Wildcard: John from Canada – Exposing & Deposing Jewish Power (5-10-17)

John takes a lot of callers during this wildcard, discussing topics ranging from his own personal experiences growing up, the presidency of Donald Trump, the role of race in the immediate struggle, and much more.

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Cynthia McKinney, unless she has changed her ways since she left congress, is as anti-white as she is anti-jew. She supported Robert Mugabe. Enough said. She’d be useful to our cause if she started educating HER people above it the tribe.

*about the tribe*. Damn spell check.

This – ” In 2002, while her colleagues were approving bipartisan legislation to sanction Zimbabwean despot Robert Mugabe, McKinney gave a speech on the House floor heaping praise on his regime.” is what I found at ” thecornellreview”. Do you have a link to the seech in question? The first points the article delivers against her are about her antisemitism. Readers could spare some time if you ( or others) allready have the link.

I live in Atlanta and she’s been an agitator for blacks against whites for decades. Fuck her. She’s a fucking communist. I haven’t had a chance to listen to Nick’s interview with her, and I will say that I respect Nick for having diverse guests. He’s had some people on that I suspect, or at least hope, he’s allowing to show themselves as shills. Trevor Labonte is a good example. He does it respectfully and intelligently. I like that about his show.

And, yes. John, kudos to you for an excellent show. Looking forward to many more!

Thank you so much John from Canada! This was an audacious first appearance in many ways and I would love to hear more. You really brought order out of chaos clarifying the importance elections have to control the opposition. This point should be hammered and elaborated. With all the data mining in the background and internet activism they can build and lead opposition groups just as they are needed. The same with your very important analysis about the selection process as the tool to find the best shield for the jews to hide behind. I think this is a very enlightening theory. At this time they really seem to play the endgame. I too think that Trump is there to make us all look like… Read more »

Thank you for the constructive feedback. I’m glad people liked the show and I’d be happy to do another one.

Thank you John for taking the initiative & stepping up to the plate.

Hard to believe this was your maiden flight. Very good show, and totally agree with this ethnostate garbage being a very bad idea, for now anyway. Yes, lets all huddle in the same corner ready for slaughter…..makes total sense.

I agree he did a great fearless callers taking show!

While operating in the shadow of ZOG I don’t think its a great idea for the opposition to amass. I think it best that we operate in exile for now. To start fires in every corner and attack from all sides.

Damn. If what I’m reading is true, then Cynthia McKinney may not be all that shes cracked up to be. I know very little about her of her views abroad. But supporting Robert Mugabe? I don’t hold it against anyone who supports their race over others. I guess it was my hope that she might pose as a positive role model for Black Americans. Africans desperately need a voice that speaks out against Jewish power.

A Renegade caller says he wants Cynthia McKinney to run for president? Did I just fucking hear that????? What a dumb-ass douchebag.

Excellent show. Yes I totally agree trump was selected and put up to be the “fascist racist type” and everything will be blamed on white folks. Yes we need to distance ourselves from him.

Yes, I think so. This is why I wrote elsewhere on RB not long ago*: ‘Trump[‘s Presidency] will end in a bang (not a whimper), so that WHITES, as usual, will be BLAMED for everything that went wrong, […] If Trump gets shot in a(nother) false flag operation […] after ALL THE MESS he will have done, he will then become THE embodiment of the abhorred scapegoat of cultural marxism: a dead white European male!’
* solar-storm-christopher-jon-bjerknes-preventing-planned-extermination-4-23-17

John from Canada you were great. I’m just sorry I did not get to go live to hear it. You elicited good remarks in the chat room. I would like to listen live next week. Same time same channel.👆😂

Good talk!!!. I hope you come back next Wednesday it is early enough that I could call in. You elicited a good chat too!

Excellent show John! I think your first show went better than mine. I hope you deiced to host another show some time.

Thanks for calling in Bill.

This discussion suffered a little from putting all your eggs in one basket syndrome, and Alex couldn’t quite convey his points due to ESL. I think he meant to say that jews like to use black pawns in the controlled criticism of ZOG, while not allowing their White assets the first word. But I’m glad that at the end there was an agreement.

But Canadians are a bunch of assholes!
I thought you had issues with Canadians?
You have said that many times.
Maybe he is a crypto Canadian?
Well one thing is for sure, he has the same IP address as the rest of all of the Canadians living in that huge igloo north of the USSA.
A land mass that is bigger than the US or is it?
Trivial pursuit time….

Canadian here. Just want to assure everyone that we’re not all burnt out ex-hippy psychos like this “Joyster” Leslie character up here. Nor are we all over-the-hill ineffective pensioners telling stories about what might have been or air-headed attention-seeking teens. No, there are actually some good people up here. Don’t let the few rejects who crave the limelight give you a false view & throw you off. We’re just like you & there’s lots more of us then the enemy would like you to think, just like in most white European countries! 😉

Hi Facebook friend.
Name calling and insulting do not an argument make.
Do you get paid to lie?
Ah the enemy….
I wonder who the real enemy is?

Some people spend a lifetime looking seeking “God” but then they finally discover that “God” lies within so a new journey starts. How devastating it must be at the end of that long journey into one’s soul to find not a “God” but a monstrous Demon!
Sometimes our enemy can be revealed by simply looking at a mirror…

Wow how eloquent!
What did that earn you?
Sounds like god is in your mirror.
Yahweh of course

Keep stabbing in the dark oh foolish one…


Hey what was that Kyle was saying just the other day about how jews clap at you when you ask them if they’re jewish? And didn’t he say it was mentioned to him by someone in Canada? If anyone’s being jewy here… LMFAO!!!