Wildcard: Heathen Vegan & Steed – The Ancient Anglo (12-5-17)

Two Englishmen rule the airwaves to discuss some of the history of their nation, the story of Hengist and Horsa, the effect of industrialization, spiritual and economic impoverishment, fighting devastating wars for the empire, the hypocrisy of Varg Vikernes, the use of runes, and much more. There is even an extra half hour of content.

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Anthony Roberts

We have to remove the UK gov and their “banker” (staying within hate laws and out of prison) masters. They will keep bringing in their 250k “legal” invaders, year after year. Is it already too late?

I was in my nearest town (Solihull) yesterday, and all you see are poor White pensioners and hordes of Indian/Pakistani students. No White mothers with children. No strong, proud young White people. Our country, culture and communities have/are being decimated.

Great show gentlemen. Your knowledge and research is much appreciated. I’m glad you gave the caveat of the elitist traitors selling us out, and not the ordinary White man/woman.

PS Varg is controlled opposition, helping the “bankers” with divide and conquer. He is a prat!


Thanks Anthony. We hoped to spend more time on the current state of England and the devastating impact of mass-immigration and dysgenic policies, but that warrants its own show anyway.

Chris H

I think it was best you didn’t cover that in this show. This was valuable for what it was. Perhaps this show could lead into another show of more the modern times. I think you have set the ground work with this show for further discussions.


Undoubtedly you’d have some very valuable input on such a show Chris.

Chris H

You are kind, however I would like to hear you 2 do a follow up show yourselves first. You guys have another voice, and I want to be hearing some of that without my input for now. I am currently pre-recording for next week, but if you wanted to be my guest instead we could do that. I will email you with some ideas I was developing with Kyle in terms of shows.


With you – England my England, may we ne’er desert her


Farkin splendid show. You mentioned “wynn” as meaning friend; Isn’t that still used in Welsh?


Hi Skylgarir. My mention of ‘wynn’ was slightly inaccurate. The Old English for friend is ‘wine’, although it is closely related to ‘wynn’ (joy) etymologically. I do still believe that ‘Ingvaeones’ probably means ‘Ing-wines’ – friends of Ing, so my point stands even if I mispronounced it slightly.

I just looked it up and the Welsh name ‘Wynn’ is derived from the Welsh word ‘gwyn’, which means ‘fair’ or ‘white’. This could well tie in, especially seeing as how both ‘elf’ and ‘alb-‘ mean ‘white’ or ‘shining one’. The official meaning of ‘Albion’ is thus ‘the white island’. There are quite a few of these unexplained English-Welsh similarities; another is that the god Woden could be cognate with the Welsh god Gwydion.


re wynn, means wine’ or friend & is from germanic influence… my fathers last name was ‘Wink’ a variant of wynch, prior wynn/wine… or maybe welsh or druid influence on the germanic? /but overall means ‘friend’ i just thought this an important add on the word meaning/origins from an actual ancestral line… Cracking show 0/ heils

The word “Race” (meaning “Family”) comes from Wales:

comment image


Officially it comes from Italian ‘razza’. There are very few Brythonic words in the English language, but there are ones whose similarities have scarcely been explored (and which are, by extension, similar to words in other Germanic languages).


It’s shows like this that made me love this network. Information about the enemy is great and important, but let’s face it; we could know 25% of what we’ve got on them, and that would be enough. It’s about ourselves we need to know more, who we are, where we came from, and what we are made of. I look forward to hearing more about all that. Thanks guys.

Chris H

The essential untold story of England. Very good.

Tyler Liedeke

This is one of the best shows I’ve ever heard on Renegade. Thank you!


Some possible nug of info: natal (birth related) comes from the Latin term “natare” to swim”, “nato” I swim”. Being a pre-birth swimmer in the primeval waters of the amniotic fluid in one’s mother’s womb (amnesia = forgetting, forgetting what? past life perhaps?), to be birthed, brought to land into the natal clinic, where we are regis-terred (brought into the territory of the Regulator) at the docks of the ward, and certified by the dock-tor to accept the artificial person of our Birth Certificate.


That’s interesting. I could quite easily tie that into research I’ve done about the ‘sea’ of collective consciousness and how upon death we either ascend with individuated consciousness intact or are recycled back into the sea of universal (or folk) consciousness. Perhaps sometime in the future myself and Heathen Vegan could do a show about that subject (and this information will be a useful addition).


That would be amazing. Please do.


The industrial “revolution” (turning of the commie wheel) was the final, all encompassing blow of completely removing the people from the land and introducing the machine as the primary source of sustaining the “new world”; the world of stuff of mass production of shit, basically. This is the baggy anus of the cult of stuff, fashion, trinkets (mobile phones), fancy cars, material accessories that become the sole purpose of our daily occupations. “occupo” is Latin for “I seize”, and in this context “our occupation” means “in what way have you been siezed?”. We have been seized in some way by the kikejew to serve them in some kind of activity that is already put forward for some material purpose that has nothing to do with… Read more »


Yes, when people to talk about their occupation, it’s not what they occupy, but what occupies them – their time. We apparently all need to have something meaningless to occupy our time. And we get more social points the greater the bearing upon our lives that occupation has.


