Wildcard: Heathen Vegan – A Brief History of Our Folk (1-5-18)

Heathen Vegan takes on a journey through time, from the Stone Age to National Socialism and beyond. Topics include: Community, bonds of kinship/blood, trust, the rules of men women and child, land and its true value, what freedom means, religion and its effects, natural and unnatural war, slave and parasite classes, National Socialism as an attempt to blend old but new ways, and where we go now.

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Heathen Vegan, I love your shows. And this very polite – very European! – excuse for sneezing. I am so grateful for this it really makes me happy! Wouldn’t nursing for 5 years prevent having another child? I really do not know and am asking. But I have read that the body does not allow another pregnancy while it is still nursing (sorry I am having a particularily bad English-day) As for the trust and the small communities: this is still true today. I live in a very small village in the Northern Black Forest (which is much different to the Southern Black Forest in landscape and people). People in this village are very close knit, not only because everybody ist related in one way… Read more »

I got my cycle back 4 months after giving birth but was breastfeeding exclusivley. Breastgeeding does not prevent pregnancy.
However pregnancy can sometimes effect milk supply, but this can oftentimes be remedied with herbal galactagogues. We need breastmilk banks for those situations where the mom is not able to breastfeed. Formula should be illegal.

I see. Thank you for telling me. It’s been a long time and at my time (I#m in my fifties) breastfeeding was villified (very sad part of my life, looking back now).

Helene. firstly sorry to hear about the influx of “refugees” in your area, I only hope it is too few to have any major impact upon crime. The politicians that have put them among you though are directly responsible for any problems that could arise and I hope the local folk hold them accountable in every instance. As Sinead has pointed out, it is possible to have children whilst breas feeding, my second child is testament to this. Sinead is also very correct that it will affect milk supply, something we had to learn the hard way. This can easily be countered though by not only “milk banks” although this would be the ideal situation. But also via extra solids, especially foods high in natural… Read more »
No, they are not few. On the contrary. It’s possible to take the bus down to the spa-town we belong to and hear all sorts of arabic /eastern european languages before I hear the first word of German (usually at the bakers). More that the rising crime – which is a problem, it is all those foreign faces, voices, atmospheres/auras. Itmakes me feel pysically sick and the spirit, the will of the land itself seems to change, it’s like it is fading, still knowable, but fading. The “thousands and thousands of years” are vanishing. And there is no end to the influx, in fact they seem to multiply weekly. Esp. blacks . The villagers – the hard core of people who are “from here”, sort… Read more »

It is story’s like this, that don’t get recorded in Crime statistics, but affect the soul of the folk, that really sadden me.

To feel a stranger in our own lands with no sense of security. refused their history and if they find illegal to take pride in it. Many look away, refuse to acknowledge what they know deep down, this is the genocide of the soul.

I’m loving the riff-wrath show style HV lol. It’s so sad to see our once strong folk and beautiful lands now a multi-dump! Renegade is the only true White community left imo.

UK today: green, soggy, wet and windy – and that’s just the men! jewsus H chrisis! We need to (speaking meta-Thor-ically) grab White shoulders, and shake our people back to life – fast!

PS Great research, info and show mate.

Thanks I am glad you enjoyed the show.

And yes I agree, we need to open peoples eyes to this, Personally I think this will only be achieved by taking our message to the people in person. We have many many issues to talk on, not just the racial one. We are going to have to deal with every issue to solve the sad mess our beloved nation and folk are in.

Another question: this Rosenberg-character, who formed the National Socialist philosophie, could he have been a trojan/jewish horse? I mean this name is obvious. And by codifying the ideas and the reconnect that resulted from them and that was lived by the people, didn’t he lay the seed for destruction of these same ideas (if only by blowing them up to a whole nation of millions, who obviously do not have the immediate bonds necessary)? And wouldn’t this be a typically jewish thing to do? This is a sincere question. I would be grateful for your opinions.

