Wildcard: McQueen – White Goy Activist Tasks (6-23-16)

McQueen discusses Renegade Tribune, upcoming activist tasks for you all, the ongoing genocide in South Africa, the great merchandise at buygoy.com, the Holocaust house of cards, the rising of the people, and more.

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The Bantu are the majority in Africa and they hunt down, enslave, and eat pygmies. Watch the short video ‘pygmies, an endangered people’ and you can see the much taller and pysically stronger Bantu smiling and saying they whip the pygmies and use pygmy women and children slaves because ‘the work is just too hard for the Bantu’. The pygmy women have infants on their backs while swinging machetes. The media almost never talks about this. You can’t make it up.


Thanks for adding details. I watched that video and found it looks like great red pilling material with awesome comments.

Anthony Roberts

Another polished show Mr M. Your energy, ideas and enthusiasm are great. We all can do something simple and lawful everyday. Leave a message somewhere; in a free newspaper; on a bus/train seat; write on a mag in a waiting room; at a cafe table etc. Stand by the newspaper/mag section in your local store and start tutting – “i don’t know, what next?” Whatever the headline is: migrant invasion, economy, crime, scandal etc. Blame your gov/local authorities, then casually mention they are controlled by jews/elitist bankers ( depending which country you’re in ). Just plant the seed in that White person, then walk away – 1 minute tops. I do this, and i’m the shyest person who’s ever roamed this plane lol. Finally, all… Read more »



Those are good ideas and i really like the “do something every day” philosophy.

It sounds like you’ve been out there doing street activism before!

Shawna Marie

Anthony great ideas.
McQueen has really got me thinking about activism and just as important, ways to raise money to support activists like Sinead.
Little things add up like giving up unhealthy habits and using the money saved to help Sinead go full time renegade.

John SmithRGB

rant and rave; who cares if the mic goes in the red! hahaha

solid show. wait, let me check the clock ;p


I really had to hold back due to my neighbors. but anyway it was fun.


Last time I had a quiet isolated room, this time I had an open windows and door and a hot day and the neighbors were out there. I heard them during the show.


Another great show McQueen. It’s great that you continually harp on taking real, practical steps in waking people up and counteracting the poison…it’s so essential.


Thanks guy! More must be done. Its never enough.


Thank you for all you do McQueen. You had me laughing so hard at the beginning.