Wildcard: Heathen Vegan – Woden, Water & the Serpent (2-2-18)

Heathen Vegan discusses the meaning of our words as they relate to our ancestral gods, myths, and symbols, and muses upon the continual flow of the folk through time.

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Chris H

Best show on Renegade so far in 2018 by a long shot in my opinion. Everything had a place and a meaning to our ancestors. Now ofcourse almost everything is purposefully disconnected from a true meaning of any real depth, if at all. Infact we need to learn to have dynamic enough minds to again grasp these ideas, and rise to the challenge of the information rather than have it rationally laid out in front of us piece by piece so we can intellectualise 1 point for the next 3 years. This should not be dogmatic, but dynamic as it was in the past. You do move on fast with your points, however I think it is important to tie all these ideas together, and… Read more »


As a general rule I don’t comment on shows before I hear them. But I would like to point out to listeners that whenever there is a show that packs a lot of information or you happen to be multitasking the first time you listen; you can always go back and listen again. This is something I do when I can. And I recommend this to others as well.


Good advice Tony , with shows like this one I almost always give it a second listen.

Heathen vegan

Cheers Chris,

Yes the Info was a little dense, hence I am putting it an expanded written form. I was running out of time so to just Finnish up where I was at I had to rush it along a bit, skipping over the less important parts.

I am glad though you got some value out of it.

Ghost Man O; War

Good show H Veg as usual. I like Chris also. He really makes some very insightful points. He’s not as talkative as you YET. Oh, he’s gaining steam at a good rate and can’t wait for him in full bloom. But he really eeks out some extremely wonderful and profound points that I can’t get from just anyone especially someone as youthful as he. He’s a winner and he’s on track and building up speed. Oh, I always enjoy your shows too. You first shows caught my ear bigtime. Felt like my brothers who give a damn about us doing the speaking, not just a time filler. You’re very impressive and I give a damn about you and your wonderful family. Tell the wife I… Read more »

Heathen vegan

When speaking into space, on my own in a room, it is hard to know how I am coming across. So thank you Ghost man o; War, for your encouraging words.

Chris H

I didn’t mean to be overly critical HV. I know you told me about much of this last week, and it made 10 times more sense than it even did on the air. You are really onto something from so many angles on this, and there is so much more than came across in this show. I know you had other plans for this weeks show that didn’t work out which meant you perhaps had to present some of this information sooner than you may have wanted. If you had presented this information the way you told me last week this show would have been up there with the best ever shows on this network.


Chris H

Who is Odin/Wotan? Amazing New Information https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnN5upwW84s Sakro Sawel Youtube


What a show. Very powerful and inspiring. I hope you do this regularly. Thank you and the rest of the Renegade hosts for bringing us closer to our true selves.

Hail Heathen Vegan, Hail Renegade, Hail our folk and Gods.

Heathen vegan

Thank you for the kind words Nuada, they are much appreciated.

Anthony Roberts

I really like how you tie in the meaning of all these old words to the fact that we can use them to inspire people to change their present. The future can be ours, if enough of us care.

The jews have to continue to destroy our past, so they can “teach” our young to have guilt and self-hatred. They want White youth to meekly except their genocide.

What each of us do, in just one day, can cause that racial-ripple to flow again and become a non-stopping torrent. A force of folk to expel!

PS Phew – good show HV but a lot of info just in those few words. You did very well.

Heathen vegan

Hey Anthony.

Thanks again for your continued motivational support.

I do believe that unlocking, even just a sense of wonder in our ancient past, cultures and traditions can open up these old racial waterways within us. Its interesting to note that Carl Jung talked of 1930s Germany as if a damn had broken and old dried up rivers were once again being flooded with water.

Yes, lol A lot of info, I will put it all down in an expanded written form and a whole lot more. the more I search the more I find atm, so it may be a very long project.



HV, Great show, your time researching and tying it all together is much appreciated. I will comment on Woden – Water connection. Where you had to stretch and twist English words to make it work (and rightly so, IMO), I did not. In Slovak Voda means Water. We use suffix “-an” to personify the word ahead (seen in old, almost archaic words). It empathizes that persons trait as being the most prominent one. Many times these are names Dusan (dusa = soul; Dusan=somebody with soul, or strong connection to his soul), Bohdan (Boh=God; somebody with strong connection to god), Skacan (skakat= to jump; somebody who jumps). Also “Germanic” (Today, area of Czech republic – Slavic people,but there is a connection) tribe Marcomanni, (“i” only means… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Hey Slavik, Thanks for the great insights and I agree. Today I have been putting together an article on Woden and water and I did notice the proto Slavik word Voda also sanskirt word “Udan” meaning water. Udan, like the proto Germanic Wator derives from the proto Indo-European word “Weyd” or “Wed”, only from its oblique form, Udens (this is also where we get the proto celtic “undenskyos”), so I have now have an even stronger case for the word Odin. Wed and weyd also are root stems for words like “wave” (Latin unda), this gives the water in itself a more active form as appose to the proto Indo-European word H*ep meaning “body of water”. The more I follow the words, the more I… Read more »


Old Slavik people (prior to 8th-9th century, prior to forceful conversion to christianity) used to write in, well, runes for the lack of better words. Today, the Russian alphabet is the closest to it, but even that is just a shadow of what it could be. They also wrote it in a matrix. You can see an example here http://www.duch-ezo.estranky.sk/clanky/staroslovienska-bukvica.html Now the kicker is that you could read it left to right, right to left and top to bottom. On top of every symbol having its meaning the progression of symbols created many ideas. Depending on the direction in which you read it, the meaning was relating to physical world, spiritual world, the future and maybe some other. The symbols themselves were pictures and they… Read more »

Heathen vegan

That is fascinating Slavik and of course Norse Runes could also be written either way. Again though like ancient Slavik writing, it has been largely forgotten and even when people do translate they do it IMO in a rather simplistic way. Take for example the Runic poems, they are really an abomination, translation wise. I tried to detail in the show just how much is left out let alone mistranslated, or as you put singularly translated with no other meaning even looked for let alone considered. What is even more interesting to me though is, how you just explained the connections, is essentially the way I have devised for breaking down words. This is something I am going to have to look into more. As… Read more »

[…] Woden than what is in this work alone, some of which I covered in a recent Wildcard Broadcast, Woden, Water & the Serpent.  I believe Woden’s connection to water to be an ancient one, far older than written words, […]


Be wary of what you read, and where it came from.


Heathen vegan


Most of that show was read no where, the ideas came through the words themselves. This way no book but etymology dictionaries, common sense and intuition are needed.

Thanks for the book link, but for now I will keep to working with the words. Many books jump all over the world to explain simple concepts,as I used too. Now I fix my sights firmly on my folk in the north, when I have a firm grip of it then I will look elsewhere.



Great set people, going strong against all the odds m’brothers.