Wildcard: Harijs – Reich Revisionism (3-6-17)

Harijs reads from a great selection of pieces on the Holocaust fraud and offers his own comments.

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This is great.
Thank you Digger and Harijs!

Ditto…great points/article/stab in the eyeball! Well put together Digger & thusly Harijs…!

Joyster 😉 ♡

Great show Harijs!! Of course video explains more to thensure ‘mind’s eye’, but you’ve done just that…in audio alone!!

I see the slots are full again! (Good job Kyle! I emailed you on like show #2 …Rattlesnake in the nest!) Anyways…Harijs..I wish you well & I’ll listen next Wildcard &/or Guest &/or become a Host!)

LOVE to Joyster down below! 😉


The* = “thensure”

Sorry, keyboard malfunction, haha.

& 1 parenthesis too many…haha! (Sick+Nyquil+1 benadryl too many! Lol)

Good Day & Good Luck Harijs! It’s not easy being a Renegade…(retraction…it’s easy but you’re disowned/put down/called a loon etc etc etc..that’s the fire we burn..)

Great Show,