Wildcard: Never So Defiant And Proud – The Aryan Age (4-3-17)

National Socialism and how it is the solution beyond both mainstream and alternative. Destroying Germany by stealth. Chris speaks about finding our power. Some simple advice and encouragement and analysis on how we can find our power through the maze of understandings. Some talk about the New Age and what value may or may not be there. Some reading of Mike Walsh articles from the Renegade Tribune. 3 days of darkness? 3 songs at the end and an old intro on the hours. Hope you enjoy!’

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excellent program. the beginning monologue was very inspiring.


end music 1: Actus – Botschaft aus Hyperborea
end music 2: Lord Wind – The Temple of Harmony
end music 3: Gyvata – O Jau Mano Mielas
video recommendation: Kali (Nornir) – The Mother Goddess http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTAg8H6sxjw


You should definitely play some black metal. Lord wind side project of polish graveland.
Play some nokturnal mortum or Drudkh ukrainian black metal !!14


Music or no music, I hope to get the content right first. This show was very easy and quick to put together, unlike others.. 10 times more effort has already been put into the next one, although I hope to get content out faster. I will not force it. If it doesn’t mean something to me then I won’t make it yet. As simple as this one was it did mean something to me.


Beautiful picture by the way, so inspiring. Shot by Leni Riefenstahl?


That poor breast.
I thought real amazons cut it off….?
Three days of darkness – Mayan Calendar?
Chris from England?
Can’t wait to listen.


And a great picture of an archer-ess…


Good show again. Keep them coming.


I find your shows to be excellent meditations for Aryans. Thank you.

Chris H

Whistleblower info for “The Aryan Age” If you search: ” Infernales Szenario fur Germany Must Perish by the Elites Dip.-Ing. Dr. Austeja Emilija Dominykas ” you should find it. Here is a link https://rsvdr.wordpress.com/tag/dr-austeja-emilija-dominykas/ Apologies for not being able to give a link, or relevant search terms at the time. I am not sure how accurate this information is, however at the time I felt it was very important I presented it (even though if I spent some more time on it I could have done better).

[…] Chris H spoke about how Aryan genetic stock has been undermined and brought down over time. How the German National Socialists may have been the last of the highest genetic stock of Europe. Hapas, Mulattos and bad breeding. How the Jews steal of culture and replace us. How NS believed in the value the Nordic stock within the race. In the second hour Chris spoke live and later took calls from Rollie and Shawna. You may also like: http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/wildcard-never-defiant-proud-aryan-age-4-3-17/ … http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/wildcard-never-defiant-proud-aryan-struggle-11-3-17/ […]


I welcome the ‘internationalisation’ of RB, as we are all ‘in it together’ – that is, all those who do not belong to the ‘chosen’.
This broadcast was also a little more ‘experimental’ than normal RB shows, including the (great) music at the end, even if I have not been a listener for that long.
Chris, references to your sources would be welcome otherwise your broadcast might appear a little like some of the most outlandish stuff posted on Veterans Today.


what is there to reference? I found old notes, even if I found again the original it would be in german. It would be as easy for someone else to find it as myself. I think it may have been spoken about on the german youtube channel zerberster and maybe chembuster33.. not sure if this is at all helpful. I referenced the articles I read, the music I played and the video I refered to so I am not sure in this show what else there is to reference to. Everything else was from badly translated german, so if you want to look it up and look in the right places then you may find what you are looking for (but most likely it won’t… Read more »


ps I was going for ‘experimental’ 🙂 I like the feeling of the older renegade shows from years ago, and was going for some of that… eg Siegfried http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/hosts/siegfried/


Thanks for the link as these broadcasts seem to cover some interesting topics.


Danke… I shall try to look up the info.