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Kyle, thanks for playing the clip of Surplus. I cringed when he made vulgar comments about Sinead. Even though you hadn’t made it known that she was your wife at that time; she made it clear that she was married, which means somebody was her husband. I think I over looked it because he shared so much of his personal life and the molestation of his siblings. He seem to really care for women and children and did shows to expose pedophiles. I’m still in shock that he physically threatened her. If you find your self reading this Sean, you broke my heart. I hope you can be a big enough man to apologize.

My bad, Tony. I was wrong. You were spot on about Dorsey.

One of my first comments on Chris was him being, and looking like, a 1860’s sheriff “character” clearing the town of jews. I took it as a positive, but was my intuition trying to warn me? I definitely need to exercise better judgement with people. I thought what i lack in knowledge, i make up for with common sense. Nope, thick-as-a-plank; i’ve been had by all these agents/online-friends with trust and money. It is very draining and disheartening to learn the true nature of these folk (12 and counting in my short 18 mths here. ) It’s also very telling in all these instigated dramas, that Kyle and Sinead have faced their accusers and have let the evidence speak for itself. Renegade was, and is,… Read more »

We now have Chris tweeting out Sinead’s former career singing, while a black guy is playing an acoustic guitar. This poor excuse for an honourable white man has also tweeted the clip of two distraught parents being threatened with having their son taken by CPS!

Does that constitute your evidence mr fed? No proof of anything just more trickery and deception. You are showing yourself to be more like your masters everyday mr agent. To think we all trusted you and your sickophants!! A true “Richmond Peace” of s***!

LOL! They are all given the same “dirt” on me. This is so pathetic. The stench of desperation is over powering.

Don’t feel bad Anthony. We’re all suckered at some time in this crazy game.

Thanks God C. Dorsey is out! He was boring with his voice, talking, talking and doing nothing. Renegade’s code of conduct is just perfect! We all love this, as you can see in the comments…

That David guy was in his 20s???!!! Hahahaha!!!!! That guy was driving me crazy! Every fucking show! I imagined some old dude with super dirty jeans, tennis shoes, NASCAR jacket, tobacco stained fingers, badly kept beard. Dorsey always talked like you were across the street from him.

That was a red flag for me. Can’t remember which show, but David started saying, well, I’m younger than most of you…. Later he said he was 29 if I’m remembering right.

Excellent show, Kyle. Thanks for exposing the truth about Dorsey.

“Renegade Church.” Classic. LOL.

Thanks for the great show, Kyle. Your critique of Dave and Christopher is spot on.


Finally! Ah, air seems much clearer now…

The David impression gave me a good laugh.

Overtime I grew weary of the the intense love that Chris spouted on behalf of the Constitution. Did it stop Marxist infiltration of the US? Is it stopping the ever-growing Marxist momentum?

The failed Constitution is a false shield that kosher rightists hide behind and cite, while they hopelessly claim that they’ll win next time as they’re constantly beaten back by “social progress” while also being as controlled by the Jew as the left is.

Would our insanely evil politicians, who go to unspeakable lengths to gain/keep power, seriously bow down and submit to some “Lawful, Constitutional Arrest” by Constitution-loving citizens? Don’t make me laugh!

A National Socialist rebirth WILL defeat Marxism, NOT the failed US Constitution.

Kyle’s whistling S impression of “old man” David was hysterical.

The Constitution has not failed.
Our Founders warned that a free society depends on a virtuous and moral people.
The people have failed.

Charlotte Bjørn Poulsen

Lol, I also thought that David was an old old man.

Charlotte Bjørn Poulsen

I was just thinking…. Maybe he is an old man and the photos of him is fake. I never heard a young man with a voice like that. Don’t know if anyone have seen him talk on a video?

He’s probably young 4chan larper who infiltrated Renegade with his wise-old-man voice (for the lulz, of course) which I must say he has absolutely perfected. Either that, or he has let the spirit of some old dude from the 1800’s take over his soul. Or Dorsey did a ritual to create a golem and Dauterive is the result.

muh sides

He really is young.
I have talked with him on Skype

If he is young he must smoke 200 cigars a day to sound like that.

Glad to see him go. I stopped listening to his shows awhile ago, too draining. His shouting and obnoxious behavior was grating on my nerves. He was also rude to callers. All in all, his show was just a waste of time.

The first time I heard Chris Dorsey on Renegade I thought “Great, someone presenting solutions”! Then listening to his show became a chore I could do without. Advocating confrontational tactics with the police and waving weapons around just didn’t seem like a great idea. Also, as a radio host he never let anyone else talk. I had a personal phone conversation with him and John a few weeks ago, and that was it for me. What an arrogant, rude know-it-all who was denigrating someone I admire, with absolutely no proof whatsoever backing up his claims. Kyle, you have done the right thing and thank you for explaining what led up to this. Renegade will survive and thrive.

