrating when I feel I can never know for sure.


On Steed’s point about suffering around 46 minutes, yes I also hold the principle that 99.9% of suffering is man, or rather, jew made. Imagine if all this petty, irrelevant and contrived bullshit that we would not have to deal with would not exist because of the absence of kike. This world would be a veritable paradise. Yes but then I always hear the old yarn “well you wil still have problems”, yes but I have no qualms with MY problems, I cannot abide the jew. I will deal with MY problems all day fucking long, but without the jew problem, there is NO PROBLEM!


There’d still be a level if suffering that is natural though, I think. But, it probably would be 100 times better than it is now, if the Jew wasn’t in the picture. Life is suffering to an extent though. I mean, when a child comes into the world, it cries because it’s suffering. And there will always be trial and tribulation, but the nightmare situation that we are headed for is something that will be unbearable.


I understand that. What I am saying is that the proportion of daily stupidities and stress would be drastically less. Sure there would be some issues but infinitesimally so, just look at Sweden when it was all White, for example. The daily stress of having to survive in the petty administrative cesspool of the City/Polis is almost all nonsensical grief and potential grief waiting for you that you would not have to deal with in Nature. The worst stress comes from the legal system and all the spin offs that are purely used to cash in on people’s misdemeanours.


Just by not having to deal with cops, officials, city charges, administration, utility companies, basically everyone trying to hold you to ransom for one reason or other, would in itself be a monumental relief. A money less honour based system where you are encouraged to be the best and your value is your honour and integrity and the quality of your work, not a numeric digit, and being allowed the space and time to do so. This is essentially an all-White National Socialist nation.


They enforced their mk religion by the sword, makes me wonder if by calling it witch hunts, it makes it seem like just a few resisted. Are there mass traumas that have been buried, that we don’t even consciously know about? Many great insights in the show, like Chris’ that the royal lines we know now were stewards, who then interbred with the tribe. It seems they left the ones most loyal to the agenda standing in the 20th c., and our true royalty was usurped long ago. Time now for the natural aristocracy…..

Chris H

Thanks Callwen. From my understand of alternative histories I have looked into (to whatever degree that in itself isn’t also misleading) Europe split itself off from the rest of the Great Aryan Empire of the North and decided it wanted to rule itself (or more those who wanted to take it over and rewrite our understanding of everything). Within this the stewards of various regions decided they wanted to be King’s in their own right and were crowned, but with the authority of the degenerate forces of our age. These were not noble lines, but imposters. Thus Europe was used as a hub to genocide the rest of the Aryan Race to then later refind these lands (once memory of this genocide had been sufficiently… Read more »