Wildcard: Heathen Vegan & Steed – Cheddar Man, Pride and Responsibility (2-9-18)

Heathen Vegan and Steed talk about the recent Cheddar man “reconstruction” and how it reveals much more about liberals than it does us. Also homeschooling, pride and how personal responsibility is key to our survival.

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Oh, my, this shit gets my blood boiling. Jews must be off-planeted immediately. It’s disgusting enough they do it to their own, but that this has been done to even one “gentile” is reason enough for their extermination.

Cheddar man? 😉

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Proof that negroes were the original Pyramid builders. Wedge-heads. S’up y’all!

MCGA!! Make Cheddar Grate Again!

Cheddar man bee hiz name
Wyty havin a noo tang too complain
Cuz dis nigga bee gettin’ a lot of fame
U iz da one hu bee lame


Cheddar Cheese (coloured)

Let me know the names of the involved “scientists” and I will gladly translate them from German into English 😀

Btw, in German we say “Käse” (cheese) if we think something is codswallop, crap, garbage, rubbish 🙂

Haven’t had the time to listen yet … sorry.

“Yoan Diekmann a computational biologist at University College London and another member of the project’s team, agreed, saying the connection often drawn between Britishness and whiteness was “not an immutable truth. It has always changed and will change.”

Triple bracket Yoan Dickman et al. created the Cheddar cheese man after their own Ashkenazi G_d image and let the real British know, that they have no right to define themselves (ultimate prerogative of interpretation as usual), trying to rob them of their ancestry? Rhetorical question.

Cheddar man may have been some form of captured slave or a determined traveller from the med area – who knows? It doesn’t mean he was born here. More jewish media propaganda.

But we do know jews. Their deception seeds get sown, and this will soon be excepted fact by our state educated White youth. jews target young malleable minds. Every museum or education facility will soon contain a wog man dummy.

PS Another fine show gents. This Cheddar dude really cheeses me off. He damn well didn’t exist. Apparently, killing him off would have been a brieeze. He couldn’t run – he lacked toes!

Another stellar show, many great points made.
Would really like to hear a comprehensive show about the Aryan. It can be very confusing. Are we Irish Aryan?

Thanks, and of course. ‘Éire’ means ‘Arya’. ‘Ireland’ means ‘Land of Arya’. I’m not an expert, but that much is obvious to me. I’m sure Heathen Vegan could go into greater depth.

Hey Nuada. I would love to be able to do a comprehensive show on it all, sadly though I still do not know nearly enough. The Megaliths (minus Gobekli) Go west to east. Yamna (who many claim as the proto Aryans) go east to west. Yamna have R1 haplo group, but are dark haired and dark eyed and do not have WHG Genetics apparently ( A mix between EHG and CHG). The far western edge of Europe, Irish Basque ect have the highest R1b genetics and the highest WHG genetics. Oldest R1 genetics found are in Siberia about 20k BC, but have with them a Venus figurine. Venus figurines are first found in far western Europe at around 40k years ago. So you tell me?… Read more »

I know he can be a little unpopular round these parts, but I do think Michael Tsarion has done some valuable work in this field – particularly in pointing out the west-to-east flow of Aryan civilisation and Ireland’s place in it all.

Notice all the blue eyes on the niggers. Subtle but toxic… subtleties.

Brilliant show, and very inspiring! Thanks to Heathen Vegan and Steed for helping to awaken and strengthen the pride in our ancestry. Honoring our ancestors and our heritage is absolutely necessary. Our race cannot survive into the future without roots planted firmly in our past. As an aside, the blackening of Cheddar Man reminds me of another Orwellian attempt to debase the history of Whites. A decade or so ago, there was a concerted effort to present “evidence” (really nothing more than baseless speculation) that many historically important White people were actually homosexuals. It was a blatant attempt to denigrate our history, and reduce it to a level with the rest of the nihilistic degeneracy that pervades our societies. HV & Steed: your struggle to… Read more »

Oh, look, a cute little Cheddar Man ….

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Transparency is a major aspect of any scientific work.
I know F = M x A is true because I can repeat a physics experiment and measure the result any time I want.
Cheddar man can be an autistic alien transbot coming to regain his rights taken away by the oppressive European race or whatever the current strategic talking points of the Jewish media may be.
A Jew “scientist’s” interpretations of science today is as much valid as the Jew clergy’s interpretation of religion in the past.

One “scientist” from far left from viewers point looks clearly jewish. Large mouth, eyes close together.

Superb show by the way, salve!

Indigenous western europeans were lightly to intensely ‘copper skinned’ with very dark STRAIGHT thick hair and eyes from brown to piercing blue. Small stature, round head, round face. Reduced-no prognathism. Small hands, small feet. Pale skin comes from Central-Eastern Europe. The ‘silkier’ the straight hair in modern euros, the more eastern euro blood. COMPLETE albinoids were ‘made’ by selective breeding. Purely aesthetic concerns. Lots of mixes since then. Nothing special nor ‘aristocratic’ about them. Copper skinned or golden brown isn’t ‘black’ or blackish afro brown (mulatto). Europeans Never called themselves ‘white’ as a group. It makes no sense at all. And Western Europeans were often curly haired prior to WWII. The whole hoax is about provoking pale people and still denying (really) tanned EUROS while… Read more »

Not sure what you are addressing here, but some of the things you are saying are totally baseless.

As for a definitive answer on anything, only someone who looks at things from a very superficial view point would believe they have such an answer.