Well…let me start off by sssshsssain…tell em Chris…tell em about the rabbits Chrissshs and the house with the picket fensssh…go on chrishhh tell em chrishhh…right Chris…that’ssssh right righ chrissshsss? Whistling Dixie…hahahaha??? Great show Kyle thanks. Sshhhsssinead…masterful work on the documentary wow! The part where you have the audio of that freak being interviewed by fair and balance fox about fake news while at the same time showing visual FACTS was truly brilliant and maybe the most effective means of showing the outrageousness of something by direct dichotomy I’ve ever seen.

I was excited when Chris first became a host on Renegade. I listened to two shows and then felt disappointed at his rhetoric and presentation. I never listened to his show again. His pal David would make me cringe, when him or Chris would call in to various shows, i would get the same feeling i get when an unwanted guest stops by or i receive a harassing phone call, and all the energy just leaves my body, and i get that “not again” feeling. Pretty much the same story with Surplus, i gave him two shows then was done, cringed every time his voice came through the speakers.

Dorsey’s a phony. He sounds just like a leftist agitators when he talks over people and attacks them. It’s obvious he’s just trying to sow division.

Good riddance. Chris’s babble about European common law never made much sense to me and considered him suspicious for quite a while. David I don’t remember but I guess he was one of the many callers who rarely contribute much to the show. I usually only watch Kyle’s and Sinead’s shows and some Roundtables.

We’ve all been burned by questionable hosts. Let’s get a proven and highly intelligent jew-hating host: I nominate Urban Jungle Girl.

We should be so lucky

I’ll admit, whenever I hear about another Renegade drama I wonder: Are Renegade like the Jews of history, who never recognize themselves as the constant in all conflicts?

…but then it always turns out that you guys have good reasons for purging associates. So far you’re proven right every time… (though I am still uncertain about the whole Scott Roberts thing).

I do actually think it’s important you address this stuff, as you did here Kyle.

Scott Roberts is actively covering for the mossad, said that Andrew Anglin has “changed his ways” and is doing “good work” and advocates buying kosher food.

It was a Scott Roberts video that eposed Andrew Anglin as supporting our genocide because we raped the world. I can’t remember the exact quote but he said words to this effect. So now you’re telling me that he believes Andrew has had a genuine conversion. Fair enough. But how is he “actively covering for the Mossad”? Please connect the dots for me. I think I need more information. Thanks

He covers for mossad hoaxes and says people are “retarded” for believing jews would fake deaths.

Okay. I watch almost all Scott’s videos but I must have missed the part where he said all that. I know he buys kosher food, but although I don’t do the same, I can understand his logic. That in itself isn’t enough to write him off, but excusing Andrew Anglin is questionable, and covering for MOSSAD is downright unforgivable.

No please, not Scott Roberts….

I found it annoying how he promoted weed all the time, and some times you could hear in his voice that he had smoked a little to much on the pipe.

What was Chris thinking posting that on his Facebook. He must have been drunk I don’t understand how he didn’t think that through

Glen also writes with enthusiasm about how he did a cover for, and created websites for a transvestite review, Mistress Vixen’s TV/TS Review. I found this at LordNelga.wordpress.com, to which I was referred by google, re Glen M. Sutphin’s timeline since 1982, which was added there on 1/22/17.

Posted at the home page of http://www.LordNelga.wordpress.com presently are recent posts from this week re: ‘A man called Chris Dorsey threatens Press Correspondent Glen Sutphin to cover up his involvement in White Nationalist media and radio.” Check it out. You will learn a lot.

I have to admit I’m not too sorry about Dorsey exiting Renegade. I always found his voice very jarring and tiresome, I also noticed certain dark cloud around him from the get-go, though I have to admit I appreciated some of the things he said (even if they were only words). Too bad. Even if both sides of the conflict should be heard I think the guy has behaved pretty much like a mole (or worse). The way he has portrayed Sinead is very suspicious to say the least, just when he could have just warned her privately, instead of (supposedly) ‘exposing her publicly’ the way he has. The fact that he has been caught being a sexual reprobate when so close to the Aipacalypse… Read more »

Honestly, I did like his shows, but the Church thing and the Flat Earth dig was odd and very out of the blue, I did have a WTF face at those. He had a pop at someone who suggested making a political party but a Church is worse! That is an institution of the gubbenment in itself! We could make RenegadeHenge, apparently stone circle do concentrate electrical charge (life force).

One of the things I did wonder is how these executions would happen, and who would hold this trial. Also how the fuck would the military give up their weapons… ALL their killing technology, just like that.

Here is Chris Dorsey running for sheriff…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGpRpqALbL8…notice the amount of salary he is willing to take. $33,000!

What is wrong with his face? He looks so sickly.

With hindsight being 20/20, I guess one of the giveaways of Christopher’s mentality was being diagnosed as “mentally retarded” whilst in public school.

lol I was just thinking that, great point. That along with his pentagon lawyer brother, his “mentor” whatever that guy was who supposedly oversaw star wars (come on, seriously?!), and the fact that he doesn’t seem to realize that our “European” common law is in fact the civil law based on the Code. Only England used the common law. Yeah so many damn red flags looking back that we (at least I) allow ourselves to become densensatized to.

