Wildcard: McQueen – Be a Bad Goy (6-9-17)

McQueen talks about how you can get involved in armchair activism, buy goy, and show the world you’re not a happy goy.  He goes over the various ad campaigns he has been running, what he has planned, the real nature of a meme, the usury scam, and much more.

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Great show. Time for everyone to go into full attack mode with trolling alternative news sites, podcasts, comment sections. I’ve had great success on shill Joe Rogan’s YouTube comment section lately (before getting shadow banned..but great numbers up to that point). People are open to it because everyone who doesn’t know what’s going on is looking for answers to make sense of the ever increasing chaos and confusion. And we have the answers. Onward soldiers! No longer anything to lose. Every bit helps 🙂

Teresa said, “…(before getting shadow banned..but great numbers up to that point)” Can you tell me more about this “shadow ban” biz? I’ve an android device and a windoze notebook, and I never sign into the gmail account on the notebook, ever, coz… you know, anti data mining. So I’ve left maybe 20 YT comments this year, and I can after the android “successfully comments” at a YT vid, that the comment doesn’t appear when I open the same vid on the notebook. In fact, every stat is different on the notebook: Views, Likes, Comments etc.I’ll need to double check if #Subs appears different, as I don’t see that # holding any propaganda value. But open the vid on the android again, and there’s my… Read more »

Not really sure how it works exactly because they seem to be tweaking the system more and more to improve the censorship. Basically you see your comments but no one else can. The other day one of my comments actually disappeared, so I thought it was deleted but then reappeared again. Oh well..copy and paste…hijacking and derailing another
dumb comment sometimes works. Go crazy on ’em.

I got shadowbanned from YT too for not being ‘politically correct’. Around half my comments don’t show up if I check with two browsers / two accounts. My comments with links almost always get shadow banned. I don’t even use offensive words. I just know too much. Loopholes I found that work: 1 Keep making new accounts or use several accounts. It seems if I you post too frequently with one account my comments get shaxow banned more often. 2 Write your comment and before posting it cut and copy to clipboard. Post a few generic words and then after posting edit the comment to what you originally wanted to say. (I can sometimes post links this way, doesn’t always work.) 3 post links with… Read more »
Good stuff Alex, thx 🙂 what’s baffling is, I got the android around new years, and opened the fresh joomail acct at that time. So this was a fresh, “infant acct”; no history. From my first YT comment(s), I was hip to the probable not-PC buzzwords which would likely trigger joogleCo censorship; IE I used sneaky spellings like j00sh, k0$her, etc. But I discovered these shadow bannings within those first few posts… helped by checking back later on the android & finding no replies, likes, nada… so jootube’s DB of not-PC trigger words must be a step ahead, to include my sneaky little trigger word attempts? I’ve also never sub’d any vlogger, nor left any dis/likes; again, anti profiling/datamining. Are you sub’d to any of… Read more »

Yes, I’m subbed to most of them, not sure if that makes a difference. I think the shadowbanning comes more from people snitching and reporting comments and then you get shadowbanned. I talk about everything on there, just be careful with the wording so you don’t get reported right away, that works for me. I just say jew, sometimes j e w, xew, or zionist.

ah okay thx. SOO annoying that (((JoogleCo))) take this utterly deceptive approach to censoring commentary & discussion; as though their “shadow banning” deception isn’t going to get noticed! My SB’d comments are SB’d instantly, upon posting. Coz I have the 2 devices side by side; and I’ll “successfully” post a comment on the android, then refresh the same vid page with the windoze box, and not only does my fresh comment made seconds before not appear; but the total # of comments reported is maybe 75% of the number reported by the android. Be an interesting (but laborious) exercise to identify comments presented by the (JooTube logged in) android, which the (not logged in) windoze box pretends don’t exist; and see what’s common in those… Read more »

Just to also note, vlogger The HoneyBee has noted more than once, she checks her comments “spam folder” like hourly, and clears out numerous good/valid comments, with no particular reason for JooTube to have directed them there, and she makes them visible again. (((they))) watch her closely; have deleted numerous of her P*Gate research vids, prompting her to migrate to the newish peer-to-peer vid platform BitChute.com.

Joe Rogan looks like a Sephardi jew. Italian my ass.

Well said brother!

Great energy and ideas on the show. Just what we need after all the recent setbacks.
You and Hugh are both very talented. The billboard was a great idea. That laser plan is also very clever. It’ll be like batman’s gotham light, but signalling “no jews!”

We have our own superheroes: Mcman and the goy wonder lol. Let’s turn their faggot comics and films back at them.

Ha, cool comment.

Great reading ! There’s not a Government in the World that ever mentions “who we are in debt to” not ever ..
Here’s the jewish Shetar (jewy finance strategy): https://peterquiggins.wordpress.com/2014/07/27/the-talmudic-shetar/

Thanks for all your great work.

Thanks, and there’s a cool news shirt out there for the surfer dudes! Surf, Smoke and Seig Heil! https://www.zazzle.com/z/yi5yc?rf=238409131273762665

One of the biggest points to fight back against the Jews is to ensure your children and grandchildren, etc. never breed with the black, brown or yellow races.
The Jews have their mindset on creating their new world order of brown people whereby the Jews will be the only “white” people ruling over the rest of the masses.

38 minutes in so far. Enjoying the show. May come back later to add to comments. Meanwhile can you please provide info for song in German played as you were going in to the first break? It’s another one not deemed acceptable by Shazam…thanks!