Hey Helene, Thanks for your comments It is a fair question, Rosenberg was not I believe Jewish and I personally value his works greatly. As for the German folk “do not have the immediate bonds necessary” compared to our distant past obviously they didn’t, but Their more recent history they did have the foundation for common ground. The Prussian empire (the second Reich) laid some of the foundations for this, as well as works by Tacitus and first Reich, plus you have WW1 which forged these bonds (us v the world) . also genetically Germans are pretty consistent so biologically, there is also root for this. For example Hitler although Austrian saw himself as first Germanic. His criticism of Austro-Hungarian empire was that Huns, Slavs… Read more »
Hello, thank you for this long reply. I will have to ponder this, as I am not too sure about the solid nature of this common foundation. Germany ist very regional, the borders between the regions are like veils, very thin and often very surprising and sudden, on one side of the road you have this atmosphere on the other side it is completely different. This is not only true for the Black Forest or southerrn Germany. I did a lot of travvelling for a couple of years in a very lousy job and have been in many region, very rural many of them. Prussia was only the “upper”part of Germany, and judging from what is left in language and sayings (most notably the “Saupreissn”… Read more »

To help put this into context, given your current “enrichment” Does a Prussian have more in common, ethnically, culturally and historically, to a Bavarian or a Turk?

Those entering now do not have a shared culture or ethnicity and our only shared history has been on opposing sides of wars.


“Deutschland Uber Alles” ist, warum ich bin mir sicher, das Projekt “Deutschland”

Good question, Helene!
Alfred Rosenberg on Women:

This is a copy of a comment I put on the same questions you asked on another thread, so anyone here can see it too. As an admirer of Rosenberg, I think I am at least somewhat able to address your “concerns” Firstly about Rosenberg’s ancestry. There was only ever one person to accuse Rosenberg of being at least part jewish and that was a jewish man, who claimed Rosenberg had no German blood and was a mix of Slavic, French jewish and Mongolians (the Vatican got in on this too, but considering Rosenberg’s position on Christianity, it is no wonder). The main accusations regarding his ancestry from Germans was that he wasnt “pure” German. This is because Rosenberg was born is what is now… Read more »

Incredible broadcast! It was definitely worth waiting for some quiet time to listen. Thanks Heathen Vegan.

Thanks 😀
Im glad you enjoyed it Scarllett, I enjoyed getting a chance to chat to you on the round table last week.

Your historical breakdown and analysis is excellent. Very simply explained and easy to listen to. Not bowing to the (((system))) gives you the power to change the world through your unwillingness to compromise, thus your voice will truly matter. This show really puts our current struggle in a greater context. The evils of bolshevism should not forgotten in our times. Maybe consider taking some more friday shows?

This is what I think of when I hear or think about inheritance tax. Robin Hood – Not in Nottingham https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2dImprgiB8 It is something people need to be speaking about a whole lot more I believe, it is utterly sick and unacceptable. Heil to the real Robin Hood, Adolf Hitler! Heil Hitler!

Thanks Chris, I appreciate your words.

Capitalism and Communism are both sides of the same coin. Capitalism is an unsustainable usury/Jew-sury economic system. It is a debt-based, interest-besed and inflation-based system. No nation can borrow its way out of debt. National Socialism was a labor-based, wealth-based, production-based, and trust-based economic system. It was an economic system in which its money was debt-free, interest-free, and (almost) inflation-free Labor Treasury certificates. These certificates were used to build German infrastructure of roads and bridges. Germany was ruined for having this
wealth-based monetary system.


Communism is actually ultimate capitalism, total dominance, not based on duty to a folk. As was seen in the early industrial revolution, if the “elite” capitalist could he would.

This is of course why Bolshevism was completely funded by big capitol. Those that believe markets can decide anything that would be good for us, fail to understand the nature of themselves and their enslavement.

Great show and strong words spoken from a honorable European soul.
You do your ancestors proud .
Thank you brother .

Thanks Reboot.

It is encouraging to know that people are enjoying my shows. When you are just talking into space it is very hard to know how things will come across, so kind words like yours are always pleasing to hear. Thank you.

Good show.

What is that Led Zepplin cover? Who does it?

I really love the song that played at the very end. I’ve heard it before and have tried to find it, but I just can’t! If anyone could tell me who it is,…?

I’m getting the picture of agriculture being the origin of money. The men who once defended the herds they followed for food, now defended the fields from the wild herds. When the nomads arrived with the migrating herds, Cain slue Able.


Fehu is the first rune and a very important one. The rune poems as they are translated now, do not do this poem justice, But on one level it does represent “moveable wealth” Currency, Cattle. Roman writers often remarked that the only thing that had value (monetarily) to the Germanic folk is that which they could take with them, Gold and cattle.

herds are only cattle in a corral.

agriculture feeds cattle, herds feed themselves.