“Preggo nipples as big as turkey platters”.

Doesn’t “purity spiralling” equally invite the term “impurity spiralling”?

It does, that is why you have to keep it spiralling in the correct direction.

Hated Dorsey from word one.

The constitution has longgggggggg been proven a fraud on us.

Militia ? They haven’t done a damn thing and never will. Huge joke at this point. More Fed’s in it than patriots !

Every time I heard this clown with “constitution/militia”, “constitution/militia”, “constitution/militia”, …… I asked myself …”this guy can’t be THAT stupid” ?

Dorsey was a piece of shit from the first show and I gotta say, some of you are real slllllooooowwww to suss this type of character out.

Exactly. Like you are too sloooooowwwww to figure out that Shaun’s an op too.

I can see the deferences you guys had, but what exactly are you pointing to regarding him being an op ?

I’m open to it.

Why the hell are you even here when you say this about us on Shaunies site?

“WOW …. this Kyle piece of shit attacked you though your daughter ?

I don’t care about the details Shaun, that’s your and your daughters business. You call her your daughter and she calls you Dad…. she’s your daughter. Good on ya mate for being there for her. That’s a real man in my book.

This says everything right there about Kyle’s character.

I don’t care if you’re white and anti-jew Kyle. Don’t ever cross my path.

That is beyond scummy low.”

Because if it were true, it really is a POS thing to do. Do you not agree ?

No one ever attacked his daughter. Shaun called Kyle a cuck, Kyle stated he is not a cuck because he does not raise another man’s child. Shaun then divulged to the world that he is, by definition a cuck. Now run along and join the 5 other listeners at WTFR.

“Now run along and join the 5 other listeners at WTFR.” Hahahaha! Funny but you hit the nail squarely! I’ve been regularly checking that site since day 1 – it’s basically just Shaun’s personal little safe space where he can spout all his ridiculous paranoid conspiracy theories while his few deluded but devoted flunkies stroke his tiny dick. Sorry to sound so crude but that suits the guy’s “style” (or complete lack of) entirely. It’s not even a ship of fools – just a leaky dinghy overloaded with old men, mediocre IQ wannabes, drunks, potheads & fangirls (oh & that’s just about listing the whole “crew” individually!). Here’s the latest revelation from the unstable one (prepare for raucous laughter or just shake your head whichever… Read more »

Well, maybe that’s not attacking his daughter directly but that sure does seem like attacking him through his daughter. Not cool. Equally not cool of Shaun to call Kyle a cuck.

Bottom line though, keep the children out of it.
Again, do you not agree ?

If Shawn Surplus would have honestly wanted to protect his daughter, he would not have told the whole world, that she isn’t his child. No one was interested in his private life at all. But he needed an excuse to screech and ramble on and on about the evil renegades and was in need of a moral high ground. He is not only an idiot but a selfish idiot. He and his followers are not a bit honest but sort of deranged sad people whose self esteem was obviously hurt at some point of time. They found each other and use the ritually perpetuated hate to build some crazy surrogate for the strength they do not have in the real life. I have no respect… Read more »

You said you’d never be back here so we’ll help you out with that. Bye bye!

you also failed to detail why he’s an op ?

A little spat does not make someone an op.

Spends most of his time whining about & attacking everyone else around him who doesn’t tow “his” line and doesn’t actually DO anything to “fight for western civilization” despite telling you everyday that he “does” more than anyone else. If you really listen to Shaun over any length of time you’ll start to hear just how much he constantly talks about himself & boosts his own ego at the expense of others. Simple psychology 101 stuff like you first encounter in primary school growing up. For some reason I liken him to Rodney Martin – maybe just because they both reach similar extreme heights/depths of pure obnoxiousness.

Speaking of the obnoxious aussie dork slurpus, this popped up in his chat recently. It’s supposedly from a private chat they had. If it’s real then it’s pretty funny. If it’s staged to get a reaction from people here then it’s pretty sad. Either way it further exposes the level of maturity over there (as if we needed any further examples!) –

comment image

And yeah I’ll probably get that unoriginal & overused cliche “that kiwi’s just another sheep shagger” in that whiny, annoying voice when one of his flunkies reports this back to him but we don’t expect much more from our lower IQ cousins across the ditch (think your stereotypical redneck character in the US but with a whiny Orstrahlian accent & you’d be spot on!).

Good job I screencapped that because it’s been wiped from the chatroom now lol! Guess what they were whining about when I just checked? You’re amazing – you guessed right first time LMFAO!

damn spell check …. ‘differences’

Eric Dubay is a crossdressing fag and you interveiw him?

Nice try. When he started doing that crap I called him out for being a shill. I interviewed him almost 2 years ago.