Wildcard: Harijs – Talmudists on Trial (8-2-17)

Harijs reads from a variety of sources, largely regarding jews, their Talmudic tendencies, Germans, WW2, and also relates some of his own personal stories of speaking truth to power in this stupid world.

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What is the title of the painting? Where did you find it? I gotta wonder how many Europeans have been murdered in the basements of synagogs?? Especially during times like the Bolshevik revolution..

One time I brought up the holohoax to a friend who I had told about other things like the ‘paul is dead’ revelations. And she got frightened, not just of the topic, but it seemed frightened by me for bringing it up. It’s some deeeep programming. Another thing, you were talking about psychology and the jews, and it made me think of the self-help industry that rose up in the 70s. It’s amazing how that’s metastasized into what it is today. I guess it’s the mental-spiritual angle, whereas the diseased medical complex is the physical. What’s wrong with me? It’s not me, it’s jew. Jew says, it’s not me it’s you. And the mind-body-spirit crises from living in a jew world order meet and mutate… Read more »

Is there a real talk between Churchill and Stalin that I could read that has been released lately??

“Windows Defender Smart Screen” is not allowing me to use your contact link.. Says the site is’ unsafe’. I know it is BS. Just letting you know..

I enjoyed the show, what I was able to hear. Your voice seemed to face out often as you were talking. Please continue to do shows on Renegade but please look into maintaining a more consistent volume. I missed many of the details you shared. Thank you.

I meant to say your voice seemed to FADE out often. Difficult to hear many details. Otherwise good show.

About a previous topic, do Aryans not have inherited wealth and servants looking after them, not the kids but the adults in the household? I mean do they do all the menial chores, cooking, domestic tasks? Sinny referred to a 35-year-old having mommy taking care of him at the family compound, but what about having the servants taking care of him? With all the money he saves from not having his own home surely the family can afford some servants so that “mommy” isn’t looking after the budding warrior, and surely it doesn’t take many generations to have enough in the family for complete financial independence of the system.

X, What the BGezus are ye talking about?

I don’t think it knows Tony! This one’s either a (rebranded reoccurring) troll or simply a complete spinner!

X & x get a grip man!
PS-how’s the weather in telaviv today?

So if Arians have to have servants as you think then who are the servants? To many Arians had to be servants themselves and today we are slaves and I do not like this “servant” concept. One may need payed help for many things but I don’t want to be someone’s “servant” nor “have” servants.