Wildcard: Heathen Vegan – Food and Ancestral Pride (1-19-18)

Heathen Vegan discusses the mythical veganism of ancient times, then moving through history, and what can be considered a realistic proposal for an Aryan future.

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I loved this show. Thank you so much, Heathen Vegan. You are certainly your great granddad’s great grandson. One can understand that you are mighty proud of those genes. The nobility of what you share and what you posit makes me cry. It’s a devotion to deep integrity. And I like that you dethrone pride from its place of high rank among the seven deadly sins. To reclaim pride is to reclaim courage. And yes, sensitivity is often the product of raw compassion. You aptly undressed the lie that vegans are weak and possibly incapable of killing. We are pretty damn good at killing evil; our aim is sharp, focused, and relentless. Most vegans I know are so intent on doing the right thing, it’s… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Thank you Liz for the exceptionally kind words, they help silence the self doubt. although my family had their personal daemons, and fair share of tragedy, they were good folk and without them I would of fallen like so many of our folk, for this I am truly blessed. So many though are not so lucky, broken people, create broken homes and thus broken children. The poison that makes my folk sick has a source and for all my folks mistakes, I try my best to focus on the ones poisoning the well. Compassion is a powerful tool, not a weakness. It is because of the sanctity of life, that I cannot rest, I will not rest. What we face can only be defeated by… Read more »


In my opinion, the most superior food is the one that won’t create a toxic serpent in the belly. I’m talking about plant (fruits, vegetables, and so on) juice.


Chris, it was horrible to hear about the kids in Denmark being shown the animal slaughter. At first I thought perhaps that was an effort to teach them how inhumane the practice is, but as you elaborated I understood it was not. Man, if that ain’t child abuse, I don’t know what is.

And I very much liked when you said, “I think being proud of yourself and your people also means that you respect other creatures.” So true, hard to have one without the other. Thanks much.


Chris H

Thanks Liz. I believe it was on a UK Channel 4 programme maybe 10 or more years ago asking whether or not eating meat was a good thing, and could it be ethical. I can not remember what the programme was called, but this was on the programme with them taking the kids around and showing them the slaughter through a large glass window. Well more a viewing gantry really..


Great show HV. Food history is a topic I truly adore. I’m glad you brought the paleo diet up and its detrimental attitude and effects. I’ve been thinking that the paleo diet serves the agenda of futher confusing people about what to eat. I also believe the whole “we were all caveman” argument is a false message to promote miscegnation. So here we have a diet that will make our folk ill and have them wash their blood down the drain. No wonder is it heavily promoted.

Heathen vegan

Thanks bitawolffram

Yes , the Paleolithic period spanned over 2 million years and included a wide range of hominids, whose diet was not only different between each species but also in the same species dependent on environment ect. Anyone claiming they are eating just as our pre human origin ancestors were, are kidding themselves.

Good Dictator

Great show Heathen Vegan! I also loved it. Great new angle on many aspects of eating habits and history! I am also on a plant-based diet, but I am more radical than most vegans, as I have eliminated refined and cane sugar (I use coconut sugar and honey, and sometimes agave… so technically I am not vegan for the honey), I have eliminated all dairy products of course, and I have also eliminated grains and legumes (except for quinoa and green peas occasionally). I also have breakfast with fruit and then I eat once during the day/afternoon vegetables (so I don’t have dinner), and then snack with almonds, dates and sugarless chocolate, later during the evening. Plus, I am consuming Restore (Kyle and Sofia Smallstrom… Read more »

Good Dictator

Oh, and I also use activated charcoal and himalayan salt as toothpaste and I use a grounding kit, which most of you are aware of here at renegade 😉
Allways exploring how to improve and stay as healthy and strong as possible, both out of necessity (I used get always sick) and out of passion.

Anthony Roberts

I think once people get the facts in a balanced way, they have to do what’s right for them and their family. As we know, it’s hard when our folk have been (((programmed))) for 73yrs. The cow in the torture device picture from the Tribune article, would be enough for me, regardless of health benefits/detriments. I don’t want to survive in that jew-made world tyvm. It’s much like our genuine folk who continue to support the aut right. They are given evidence of the “leaders” being jews, having jewish mentors or ancestry; being cia/gov’t or limited agents; or of the pure filth who champion child or women rape. There is a major thought blockage somewhere. PS Good show HV – balanced and considered imo. I… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Anthony. I agree, most people I know if actually confronted by the true horror of what happens in these “factory’s” would i believe be unable to partake in the consumption of animal products. With things I told my father, who was all his life a very large body builder/biker type, he was considering veganism and before he past, was eating much less animal products (he even purchased a juicer and blender). It is also as I tried to explain in the podcast, impossible for us to have our “meat” and eat it, as it were. We do not possess the land to feed all our folk a high animal product based diet and it be produced in ideal conditions. If We want to eat high… Read more »

A bolt to the Head is better than Kosher Halal Slaughter, I will say that.
I’m not a Veg myself, but, I DO make sure to eat much Fruit and Veg, love me greens 🙂

In Australia, there was this thing about “Free Range Eggs”, dimwit Greenies argue that because Chickens are laying Eggs in Barns even though with many Chook Farms here, there is plenty of space for them to run and scratch around, that they should be called “Barn Lay’d” Eggs. Stupid. Chooks do not lay their Eggs out in open Paddocks anyway.

