Wildcard: Heathen Vegan speaks with Chris – English Sunrise (9-27-17)

Heathen Vegan goes on a rant about the current state of affairs in the UK, the political shutdown of free speech even in its simplest most innocent forms, a political and philosophical breakdown of where we are at and where we are going, the importance of staying strong to our faith and our culture and keeping strong. This show was off the cuff and decided upon just before the show went to air. Thanks a lot for Vegan for going ahead with the show (and Chris).

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Great broadcast. I do not know your real name vegan, but I’d be happy to share a trench with you any day. I totally share your sentiment. Here in New Zealand things are no different. I fear things need to get worse before they get better. Our biggest enemy is a ‘ slow decay ‘. Sometimes I think it would be more effective to help hasten the collapse rather then trying to fix anything. We need to prepare to be present after that day. Again, great show….hopefully more to come 🙂

same in australia big time..

Thanks for your comment Max. I agree, although I am very dubious that our enemies will hand us a “collapse” as it would make a lot of their current efforts pointless and also its how National Socialism rose in Germany. Not to mention that when Greece went through a collapse the openly National Socialist (at the time) party Golden dawn gained massive ground among the common folk

wow listening to you & heathen vegan talk/show… i may have something to add here from oz. In 2016 i was arrested with no charge under australias new anti terrorism laws after being fed up of a 4 year avoidance battle from the australian government in holding a sudenase muslim man to account for deliberately using his taxi as a weapon against my body in broad daylight. Leaving me permenantly disabled with over a year post attack being stuck on crutches. Zero compensation, all medicos & lawyer after lawyer complicit in ignoring my rights to be fixed yet alone any compensation. The attacker Abraham belay didnt even receive a traffic ticket although he sped into the bike path to ram me side on. The government… Read more »

*add not ass lol 🙂

Here in France, people waiting for bus at bus shelter or on the sidewalk, have been crushed ,wounded and for some of them ,killed (a woman with her baby) by so called ‘men with mental/health problems ‘ and this for years before the mediatic ‘terrorist attacks ‘ .Strangely the responsible drivers were all muslims .Those criminal acts were described as
‘ accidents ‘and rapidly forgotten by the medias I had always said they were criminal intentionnal acts to kill .
We are living the biggest challenge of all times ,we have to unit .
Stay brave in your battle against the enemy Vegannace you are not alone .

thankyou bear, im sorry for what you are witnessing. I do have a feeling the fight against terrorism is to take our freedoms away whilst daily immigrant crimes against us go ignored, like you have stated. & yes they do have mental health problems 🙂 but in all seriousness, things like this can be used at the right time, we in meantime must wait like wolves for that moment, whilst we expose what we can. Im not going to let the bastards who allow foreigners to do these things to us, schism my mind to no clear function. Our governments are controlled puppets with agendas & only when we force their change & allegiance will things improve. Until then this will keep escalating. Yes troubling… Read more »

IF you want to know how to conduct an effective Resistance – study what happened in Iran, Cuba, and Nicaragua. Those failures, particularly in Cuba shaped US policy in conducting Counter-Resistance operations.

In the 1980s the US successfully conducted Counter-Resistance operations to defeat an insurgency in El Salvador and provided covert Unconventional Warfare support to Afghanistan in its efforts against the Soviets.

Once you understand how your enemy operates, you will be better prepared to formulate a strategy of Resistance.

Presently, almost ALL of the known “popular” internet “Leaders” are Controlled Opposition stooges.

At present – there is NO bonafide “Resistance Movement” here in the US.

Waiting will do no good.

Thanks for sharing your story vegannace. I am sorry that someone such as yourself has had to go through such a situation, and ontop of this have to live with it. So many have been scarred by this system, and your story is an ugly reminder of it.
Glad you liked the show.

Have you connected with 4araw? I recently saw in the comments here in renegade, and I sent a message. You have a sound claim from what you have stated, but will never get anywhere with a lawyer, who has loyalty to the court not you. We must learn the procedures and make our own claims, as once lodged must be heard. I have empathy for your current position and previous treatment.

sorry didnt see your message robert. re radio station, i had the run around from media early on then was warned by my own lawyers to shut up (all 4 different firms after being promised traction for a year with each) our victorian police are the core issue roadblock in my case & are untouchable.. I have come across others similar cases shut down by police by exactly of 3 months of being run around first. I was also warned by the TAC (transport authority commission) to shut up. When Tried to file a inquiry into the police commission early on they bluffed me off in circles to kill time then after a year said ‘too late the officers dont have to answer for anything… Read more »
You have nothing to be sorry for. It is I who mislead you regarding 4araw. The 4araw is https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/cairns/activities-hobbies/cairns-alternative-movie-group/1158082360. Have a look at this as well. http://crazzfiles.com/what-is-unidroit/ We live under “Equity Law” the law on Contract. The TAC are a private corporation doing business. They only have authority over me by my consent. Silence is consent, Bluff prevails. The contract can only exists with consent by both parties. Lawyers / Liars are members of the BAR, a foreign entity, no loyalty to their client and as soon as I engage one, I forfeit my god given right to speak and be heard and am guilty, or have lost as soon as I set foot in the tribunal posing as a court. Long live the memory… Read more »
Sorry, but this is BS put out to disable you in court: “we live under “Equity Law” the law on Contract. The TAC are a private corporation doing business. They only have authority over me by my consent. Silence is consent, Bluff prevails. The contract can only exists with consent by both parties. Lawyers / Liars are members of the BAR, a foreign entity, ” How do I know? Because if you’ve ever been in a court you won’t find them citing or applying any such principles. Even if they existed, which they don’t. The law you need is to be found for free in legal textbooks in public libraries. And a few limited online resources. Don’t believe me. Just get some old-time retirees’ entertainment:… Read more »

the guity will be held to account one day

great show! thanks for stepping up

Only a few minutes in but heartache is overwhelming. Always thought of the Brits as hardy and un-tameable, for the most part, and somehow drew strength from their sense of irony and absurdity. Hard to hear more of the escalation of their oppression. Long-live the spirit of the Brits! And yeah, this is happening all over the planet. My dilemma is that I have to find a way to move from heartache to righteous anger and from righteous anger to effective action. Pain can paralyze and must be shaken off.

