Wildcard: Harijs – More Reich Revisionism (4-12-17)

Harijs reads a number of articles about the beginnings of the war and some of the moves made by Hitler and then gets into some of the realities of the conditions in concentration camps during the “Holocaust”.

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Glad you could step up Harijs

actually this show is excellent. I am now 1 hour 20 min in. good passion behind the reading.

Very interesting episode so far as I’ve listened. A shame that the audio quality is horrible,

That photo only hides the horrors that the jews – and ONLY the jews – were subjected to, getting gassed and ovened’ded again… and again!
^Admit it, you just read that in the voice of the guy who narrates all of those movie commercials.

Is it just me or does the guy center front look like Putin?

Haha! Once it is seen, it cannot be unseen!