Wildcard: Masters of Musical Mind Control (5-15-18)

Harijs starts off the conversation about the music industry and just how very jewish it is, then he unfortunately gets disconnected (without knowing it), so Kyle, Richard, Chris H, and Rollie join in to finish out the show, discussing a wide variety of issues related to how music has been affecting us. Harijs will be on with Kyle Sunday night to discuss all the material that did not get recorded.

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Anthony Roberts

A good show Harijs. It’s a shame your tech failed just after the hour. Perhaps you can finish it on another wildcard.

The scale of this deception is mind blowing. Our entire lives have been a lie, going back at least five generations. And it is in every area, not just their “entertainment.”

Renegade must be the pied piper slayers to save our children from this never ending conveyor belt of jewish filth, and the resulting dysfunctional lifestyle it induces. It is up to us! ( cue epic “White” music lol ).

PS Thanks to truth conductor Kyle and soloists: Richard, Chris & Rollie for saving the day. Music to our ears.


Seriously. I shudder to think how I’d be just another bumbling moron if it weren’t for the researchers at Renegade.
Many thanks to all the contributers and constructive commentors.


On this topic, I wonder if Jan Irvin’s shows with Hans Utter on music and mk were what needed to be derailed. The last show with Hans, he said something to the effect that he was being followed. I suspect it’s more dangerous to the controllers when current programs are exposed by someone with his knowledge of sound, like Pokemon and things like Musak. Hans was getting into narrative loops in music, like the ones you were talking about with Pink Floyd. Those were the shows that I found most compelling.


Yeah the controllers got to him and made him marry a jew!

This show was absolutely awesome. Encore!!! Part 2 ASAP


Elliot Smith is the musician that apparently killed himself. Stabbed himself in the chest a couple of times with a kitchen knife. A lot of people say it was his GF but I think the police have closed the case as suicide. He was a great musician, very melancholic but very beautiful at the same time. The tall red head from Eagles of Death Metal is Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. I have been a major fan of his music since the early 90s when he was in Kyuss. I was real sad to find out recently he is 1/4 Khazarian on his Grandmothers side. But I’m not surprised now looking back at his lyrics and his newer songs are even worse.… Read more »


I meant Josh Homme is 1/4 Ashkenazi


The epic orchestral music out now does have a lot of fans. Reading the comments for one song a guy was saying the butter knife he was holding turned into a sword as he listened. The guy must have been living in Airstrip One where a butter knife is on par with an AR15 in the US.

If you haven’t heard Last of the Wilds by Nightwish you should look it up. Especially the live version. A really nice Celtic tribal epic song.

Since my suggestion, that someone should teach Harijs etheric self-defense, may or may not be wrong (although Heathen Vegan could find the subject of etheric self-defense interesting), here’s my apology: http://shop.shenyun.com/store/category/view/e/ibTHP4lvnf0/dvd-cd.html

Somebody ought to teach Harjis the basics of etheric self-defense, in case the Old Parasite targeted him and caused him to be disconnected from the broadcasting show. Here’s this useful article: https://ethericwarriors.com/etheric-self-defense/


When Mr. Hunt at 51:00 talked about metal music, Metallica and classical music it brought to my mind this song cover.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjvGjUovxPU.

Many revelatory pieces of history in this episode to me, thank you Harjis.


Call of Ktulu by Metallica in their S&M concert shows metal and classical can blend well.

[…] with all the debate which took place recently at Renegade Broadcasting on the subject of the Jewish-dominated music industry I have decided to publish what is probably one of my oldest articles ever (never published before […]

[…] with all the debate which took place recently at Renegade Broadcasting on the subject of the Jewish-dominated music industry I have decided to publish what is probably one of my oldest articles ever (never published before […]


Claqueurs is all you can bear, Kyle Hunt? Why is that? Why do you need to censor a truly German voice? These are my thoughts and as you do not even respond to anything except by voting down and supressing my weltanschuung, I have to make up my mind about the reasons on my own and there are only two rational reasons left.