Wildcard: Heathen Vegan – Slavery, from Irish Starvation to Modern War (4-10-18)

Heathen Vegan talks about various topics, such as the Irish ‘potato famine’, “the poor law” and how it set the foundations of our replacement. As well as the reality of our situation as “modern slaves” as seen with the recent push for war, we have no say.

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Great show HV

Heathen vegan

Thank you Frank.


Your point at the end, about coming to the conclusion that you and I and the rest of our folk in our generation are never going to enjoy a normal life is pivotal. Depressing, yes, but pivotal. It’s knowing this that keeps me going when I grow tired of this struggle and want to stick my head in the sand and say f**ck it. No, I will never have a normal life, but if I put it all on the line, along with others that are true, perhaps my children or grandchildren will. Our enemies have made us dangerous, with nothing to lose.

Heathen vegan

Yes, We must fight for that which is beyond our reach, always. We must fight for our future, that means sacrificing our now, it is the way it has always been in times of trouble. It is though the greatest gift of life, to be born in a time where your actions have the ability to shape the future in such a way. I often wonder how many heroes of old would trade all their achievements to be born in this time, a time when millions of our folks lives hang in the balance. What glory awaits those willing to step into the fray, to take up the fight? We are the most dangerous force born of this world. Our history has shaped the world… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

Yes, the jews have to spread their proxies far and wide. Useful, but very dangerous idiots. The jock-mosque was enabled by (((crowd sourcing))) apparently lol!

The Irish have been double-duped by jews, with the christard division. Until all Whites can put aside religion, past grievances and focus entirely on the source of all misery, the loathsome chosen, we will remain weak and vulnerable. Another good show HV, cheers mate.

PS I think they will kick-off WWE3 with “another” pnac catastrophic and catalyzing event in the U.S. Look out for a “rogue” chabad missile fired at your west coast, producing an earthquake/tsunami and military lockdown. Either that or aliens :))

Heathen vegan

Yes, it is most certainly a time to unite, this is especially true of these Islands in the north. For the most part history has lied about our division, Little is known of when the Irish kings sent troops to help Harold Godwinson at the battle of Hastings.

Yes, tbh I dont think what is happening now will kick off WW3, I think it is mainly “theater” for the “clown world” as Kyle puts it. I mean its like playground slanging matches on twitter, just between world leaders and institutions…………..

Thanks for the comment Anthony, and hope your looking after my native lands well 😀


Thanks for the heartfelt talk HV. Resonated well with me. Stevo

Heathen vegan

Its good to know the feelings I am trying to convey are coming through in my words. Thanks Stevo.

Good Dictator

Great show Heathen Vegan! Very inspiring and important with all these mind-contaminated, poisoned, mind-virus-infected whites, parroting white guilt argunents such as slavery, colonialism, apartheid, oppression, supremacy, etc…! I am going to share it with a cucked pinko libtard “friend” of mine, although I don’t think he will listen… Thanks a lot!

Heathen vegan

If people realised, really realised their own history, far from being ashamed of their ancestors, they would rise up and take vengeance in their name. The only shame that is our is our inaction, and even then it is easily remedied.

It is very hard to get people to listen to things that contradict their already formed opinion. I find it best to jar conversation with highlighting contradiction, and leave it. Dont push, pushing just makes people dig there heals in, and they will be dammed if they will admit you know more than them. Lead them so they see it on their own, much like you would a child, sadly this is the state of our folk atm.

And thanks for your comment.


Heathen Vegan, there should really be a few shows dedicated to exactly what you are saying. I hesitate to include myself in the conversation. I find myself often not wanting to be near, or speak to anyone, since most folk seem to be so stubborn and non-caring about the truth, their future’s, or the future of their children! Still, it is hard for me to reign my emotions in and keep from lashing out when I hear the communist, self hating rhetoric from folk who consider themselves, ”on the right side of history, today, and the future”. The people who cannot see that they are reading a script, and running towards the cliffs, I want nothing to do with! Often times, I am baffled by… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Hey Amber.

I will try to cover this topic in a future show, so thanks for the suggestion.


Hearing you speak about what our folk have overcome is inspiring. So many of my ancestors came to America when it became impossible to live on the land, including from the Hebrides, in the 1700s and came to North Carolina. What grieves me about this ‘privilege’ psy-op, is that they worked so hard over generations to build up farms and solid lives here. They had big families because they were optimistic, I’ve read it was one of the biggest population booms of Celts in history. I like how you reach into history and make that righteous rage real, that we have also been enslaved and dispossessed of our lands. The way you find that long timeline view is inspiring to me and what I’d like… Read more »

Heathen vegan

I have family from the west coast of Scotland, although I havent traced any to the Hebrides, Im sure some of my blood is from those parts. I do have family from Orkney though, so defiantly some Island blood in me. Our folk have worked hard and endured things, I doubt I could. Anything we have, has been earned by our blood sweat and more tears than we can imagine. For me the history of my folk is essential to our position now. Somehow the last few decades have over shadowed the harrowing past, of struggle and oppression of our folk. Our ancestors have struggled against the forces we fight against today for centuries, knowing this helps inspire me and I believe it is key… Read more »


I feel something similar regionally with the southern folk, when I see remnants of the rural ‘plain’ folk that have worked hard for whatever they had. And are demonized as white trash, red necks, etc. I still have a romanticized view of England, was last there in the ’80s, but get hints of this in the way poor Brits are portrayed in movies, and what the ‘estates’ and multi-cult hells in the uk look like. I hope you’ll do more shows and if I feel I could join you sometime with some material, I’ll let you know. I’m intrigued by times when our folk were free, like on the frontier, but also these times when they were forced to go abroad from the old country.… Read more »

Heathen vegan

I too look to the times we were free, it is why I am fascinated by the neolithic, bronze age and early Iron age. These were the times when we had little foreign influence, these were the times we can see our folk as they were, just them and the world. Many people look to the “viking age” or early middle ages, but by then we can already see massive foreign influence, affecting our folk. The common English may seem uncouth, and slightly brash, but their hearts are true and good, and as they beat so does the ancient heart of England. I for one promise to hold up my duty to her, and restore her dignity, unbind her chains. It would be great to… Read more »


Another compelling show HV I really enjoy your work .
The system doesn’t make any sense at all , for the million dollar cost to bring a Syrian family in you could have paid the mortgages of 5 native Welsh families therefore freeing their finances up so they could have 1-2 children more which is a boost to the local economy .
These heartfelt emotionally driven sheep make no damn sense .
Then their solution is to bomb Syria some more .
Thanks Jews .

Heathen vegan

It doesn’t make any sense, till you realise the end goal, as we do. They are our blood, but sadly they have been since birth, shaped and molded by the enemy. They are unknowingly part of a death cult, if we can make them see this they will switch sides. If we can turn that emotion, that great well of power towards their own cause, who could stop us?