Wildcard: Nathan & Massimo – Divine White Spirit Awakening (4-17-17)

Tonight Nathan and Massimo discuss spirituality, Zoroastrianism, the circle and the ellipse, jews, silica based life, Pierluigi Ighina, the magnetic pole, and true science.

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Great conversation. Thanks Massimo and Nathan. Please, continue. I consider this as a follow-up discussion to yesterday’s show by Kyle on transjewmanism. Basically, transjewmanism will make us more dependent to the physical world and (((their))) whims and at the end (considering how fast the physical science advances, in a matter of few decades) those portion of the population that succumbs to it will just completely be replaced by machines and die out. We have to keep a balance between the physical and the spiritual sciences. Currently, we (personally I) have no clue about spirituality to be honest (not that I know of) and I’ve never experienced it but as a man who’s always been interested on physical sciences, I find this conversation essential. Massimo, would… Read more »

Thank you Yrton, glad you enjoyed our show. Here a short video about the predator of man, taken from Carlos Castaneda books and his teacher Don Juan Matus (probably a fictional character). No matter if he’s been real or not, and Castaneda just a crypto jew plagiarist of various teachers from the east and the west, this info is vital to understand in a deeper level the realm the big jews operate in.

Thank you guys, Here an italian short documentary about Pierluigi Ighina with english subtitles.

This is my favorite show of 2017 after hearing it. I hope that you make more for sure. I know I would like it when I saw it. Definately my kind of show. Loving the Yann Tiersen at the end. Mille Grazie!

Thank you Halldor, glad you have enjoyed our show. Yes we will make more in the near future, there are so many topics that need to be dealt in depth, if we want to have a chance against the jewmonic (jewdemonic) forces that want to destroy us, we must to remember WHO WE ARE and act accordingly.
Btw the Yann Tiersen piece title is La Valse des Monstres , The Waltz of The Monsters.

he is also proud to be Celtic I believe 🙂 from Britanny, France. Does he live in Iceland now? Atleast I think he went to Iceland to record an album, or get a different feeling. Amelie was my favorite film till I watched it too many times (don’t watch many films at all nowadays, infact didn’t ever really watch many) .. anyway random tangents

I don’t know where Yann is living at the moment, I don’t follow him much. I love his music from the 90s and early 2000, don’t like what he’s making nowadays. Still though a genius.
Here you can enjoy him at his best

yes I find it sad how artists nowadays, even alternative, have to degenerate. I would rather just not make more in that case. This world has become a world of degeneracy, and almost everyone gets affected by the sludge. I am listening to what you sent and did watch the video about Pierluigi Ighina. I heard a radio interview with Yann where I almost felt he was on own side in his thinking, atleast to some extent.

Massimo. Perhaps you could do a show on what it is to be Italian? and what “Italian” means to you, as well as some european history and how you see the current situation. Even if it took a month for you to put it together I think it could have some value. You could record it in chunks if necessary.
It could be great if an Italian from Italy spoke about Italy. We have had some Brits on renegade, but an Italian perspective could be cool.

If anyone wants to really understand Gurdjieff an the 4 th way read these 5 volumes:

Psychological Commentaries on the Teachings of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky

Brandon are you a follower of Neil Kramer?

Not familiar with that person is it a student of the 4th way or a teacher somehow?

Yes and Yes He has some really awesome workshops available on his website neilkramer.com I have not ordered any Gurdjieff books on his list, however highly recommended Rudolf Steiner How to Know Higher Worlds and Hermes Trismigristus he also recommends poetry from Yeats, Tennyson. Gurdjieff is well spoken of in all of his workshops on his site and on youtube. Thanks for the link. BTW

oh wow. looks good. have not heard it yet, but really looking forward to listening when I have time. Massimo on Sineads show was my favorite show of this year so far, although I think Kyle did 2 excellent shows the past 2 nights 4-15-17 + 4-16-17

I also like that show. I heard someone talk about Walter Russell (nova scotia)once and it was similar. Yet another theory against Einstein .https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjlDnpi8nY8

This guy does some great you tube talks regarding Zoroastrianism for those of you interested.