Very good comment, this is their role for us “battery chickens” producing value and profit for them, we have come full circle again, slavery! living worthless lives and serving our (((masters)) Anyone who does not want to become a battery chicken for the Rothschild and their kin is of course a ?…Terrorist! See the Taliban/Afghans, Syria, Iraqis, North Korea, Libya didn’t or don’t want the yoke on their neck they had to become terror states calls for regime change because Saddam and whoever might have tortured someone. Notice however the mass murder and rape of whites in South Africa is okay? not a murmur no talk of genocide, torture or regime change. They ignore it. Now we come to the time of the year when… Read more »

The Romans didn’t build the City of London. Here is the Celtic King Lud and two Sons on the porch of St Dunstan in the west. Only Lud’s Gate survives today.

You can find info on him and other things here: http://clasmerdin.blogspot.com.au/2010_12_01_archive.html

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Thanks for the correction.


I was going to go into a yarn, but here is the thing itself

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The horse could represent some actual motive force that is moving the sun, meaning the sun does not move by itself. It is metaphor, and I think our people knew more about what is going on with regards to the setup of this place and how it is structured and works scientifically.

Also it is said that the way out of this place is through the heart of the sun, so the sun itself could be a portal or junction that we pass through on death. Meaning that this place is not a permanent realm but rather an intermediate “tourist” destination.


Pre-Christian Europeans viewed this world as a flat plane, and the moon and sun as near-mechanical entities. One kenning for ‘sky’ among the Norse was “hall of the Sun”, for example.

That might be a Generalization for it appears that the Ancient pre-Christian Celts and Norse knew not only how to Navigate the World thousands of years ago , but the Size of the Earth and was part of the old Imperial Weights and Measure System they used to calculate it with observations. (Monuments and Way Markers extend as far away as New Zealand and the Maoris (the Polynesian, not the SE Asian ones that Chinese Pirates dumped there) who encountered them on their arrival referred to some of them (Pict’s ?) as “Fairy Folk”. Some of them show distinct features proving they are a Mix). It was during the period of what people call “the dark ages” that the Vatican especially tended to enforce the… Read more »


Some have postulated that the Celtic Cross is a representation of a flat plane also. I’m not a ‘Flat Earther’ by the way, but it’s clear to me that on a mythical level, at least, our ancestors viewed their Middle Earth as being flat. Dwarves held aloft the four corners of the sky; the sun and moon were envisioned to move across the sky, not our world around them; Hlidskjalf (the mountain of the gods) could see across the whole of Midgard; Jormungandr encircled the realm of men; the seas were stirred by a giant central mill… and so on. There is a lot to be gained by uncovering what was truly meant by all of this. I’m not pushing the idea that the Earth… Read more »

Absolutely. We must bear in mind that things such as god’s (busts if you will) and the Mythologies associated with them are based on Metaphoric Templates rather than verbatim (sort of learning aids, understanding History and Nature), as written by Shepherds under the Stars who revered their great ones, such as Atlas the Titan who holds a Sphere on his back,well, once you chop away the Babylonian scribes fraud. 🙂
I’m not sure but, Iapetus the Titan may be where the bible gets the name Japeth.



Interesting in parts, but presumably doesn’t stand up to scrutiny when it comes to DNA analysis, whatever the evidence from ancient artefacts.

Note the firestorm of (((hate)) from the linked reviews.


Thanks for sharing that. I read the first few pages and I’m already a bit wary given that it names Wodan is a leader of savages, opposed to the Aryan Goths. It also ties in neatly with all the Christian Identity stuff. However, it probably holds some solid grains of truth; for example: in Wodenist circles we do generally equate Thor with King Arthur (Ar-Thor / Aryan Thor), and Thor is undoubtedly the same as Indra. I shall read the rest when I get a chance.


Great show, talking about the ground we stand on and don’t acknowledge here in America too.
My state Georgia was initially conceived as a colony for the ‘worthy poor’ of England, by prison reformer Oglethorpe, whose friend died in debtor’s prison of smallpox after writing a book called “The Villa of the Ancients” and going into debt because of its publication.
England and America are in the same boat now, and we need a full history / reckoning to clearly see — and consciously uncouple — from that parasite class. And to excavate what came before, our true roots. You’re both very knowledgable!


Thanks Callwen. England’s ancient history is America’s ancient history too… as is Germany’s, Italy’s, and all the other European nations whose people settled at one time in America. All of those commonalities live within the folk soul of white Americans too. Sometimes we know our enemy better than ourselves… and in a way that’s just what our enemy wants. We must make the effort to remedy it.


Good show about England.

I heard a theory that the Saxons started to appear about the time the Scythian Sarmatians where spreading across Europe with the Goths. The Scyhtians being called Saka sounds very similar to Saxon.

You mention Horse an Horse there are twin conquerors like that in the Vedic lore as well.

As for the Anglo Saxon invasions I read the Kings of Britain called them to come rule after Rome fell back due to all the civil war in the likewise to how the Slavs called the Rus to come domesticate an end civil war as well among them.


I liked the show very much. Even through the nick names hosts are using. We GOTTA get hardcore, whatever it takes. If you have a fire in yourself, you don’t need food, you don’t need almost even air, you don’t need nothing! You have only passion in yourself that needs some outlet! Only thing that matters, are ideas, and how you are free or able to express themselves!