I agree with all your other points, Heathen Vegan, good airtime listening.

Any chance you could find out what that first tune was in the first break with the Piano ? Cheers !

Heathen vegan

Hey P.Davey. firstly thanks for listening, especially considering you’re not Vegan, im sure many just turned off. I wanted to present a more realistic view of future eating practices and of the past. Yes, Labeling is all smoke and mirrors anyway. You can check here in the UK based on a code on the packet, exactly where your meat came from. Many supermarkets here sell Halal and kosher meat as “standard” meat. This is actually illegal too, given that Halal and kosher meat can only be produced with an exemption order to the animal welfare act and in this exemption is a clause stipulating it should not be sold where the public at large (i.e none muslim/jews) will be likely to buy it. Obviously corporations… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Oh and as for song, I do believe this question has been asked before. I did try and grab it via one of those “hum the song” things, by putting my headphones against the mic, but it came back with nothing. So I am afraid I dont know it sorry.


The song around the 27:20 mark? I’ve been asking the same thing and nobody seems to know. Renegade said they’d let us know, but that was a few programs ago and I guess they must have forgot.


This is the 55 second sample from the program. You can download it into mp3 format. https://vocaroo.com/i/s0yLsgL7yHnv
I know, it’s haunting.


Very good one! Thanks guys! I am close to veganism. Not there yet, but close. I also look at the Vedic 6 tastes per meal idea. http://www.mapi.com/ayurvedic-knowledge/ayurvedic-diet/ayurvedic-tastes.html

mike angelo

I eat a starch based plant based food. It’s the best for health reasons IMO.See Dr John McCdougall on the internet.

Foster XL

Thanks for doing another show HV, have enjoyed all of them so far! Keep up the great work! 😉

Just to make those aware who don’t watch TV (I don’t either but saw this on feed for something else I was searching) there is a new TV series from SKY called Britannia which delves into the “history” of Britain at the time the Romans invaded. Already you can see from the trailer how they’ll manipulate the story with “evil” druids/pagan priests, niggers as Roman centurions, etc, etc. ‘Scuse my language but this is fucking disgusting to me!!!

Coming Soon: Britannia – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lC1ZdVDffCs
Britannia Winter Solstice Red Band Trailer – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ehi112rPwQA

Heathen vegan

Hey Foster. Im glad you are enjoying the shows and thanks for the words of encouragement. Thanks also for bringing this new T.V show to light, I wasnt aware of it at all. I saw the “black Roman” in the trailer lol. Yes, Im sure they will have pagans killing innocents in some blood ritual……. All we can hope is that much like the abomination of a show called “Vikings” it will draw a new crowd of people, who may be interesting in our Iron age past and beyond. I am working on a Website atm for all things ancient in these Iles and the North west, so hopefully I can I make space for people to explore a more “realistic” version. This being said… Read more »

mike angelo

HV, I enjoyed your show. I am going to throw my experience into to discussion. In 2009 after listening to a convincing show I went off the deep end, emptied my freezer and became raw vegan. I followed the 80-10-10 “diet”. No grains, very little fat. The detox was rough, especially for those around me at work. It lasted around 4 weeks. After that…everybody should try it just to experience how you could feel. The energy surge is phenomenal no heavy feelings after meals or feeling sleepy. 9 years later mixed fruit smoothies are 2 out of my 3 meals and despite I cannot call myself vegan anymore, I step out of my low fat vegan diet only few times a week and yes, that… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Hey Slavik

Thanks for the comment and I agree.

I did also start out a little bit closer to 80,10,10, but as you will know being in Europe it is hard to get the raw material required for such a diet. That being said When I visited Romania they had an abundance of fruit and veg being sold by locals on the side of the road. Now my diet includes a lot more soups and grains and the occasional “convenience” food given my daily tasks and little folk.

I do find encouragement though that so many here at renegade either listening or participating, share a similar back story. Its good to know that there are others on a similar path as yourself.



I fell for veganism too. I enjoy most of renegades shows, but this is one of the areas i have to disagree with. Us humans have been carnivorous for a very long time.

Foster XL

Dale said – “Us humans have been carnivorous for a very long time.”

LMFAO! You certainly wouldn’t use that classification if you knew anything about actual anatomy & physiology! It’s pure ignorance like this that gets us generally labeled as “dumb asses” which then obviously gets us wondering just how genuine(ly stupid) comments like this are.