Wildcard: Davis Lurmann – New Evidence and Old Objectives (4-24-17)

Davis Lurmann hits the Renegade airwaves for the first time for a solo show about the dire situation White people are facing, great ideas for reality TV shows, what we need to succeed, 4D Chessmaster Trump, thoughts from the past, and much more.

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7 years ago

Absolutely brilliant!
Can”t wait till the next show….
Welcome and thank you Davis.

happy shicksa
7 years ago

The first comedy he mentioned has been done. The movie Ideocracy portrays the elements of a dumbed down population however it would be funny to have Barbara Streisand living next door. I did like the second example better. Martin Sheen who has been the president becomes the resident of a Chicago slum. Comedy is a way to beat them at their own games.

Reply to  happy shicksa
7 years ago

I think it could be way better than Idiocracy.
That movie is pretty dated and the majority of people are white and are more like a mob than a neighbourhood.
Maybe the new neighbour should move in next door to Henry Kissinger?

Reply to  Joyster
7 years ago

Primarily because people believe soap operas and TV shows more than they believe actual truth, it would be in a form they will accept or be open to. The important thing is to get their attention.

7 years ago

Awesome show, Davis! Welcome to the gang!

7 years ago

Davis Lurmann’s rants against Islam, coming not long after ‘It’s open season on the white ethnic global minority’ (thereby inferring some causal relationship) and claims – be they his or not – such as ‘Muslim physics on 9/11’ (51min37sec), ‘why do they hate us’ (1h13min) and ‘convert sodomites by the sword’ (1h26min18sec). Hhmmm…to me, he sounds like another shill for the clash of civilisations*. Davis + Lurmann (nice names btw), hey, talk to us a little about the Talmud (and what – it is claimed – it says you can do to little grls under the age of…), please. I hope Renegade Broadcasting will not be going down the same road as Infowars & the much of the alt-right… In which case, it would be… Read more »

Reply to  Mischling
7 years ago

You must have missed the part where he stated he was reading from some old writings of his showing how much his views have changed from his standard conservatard days. You definitely missed the context of the Islam references and judging by your comments you must have listened to the show with one ear barely open. You clearly were not paying attention.

Finally you missed the part where he explained the radio name and his mindset back when he adopted it.

Go back and listen to what he actually SAID, not what you think you heard.

Reply to  Jmcaul
7 years ago

I agree.
At first I thought Mischling was talking about a different show!
I loved it when Davis said,”The job of science is to investigate the unexplained not to explain the uninvestigated.”
Great advice

7 years ago

Kyle, I’d love to know what the music was at the beginning while you were waiting for Davis to come on. As well as the music at about 1:30 and the song at the end. Thank you.

7 years ago

I love the tv show ideas!
I’ve always wanted to see a “reality” show based on judges forced to live strictly amongst parolees, registered sex offenders, crack houses, etc FOR 5 STRAIGHT YEARS. As Bane said, “Let the games begin!”

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