I can understand your sentiment, as I feel it too. One of the reasons fro doing the show when I saw that no one was lined up, was I felt I had to show them that we would not be cowed by their increasing threat.

Fantastic show. Thanks.

The most accurate way to define ourselves is simply normal people. People who believe a country is a homeland for a nation/race rather than just an economic zone to be exploited.

Yes indeed, there is no requirement for labeling or classifying anything. No need for abstraction. It is simply an expression of our will to survive.

Good show. Some very good points made.

Great talk guys!!

Good to see some Albionites getting together.

Nah, in the London parliament everyone is playing on the same team. Team anti-White.

No that was a brawl over who gets the last chicken drumstick from the KFC that shut down.

Many excellent points. Supporting one another You spoke of us all supporting one another, which is incredibly important. However, I think that one problem is that too many of us are dispersed for financial support, for instance, to make much of a difference. For example, if I have 10 favourite podcasters, and I donate £10 per month to each, that costs me £100 per month. Were those podcasters working together, that £100 per month would go a lot further. May I refer you to the UK Column? (ukcolumn.org) They are building a network of independent ‘voices’ or commentators and a following of supporters who lend their physical presence to others in need in court, against bailiffs, etc., so that the victims of the oppressors do… Read more »
Yes, I understand how the generous among us can become over stretched and my message wasn’t really to those, more the ones that do nothing. Also I was trying to highlight that if we are to move forward with activism ect, we will need to support each other, as then we will risk the wrath of the state. I am aware of the UK column, although I haven’t really looked at their work for a few years now. I respect what they are doing (obviously I dont agree with all their positions) but I doubt they would include someone like myself in any group. I feel they would see me as a possible weak point for others to easily attack, as racist or some other… Read more »
Thanks for your response. No, you didn’t come across as just asking money for yourself. I was essentially excusing myself, as I would like to support everyone who has the courage to put his head above the parapet. As E Michael Jones says, our problem is lack of unity, because 3% of the population (Jews, the 1% and gays) run the show and we outnumber them massively). Therefore, if we can put aside our differences and work together on those issues upon which we agree, we will have 1) matured; 2) unified. The JWO seeks to divide us for that very reason. That enables them to pick us off, one by one. And yet, were we to act in unison, they would be physically unable… Read more »
Hey Fausty. although I do believe that victory will be through the masses (white natives) and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Many of my folk may be at this moment misguided, to quote Hitler, ” I do not fight for what they are but they can be”. Chris though makes some good points here that I would have to agree with. The UKC, although it does do some good, ultimately perpetuates very mainstream narratives, or Kosher truths. I searched their site today and I could not find anything on the current shut down of free speech of what the media calls the “far right”. In fact when searching words like Nazi and national socialist, I found much of the same worn out ideas… Read more »

Being associated with the UK Column would mean watering down our messages big time even if we were accepted (and if we were accepted I would find that in itself highly suspect)

The alternative media means just alternative, that does not mean it is different or the truth. It is kosher media, and to suggest we should allign ourselves to that I find suspicious in itself.

The alternative may do some limited good, but eventually they just go back to the (((mainstream))). They are no different, they just want their idea of the mainstream to win, and either that viewpoint is programmed or they are working for another agenda.

Stay Defiant. “Pure. Dure. Sûre.”

No point prostrating ourselves as the feet of institutionalised enemies. If we would do then is just pander yet again to the same agency that is destroying us.

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It is said that by 2050,white people will be 7% of the world’s population. We may not see a white (racial) state, but maybe something smaller. Perhaps, white counties and towns based on their racial identity. This could be done without attention drawn toward it.
This was a good show.

Glad you liked the show, however I doubt we have even 5% of the world population at this point, let alone 7% by 2050. That would be an improvement. I find it annoying when people like Mike Walsh say there are 1 billion White or Aryan people in this world now. I heard him repeat that many times without explaining how he came to that number. Whoever said we will have 7% by 2050 has at best a very misguided view on what constitutes “white people” (unless they can see some small improvement for us).

I’ve heard different percentages given for our population number, everything ranging from 3% to 10%. I tend to go with 8%. But what is crucial is the number of Aryan females of childbearing age or younger. Our racial demographic is top-heavy with older men and women as each generation since the so-called ‘Baby Boomers’ is smaller than the one before it, so the actual number of Aryan women of reproductive age would be less than 2% of the world’s population. And of that amount not all of them will go on to have white children. Many will miscegenate, use birth control, have abortions or simply not have any children at all. Even those who do reproduce will have only 1-2 white children on average. So… Read more »
Scott the Strategerist

I WISH we had 80 years! It’s A LOT less than that. 🙁