Wildcard: Drew – Tyr Returns Again (8-15-17)

Drew speaks in the first half hour about the recent events and the state of the White struggle on the whole. He then brings on Kyle and Sinead to go into more depth about some controlled opposition and ideas for effective activism.

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Great show guys and awesome points. Totally hear what you’re saying in referring to the “alt left” Kyle as a counterpoise abstraction to the currently employed term alt right. If the alt right is about trump and putin worship, pushing unfettered “free market” capitalism (i.e. giving the plutocrats liscence to pillage) without check, “rugged individualism” without giving a damn for the larger body politic, and cheering on draconian policies while hypocritically mouthing the constitution and liberties this, the constitution and liberties that–you can count me out. I believe the games you were referring to were the double dragon series. Wow those were the days!

Anthony Roberts

The jews have now got their puppet emperor to flip-flop (ellipse?) on the event, by saying the altLeft were equally to blame at Cville. Message: all Whites are “supremacists” no matter what their political leanings are. We need to wake our gmo-fed sheep up fast!

Another fine discussion. Great to hear Drew again, and i hope he can find the time, between work & family, to do more wildcards.


The problem is that the jew has any gravitas in any situation. The funny thing is that a few decades ago it was common knowledge that the jew was a filthy, degenerate scum monger, and now with all the available information at one’s fingertips there is absolutely NO excuse to think anything different of the jew an realise it for the demon it is. Anyone who is not actively calling out the jew as the central sole cause is either too stupid they are a hindrance or a qualified and conscious shill.


Thanks, Jews! That was great antiWhite activism in Charlottesville. Hours of pro-White concerns and speeches are completely ignored by the media because a handful of you displayed swastika and chanted, “Jews will not replace us.” Awesome! The stupefied masses will never look farther than cable television for information so we don’t need to worry about the videos on YT and FB that show other activities. Great work! Keep harping on Jews and spreading the message of “White Supremacism”. LMAO! We will own the entire White race in twenty years! L’Chaim!


There is a sizable number of people who do look further than cable news. We have no control over the TV or movies. We shouldn’t seek exposure on it in any way whatsoever. We should seek to destroy it’s credibility as much as possible. During the last US presidential election the credibility of the msm took a big dive. Kick it while it’s down and make sure it never recovers.


The Jews have openly said they want to mix us all together into a coffee colored mongrel slave caste, us fighting each other would not help.


Forgive me if this is a little off topic, but what the hell happened to Daily Stormer and TRS? I wanted to go on their site and ask them if they are still proud of their God Emperor now that he’s calling us all terrorists. Now they’re all running and hiding like little girly men and claiming they’re being hacked and censored and GoDaddy wont host them and blah, blah, etc. Now I’m really pissed!


They’ve been taken down and DS is apparently on the dark web now.


Zog Gatekeeper Alex Jones spins #UnitetheRight peddling his “Globalists want us fighting each other” lie. A race war on the other hand would make skin colour your uniform the jews just want to keep white people complacent and let the enemy slaughter us without a fight.


It was good to hear Drew’s voice again! He was one of the first host I engaged when I found this network thanks to Giuliani. I think he was one of the best male host to deal with female issues. I remember thinking how I wish I’d been as wise at such a young age. I hope you do more shows or at least some Round Tables. Don’t be a stranger.


Marvellous to hear from Drew again.


They would love to have the populist forever believe that being pro-white is centered around the worshiping of skin pigment and illegitimate racial supremacy yet anthropology shows us that it is culture that truly defines superiority. Some take and some create some build while others destroy but when our lands are excavated ,analyzed ,studied and compared hundreds if not thousands of years from now it will again tell another story (if we are not wiped out) of the true diversity in mankind…….


The skin pigment focus is really only confined to the muds, because they are incapable of anything other than 1 dimensional thought. Suffice to say, that it is actually bone structure and spirit that is more of an issue than ” skin cullah yo!