Wildcard: Jeff Wilkerson – Tumultuous Trump Talk (10-20-16)


Due to some technical difficulties, Shaun fills in for the first segment and talks about the complexity of bee communication, before bringing on Jeff Wilkerson, author of Sion’s Army, who takes over from there. Jeff discusses why he supports Trump and fields a number of callers who have a much different perspective on politics than him. Music list

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Wow. This was a WILD show. Looking forward to more of the same. Btw, LOVED the music and reading, Shaun. You held the show together, beautifully. Welcome, Jeff. Thanks for getting your feet wet, and hope you host more shows here at RENEGADE.


Welcome to Renegade and great show Jeff. Hope to hear from you next week.


Good show despite the technical issues. I comment the host for attempting to put forth his views for discussion. As a regular Renegade listener I was embarrassed by the rude conduct of some of the callers who continually interrupted the guest host and were putting words in his mouth. Lots of people talking past each other.


That had to do with the technical difficulties. No one disrespected Jeff, but he would have done better to talk about his book than try to look for reasons to support Trump.

This is for the rude Chris Dorsey: Your last comment to Jeff was very cheap. Clearly Jeff is not an infiltrator. Maybe YOU are the infiltrator? October 10, you had a show, where you and your friends talked very bad about Adolf Hitler. National Socialism can save our people, so why are you so ignorant about this topic? Also Nick Spero wrote this about the guy that you interviewed: “It was Jim Condit Jr’s video presentation from 2003 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8FcdY108FHg that has caused this schism between truth seekers of whether or not Hitler was a Zionist tool as well as being a Rothschild. This is still being repeated today and I doubt people are even aware that Condit was the one who put this into the… Read more »

Maybe Trump is a stepping stone as you mentioned, Jeff.

Am Not

Oh, brother……


I feel Jeff tried to host a show and respect him for taking our calls. Not many would come on with opposing views to host.

That said Jeff needs to do some homework and came off as behind the times. Hopefully the next opportunity he gets to host somewhere he’ll do a better job.

Josh, Chris, Dave and Jeb great job contributing.

John A

I’m getting so sick of Drumpf I am even getting tired of bashing him all the time. I can’t fucking wait until this shit is behind us and we can all move on, say “told you so!” and get back to the heart of the issue, destroying the Jewish scum. Ya’ll Trumpians think Donald is gonna do it for us. That’s fuckin’ hilarious, but seriously, WTF are you smoking? I am also sick of seeing so-called “woke” pro-white Nationalists exercising extreme hypocrisy, defending his actions while condemning Hillary’s. Condemn them both or stop LARP’ing.


I respect Jeff for coming on and expressing opposing views. He also listened to everyone’s phone calls. However he seems to be a bit behind the times and needs to do a bit more homework. I believe he is sincere and hopefully he can do a better job on whatever platform he is on next.

Local resistance and community building must come first. The time for compromises is over. Pronounced economic collapse and War is staring the world in its face. Renegade is forming the White American segment of the gentile elite. One focus: Defeat International Jewry. The rest are symptoms.

Thors Disciple

Wow, what a Show. Jeff is brave for coming on and is a respectable older man, but it’s easy to see that what we are experiencing is the age gap of believing in this shitstem and thinking anyone is going to change it. The older folks have to realize there is no voting our way out of this. It’s a real mindfuck, but I think that’s the true essence of our enslavment, thinking that we have a choice. Get out of the bagelian dialectic as Kyle always says. Democracy for everyone who’s from all over the planet who only care about their own race is a fucking joke. Let’s understand that first and foremost and move on from there. Please. Thanks to all who called… Read more »


Hilarity and Stump: the truest and realest debate between them. Brace yourself for the cold truth and reality. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLYHu0AG8GI


At 35:30 he gives the future the Zionist want when he says the Philippine president who murderd 10,000 people without a trial via deaths squads is a “trump like figure”. The right and left white black cop military men rape “evil” women gay purge future comes into focus.

Basically the Bolshevik Revolution for the U.S. And collapse into global slave army of doped n duped serfs….. They never change there tactics going on 300 years with a little help from goy toy friends

Am Not

I “tuned in” to Renegade last night, and there was some faggot pimping for Trump. Fortunately, Chris Dorsey called in to set things straight. In my opinion, he nailed it on the head when he called that Trump faggot an infiltrator. I turned off the show shortly after that. I am not going to waste my time listening to Trump pablum, especially on Renegade.


Regardless who people vote for or what you think about the chosen candidates, it still can’t be easy running for President. If only people could opt out of receiving any election related stimuli or re-brainwash themselves back into being a true believer. Even the ‘hippy’ Democrats I know are suspicious of Hillary. The absurdity of the popular vote is like being forced to stare at the sun. If only Barney the Dinosaur had a big purple penis that was mandatory for every American to see on TV, hear by radio, or read about on the internet/newspaper on a daily basis, that would make all the Jew/Nazi/Soviet related propaganda of the last 100 years almost tolerable. A Barney the Dinosaur music genre would be good too… Read more »

John A

Most worthless comment of the week. Get thee to a volcano, forthwith!


yes, man

Shield Maiden

Habbo, when you hear yourself talk, does it make sense to you?


Agreed John A, but then ALL this freak’s comments are worthless just like its life. Hey habbostein, you’re just lucky your pencilneck is feebly hiding behind a keyboard (for now)…