Wildcard: Never So Defiant and Proud – The New Mythos (11-30-16)


Aryan Emperium Part 2 – In this show Chris speaks of The New Mythos. The reawakening of the Aryan Soul. We can save ourselves and rise once more through spiritual conviction. Our past is hidden from us and our culture, but it still resides within us, within our race memory. Aryan blood is the Holy Grail.

Topics include:

*The Aryan Soul – Civilization – Culture – Hollow Earth – Aldebaran – Vril
*Jewish “Culture” / The new human culture – Grey Demons – The system of evil
*Fake “History” – Iztoria (From the Torah) – Scaliger – Formenko
*Adolf Hitler – The Avatar – Kalki – The 10th Avatar
*German Genocide – Aryan Genocide
*National Socialism “Nazi” – Witch hunt – Magic – Revisionism
*Miguel Serrano, Savitri Devi, Alfred Rosenberg – The New Mythos
*Ancient? Giant Silica Trees – Trovants – Living Rock
*Legal Fiction and The World
*Vedic Pre-Russian Myths – The Grand Tartary – Vedas – India
*Germany – The Great Venea – Europe – Myths – Gods – 4th Reich
*Japan – China – Aryan Elite
*British Empire – Jewish Empires – Russia – Monarchy
*New Age – Pleaidians – Channeling – Mediums -The Veil – Greys
*Nature – Purity – Gorsleben – Racial Pride – Human Races
*Russian Genocide – “History” – The Grand Tartary
*Save The Children!’

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Anthony Roberts

“There is only so long we can be smart within their game, because their game closes down on us. We must live free and break free. This means being empowered from within ones self.”

Fine words Chris. Your shows really get me thinking. The jew leaders and collaborators need to be tried and punished. The rest, banished to their open-air prison forever. Keep up the good work.


Beautiful flow of consciousness as you shared your insights. You inspired and gave me strength. Thank you.

Sinead McCarthy

Love your shows Chris! Looking forward to hearing more from you on the network.

Shawna Marie

this was really good! enjoyed


Good to see you doing another show! Enjoyed the first two.


“Evalion: Why Hitler Wasn’t Evil” – a very uplifting video, as are all your shows, dearest chris. THANKS.


And hopefully look fprward to many more; thanks for the links.


Tank you brother for that novelty. Im fighting every single day.


Hell Sigtyr


Falkenstein- Die Grosse Göttin

Falkenstein & Strydwolf – Odin

What a great show. It made me glad. A lot of interesting stuff. Thank you Chris.



Shawna Marie

Thank you Chris for discussing radical topics like new chronology & more.
This helped me understand one of the most recent cataclysms


Chris H

Thanks for the link Shawna, really fascinating. Only just watching this now after looking through my old shows. Sorry I didn’t watch at the time.


Wonderful, uplifting, informative show. When you say Aryan it sounds like iron. I think that’s very fitting. Wonder what the etymology of the word iron is. Any connection?


Kali yuga


The description of that term is unfortunately, accurate to perfection.

This is such an amazing series, thank you Chris, it saddens me to hear the sadness in your voice in your podcasts, you are not alone, none of us are, the Black Sun is rising.

“The most precious possession you have in the world is your own people. And for this people, and for the sake of this people, we will struggle and fight, and never slacken, never tire, never lose courage, and never lose faith” – Adolf Hitler

Stop by my YT channel to find others with eyes to see and ears to hear.

We love you all, and we will never submit.

Chris H

ahha! so that is you. Thank you Bodhi. Glad those shows are still appreciated.


here is the ancient book santia vedas of perun here: https://www.scribd.com/doc/119676154/Aryan-Vedas-Book-of-Wisdom-of-Perun-ENG


Hilter wasn’t evil he wasa white leader. There’s a really good video listed on “The Aryan” YT page that pretty conclusive.


Sieg Heil to you, great you got something put together again. Yes, I go with that all external technology is evil and just to make us dependent on artifical control systems (i.e. money over honour), whereas we have inner technology, in our blood that links directly to nature which we can manifest. I believe we had that power in Atlantean times, this is why they can’t find any tools or plans etc.


Also, what is the sentence for having a native American wife?


Well it would be until you divorce her, LeL oh LeL!