Wildcard: GoyDaddy – Don’t Stop (7-28-17)

A discussion of ‘White privilege’, a message to the government, a message to jews on how they keep pushing things further, activist of the week, the poisonous mushroom, and much more.

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Let’s see…
I’m anti-lying, anti-thievery, anti-treachery, anti-extortion, anti-fraud, anti-murder, and anti-pedophilia…
So, yeah, I’m anti-semitic.

Ha so offensive. That’s a good one.

Good show GoyDaddy – you’re the domain man!

Your office story encapsulates everything about the jewish mindset. We have to somehow reveal that heinous, psychotic, true nature to our folk. Difficult without falling foul of their current laws; but it can be done. Break out of the proWhite echo chamber everyone…one,…one.

PS Got it from your dah dah’s – “ode to goy” from that Beatoven dude!

Ha, the Ode to Goy thing’s good. I think I must never sing again. That was terrible. I’m glad you enjoyed the show. I don’t know what The Domain Man means, but I like it. The echo chamber thing makes most anonymous online activism useless.

Hi Mcqueen. Ignore my rubbish sense of humour. I just assumed your title name was from that domain name company – godaddy.
Completely agree with the online slactivism thoughts, especially now they’re banning us from the popular sites. We all need to think of new ways to get the message across. Keep up the good work!

Online anonymous activism reaches people. Lots of people. That’s why anti-Whites want to control it so much. Your thoughts on the uselessness of online activism would be just private thoughts if not for your online activism.

Everyone here would agree that the major media companies have a lot of power. They reach a lot of people and can create public opinion with the help of subversive actors. The internet is the new media. We simply haven’t used it yet to it’s full potential. The low start up costs mean anyone with the skills can push their views far and wide.

The office story just about sums up the fucking jew menace in a few short sentences. Twenty-five years ago, when I knew nothing about the jews other than that they were (choke, puke, gag) “god’s chosen people” (double gag) and that we were supposed to “bless them so we would be blessed” (triple gag……can’t believe I ever fell for that horse shit), I worked with a jewish woman. She was arrogant and rude, but I didn’t think much of it. We only spoke occasionally, but the short conversations were relatively pleasant. One day I was leaving the office and this jew hag drove by me. She gave me the finger and had the most hateful, evil look on her face. (I can still see it… Read more »

Wow, that story is so odd and its the kind of thing that will stick with you and make you wonder for years, until you snap out of the dream.

Its nearly impossible to grow up in the US and not believe all those stories. The United States of Israel is under totally owned.

Listening now. Another way we know jews aren’t White: they have their own homeland!

If they were not going all the way, would they keep pushing? We all know the score.

It might have been Pierce who said they can’t stop. Its their nature.

I absolutely relate to your jew in the office stories. Was talking to one awhile back, and complained about the dearth of non-kosher books in a local bookstore. I was told in short order that everything I read and thought was being controlled and I should get used to it. Sent a chill down my spine.

Great show GoDaddy. I loved the Barbara Lerner Spectre “translation” and the readings of Feder and the poisonous mushroom. By the way, could you send me the PDFs? I have Gottfried Feder’s “The Program of the NSDAP” PDF. Thanks

Oh, and I loved the office story is so powerful and so telling.