Wildcard: Wardo Rants – American Arrogance & The Prince of Profits (3-6-17)

Eddy covers some current events, reads Mahmoud’s letter to Donald Trump, talks about what Erik Prince is up to, Bayer, Chabad, and more.

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Brave letter written by Ahmadinejad. It’s unfortunately too reasonable and honest to ever be taken seriously by the Israeli front men in DC. It’s “final appeal” nature sadly reminds me of Adolf Hitler’s multiple peace offers to the communist allies.

I agree .. There’ll never be Peace with this lot

I can reasonably state that the piece of shit jew does not understand anything other than force or, threat of force backed up with force. I think it is long overdue we make them understand.

It would work if there was a condition of negotioation, but they do not want peace. There is no negotiation. They want our destruction. There is no appeal, I think this is what has to sink in. This is the gravity of the situation. They want us dead and gone. That is their non negotiable obejctive. They are not playing.

I have always liked Ahmadi Nejad, he is learned, wise, and kind, qualities sadly lacking in jew installed/controlled, so called “leaders”.. Listened to a very good podcast yesterday, where Ognir was interviewed by some other Eddie..

Chabad Lubavitch = Lube A Bitch

PBUH means Peace be upon him. In islam you have to say PBUH whenever you speak out “prophet” Muhammeds name like a neurotic or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. The funny thing is: Since he’s a so called “prophet” he must be in peace. Yahweh will take care of that whether one says PBUH or not. Do you know how he died: he was poisoned by a jew woman after a battle and right after that a schism and war broke out among muslims because all the sheeps wanted to become the shepherd to drown in power. Sure sounds like the true religion of god doesn’t it.