Wildcard: Goy Daddy – Secrets of the Federal Reserve (8-25-18)

The Federal Reserve that often comes up in discussions in the alternative media. The story of its duplicitous founding and operation is interesting and relevant. This show covers background information about money, the circumstances surrounding the writing of the book Secrets of The Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins, getting as far as beginning Chapter 1 – Jekyll Island. This is the first in a series that will go over this important book.

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goy daddy
Anthony Roberts

Use your head, bypass the fed, starve the parasite dead!

Great to hear you again Goy Daddy, and a priceless show. What’s the best cure for judeosis? A tincture made up of a donation, small or large, to Renegade. Some daily outdoor physically-active resistance to White genocide, mixed with a small glass of ale, once in a while. There, healthy, happy and strong – cheers!.

PS Bittersweet news on McCain having had his chips (only Brits will get that gag). The b****** deserved a trial, followed by a bullet to the back of the head; but at least that’s one less traitor to deal with.

goy daddy

nice simple remedy

I listened to this last night – I would have emphasized the terrible power that these Rothschild’s and the other jew central bankers have over us like, starving tens of millions of our people due to the purposeful manipulation of the currency causing super hyperinflation like in Weimar Germany where it cost a BILLION deutsch marks for one loaf of bread – that caused mass starvation, while the evil Jews feasted their ugly faces off, and then the extreme power these central bankers have in causing all these horrific wars! And yes, these were touched upon, but must be greatly emphasized! These (((monsters))) hold life and death over us! I am so glad Hitler kicked these jewish bankers out of Germany!

goy daddy

Totally agree, and I’ll likely do a show on them, or somebody else should. There’s a chapter in the book all about The House of Rothschild.

Thank you for your kind words – I just hate what these devils are doing to us, I just get so angry because I feel so helpless


Also you should see this: https://www.bitchute.com/video/SNQ6qopDOyMf/

Half a trillion went missing and there was no audit. It went to 2 Jewish institutions overseas. Once there, those institutions could do whatever they wanted with the money the US Fed printed for them.

AGGH – these devils – where and when will this mass theft end?


They are starving us now. Obese folks are really suffering from malnutrition (among many other things). Their are too many homeless Aryan looking folk that are forced to live off of food stamps (if they are lucky) and buy only gmo non-food’s. How many of us actually have enough sheckles to afford land to grow our own food? And even the few of us that do – it’s not easy trying to be 100% food independant. I live rurally in a ”farmy” area, and don’t know anyone who doesn’t supplement with discount store/Amazon bought food. I can’t be the only one who is noticing these bargain and discount food chain store’s springing up all over.. why? Is it because white folk can’t afford to shop… Read more »

You are right, Amber

I was meditating on this last night, Amber. Reading about the control that Roundup vis-a-vis Monsanto has on wheat has made me question if it’s not better to just fast most times than resort to eating this garbage.

Another thing though, I would imagine that it’s going to be difficult to find soil that hasn’t been molested by these products and the aluminum, plastic, and whatever else they’re spraying in the air at this point. That being said, I’m game for “exiting ZOG” whenever possible.

The sooner we build our alternative, the better.

Scott the Strategerist

I just d/l’ed this, but thanks for covering this topic! We in WN occasionally “overlook” conspiracies, but the reality is that exposing the banking system is not only a topic that’s important in and of itself, but it’s also am obvious gateway to exposing Jewish power, which, of course, is why the ADL was mad at Eustace Mullins in the first place back in 1952!


Eustace Mullins short, simple and worthwhile.
”If you could replace the federal reserve, what would you replace it with? – Anything other than a mafia – which is what we have today.”
30 min http://www.renegadetribune.com/radio-freedom-eustace-mullins-ezra-pound-jewish-banking/

Edward Wilson

I have judeosis?…..great! Is there a cure?

goy daddy

The cure is to start again. Would a vaccination be advised?

goy daddy

Here’s a remarkable pol thread about one of the books I mentioned that explains much of the basic way better than I did. This is rare pol gold archived here:



The #1 issue. Ezra Pound was placed in the St Elizabeth’s nut-house around the end of WW2 having been indicted on a treason charge for doing this (the charge was only eventually dropped in 1958): https://archive.org/details/EzraPoundSpeaking-RadioSpeechesOfWorldWarIi There’s been some good insightful commentary from Jared Howe on contemporary implications of the US banking model including his latest, currency wars: https://traffic.libsyn.com/secure/jaredhowesotospeak/S1E070STS.mp3?dest-id=638484 https://www.jaredhowe.net Those objecting to him on the grounds he’s hung with Cantwell and favours the Austrian School (Hoppe-style) might like to invite him on to debate his perspective. He’s a race realist so if a discussion on even just the basics of the Money Question could be lined up between him and, say, Kurt Roemer of http://www.sfecon.com (an RC iirc) the result could be entertainingly incendiary.… Read more »

“and favours the Austrian School (Hoppe-style) might like to invite him on to debate his perspective. ”

Why would anyone want to do this? The Austrian school was headed by yids and Hoppe himself described Rothbard as his “mentor” and “master”. Hoppe himself also groups those who promote “nature-environment worship” in with “homosexuals, hedonists, parasites, communists, etc” as groups to be physically removed from society in his libertarian utopia in his book Democracy: The God That Failed.

I’ve personally always found libertarian types suspect, especially the so-called “race realists” ones (coughjaredtaylorcough).

Great show but I’m particularly interested in the folk music choices.
Please give the credits to the artists.