Wildcard: John, Batman, & Deplorable Princess (11-3-16)


After some technical difficulties we were able to get John, Batman, and Deplorable Princess on for the EthnoState Hour, in which they discuss thinking militarily and establishing defensible communities.

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“Europe is dead” – ehm no? She would properly have said the same thing about Germany after WWI

Not Europe but the Euro and EU, then yes YES YES YES!

Deplorable Princess is GREAT! I called that audible right, eh? I will gladly be her co-host anytime. Thanks for being patient, those listening live. Current events caused some problems that couldn’t be avoided. Thanks for listening! I love you all (in a non-faggot way) 🙂

Fantastic effort guys considering what is happening behind the scenes. You people amaze me how you keep going in trying circumstances – well done!

John, you are a natural host. Bats, good measured comments. Ms DP, wow another young lady who is AWAKE!!!! And you are willing to learn and grow – brilliant!!! A old head on young shoulders. We do need to stick together as a white family – the RENEGADE family!

PS Sorry to hear about Shaun. It has been an honour to listen to you mate. I would gladly fight by your side sir! I wish you and your son and daughter every happiness. Have a safe and wonderful trip to the USA – thank you.

Thanks brother, as always!

Moral courage – Princess, you have it. Of course, it is time to secede from this country of porn and perversion, and the military should want to get their family off of army bases, where they are made to get vaccinated. No time to waste, I am with you.

Great effort on short notice. Deplorable Princess is someone with a highly projectable learning curve, expect more great things from her.

We all are not going to agree 100% of the time, but Renegade is the best vehicle forward at this time. To everyone I say show support however you can. Thank you.

Superb show people. Off the cuff rough around the edges and veracious. Sweeet as a nut.

“FBI Shining Light on Clinton’s Ties to Kosher Nostra” and “FBI Investigation Looking at Links to Colombia Drug Cartels” re WayneMadsenReport this week.

Apparently the fbi only reopened the email case because some south nypd DA was probing the files on Anthony weiners computers after seizing them over child porn investigations. The nypd DA might have been some what independent or tied in with trump. Who knows. All I know is, is that this has been the campaign of demoralization for the USA. I don’t expect much other than potential turmoil over the election. It seems to be the one thing the likes want to create options for the direction to take things.

“Just shoot them in the face, its just that time” You have some great one liners Deplorable Princess!
I’m looking at land prices in Alaska…its pretty cheap, $50K for 9 acres. Where are the best places?

I would never run off to Alaska!!!

Deplorable Princess for Commander in Chief

Yea , However i do not like she has given up on Europe. I know this is mostly a USA based listener base… But to say Europe is a lost cause ?
I do like what she has to say and her spirit !!

I agree & reject such statements as Europe is gone.
All Europe is my holy land.
This is not the first time these parasites have done this to us. Now lets just make it their last attempted genocide on us for once & for all.

Aye !!

I could see giving up on South Africa and parts of South America. Europe is the mother land it must be preserved.

Yes, no taking on a jew role. They dont fight us our way because they would never be able to do it. Their game is sleaze and deception.

We fight OUR WAY, not the jew way. They will move to our song, and we will move them into the void.

Butler Plan, PLE, North West Front – all these older ideas that can be learned from or even implemented in parallel. This is certainly the meme of the moment! This man’s concern with Alaska is cropping. I’ll research that to see what possibilities it has.

Hang in there Kyle!
We may have gone round and round in the past, and I know we don’t really know one another, but, I do like you, what you’re doing as far as I know. Haven’t been in your life, but have followed you from Oracle, and your wordsmithing had me hook line and sinker… Please, keep up the outstanding WORK! And PLEASE, don’t fold!!! ReckTum’z
P$; $hek’s in the mail, soon!
P$$; The Earths NOT Flat! L0L!!!

Dude…..ReckTum’z? Seriously?

Douche Alert!