Wildcard: Hugh Wyatt – On Ariosophy and the Runes (6-30-17)

Tonight Hugh discusses the 20th Century German occult revival including prominent figures such as Guido von List, Lanz von Liebenfels, and Karl Maria Wiligut. Topics covered include Ariosophy in general, List’s Armanen Runes, Liebenfels’ Theozoology and Ario-Christianity, as well as Wiligut’s amalgam Irminism, including other orders such as the Thule Society and Himmler’s Ahnenerbe.

He also mentions characters such as Michael Aquino, Boyd Rice, as well as the Columbine shooters and how they feed into the propaganda about the Third Reich.

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Great job Hugh. That 5 hour radio compilation with Boyd is something else; for those interested- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI40XORqaSI

Boyd is something else I just typed his name into the MK-ULTRA brain database and sure enough these guys are connected back to Gordon Wasson and the psywar that’s being waged on us by the intelligence agencies.


Thanks, I wish I was better with pronouncing German names/words, lol. maybe some day I’ll learn the language. The Larson interview has some really hilarious bits though.

Also, sorry about the sound – recorded with audacity but left my mic volume too low, so I had to amplify etc. maybe some of it’s initial quality was lost when I used the noise removal tool…

Hugh what a great show, I had to listen to it twice, so much information thank you!
Knowing about Crowley, Blavatsky & that whole agenda, I have been wondering about the German occult revival from that era and the NSDAPs real take on it.
Yes the Larson / Boyd interview is hilarious in a mad hatters tea party sort of way.
I hope you will do more shows Hugh.

Thanks Shawna. Yeah, it’s a topic I’ve been fascinated by for a while. Wiligut’s connections make me think he was some kind of agent; not to mention how he used his power to go after his rivals. I think to understand the party’s real view on it one would have to read what they actually said about it, which I didn’t have the time to do for this show. their use of the runes leads me to believe they weren’t as hostile as Wiligut’s actions made them appear; though it’s not so black and white:

What was blavatsky agenda?

The idea of “Grey Aliens” was first derived from someones Fiction Novel in the early 1900’s but I cant remember the Author.The first time the Grey Aliens theme was featured from Hollywood was in the 1950’s movie: “Earth v’s the Flying Saucers”. It is interesting to note that Jews are active in promoting the Alien theme while also others of them discredit it. The subject as to any secret developments into Self Gravitics (no such thing as “anti-gravity”) and Secret Space, is a worthwhile one, albeit very frustrating, especially considering that theories as to “what is the source of the Electron”, which isn’t a “Particle” but rather a fluctuating Resonant Energy Manifest that is Visible/ Detectable in one instant and gone the next (Physical to… Read more »

Geheimnis Tibet Aka Secret Tibet (1943) ↯↯ Schutzstaffel Expedition to Tibet:


A LOT of so-called “secret technologies” are being massively revealed right now, thanks to the Internet! Tesla/Schauberger Free Energy is one among many! Same goes about both U.S. and NS Secret Space Programs.


Schauberger’s equipment was seized by the US and he was made an offer to continue his work in Arizona but he could not take the Summer heat and wanted to go back to Austria to continue over there. The Authorities allowed him to leave, but without his equipment. That was kept. Unfortunately, he died just 4 days later after arriving back in Austria, a broken hearted man. The Documentary “Comprehend and copy Nature” does not tell the full story, but is worth watching.

I am sure they helped themselves to VS’s discoveries and are still developing the tech, which I bet is the UFO disc craft. The whole alien thing I now have made up my mind is total bollocks, a total Psy op. They did War of The Worlds, a show that ran on radio for I think 24 hours in England (Jan Irvin has a show about this) and everyone actually believed it purely on the basis of what they heard. So it doesn’t take a stretch to up the game with these UFO vids on youtube, not to mention the perpetual hollywood shit mill propaganda deluge.

Yes but who is using this information to make proper stuff? The only way out of this is to do it all for free, everyone keeps trying to make a buck from it and end up back in the devil’s lap.

720 deg per cycle? Interesting, if you take 2 cycles, then you have 72 X 2 or 360 X 4….. 1440 (4 corners of foundation) that number again. Perhaps it has something to do with the Cube of time and physical structure, and these numbers have something to do with the energy. I can say for sure this isnt the kind of stuff that is taught in academia, I wonder why LeL?

Real science has been made esoteric and the kind of nonsense shite that passes for education is pushed in the mainstream for the goy like Cantor sets and the infinite series which is a contradiction.

Great show. Do you have a link to the AltRight speech you played at the beginning?

Excellent set. I think we should start learning our original languages again and using the runes to write.