Wildcard: Never So Defiant And Proud – Power, Order and Responsibility (1-2-18)

Edited Version – Chris H spoke about having a moral inner guidance and bringing that forward into the world. The difference between morals and ethics, and the value of finding your our moral self. Not selling our your inner value, and building up your own will, and being true to yourself. How we all have a responsibility to act from the knowing and potentials we have within us. The Natural Order vs The Order of the Jew Matrix and decoding that matrix of control.

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Chris H

ps the picture could be representing a man or a woman as far as I care. I just chose this picture as symbolic of what I was trying to say. Hope you get something from it. Some older shows here http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/?s=never+so+defiant+and+proud


Your representation looks like the woman who invented the internet or even a female luftwaffe pilot. Either way the image depicts how women built western culture despite the toxic masculinity depicted in classical greek and roman historical text. All humor aside, not only do working white women pay for the welfare state but they also vote for it. How many white wives, girlfriends, and daughters voted for Obama or Clinton because they felt it was the right thing to do? Ever been to a gay pride parade? It’s not the straight white boys and men who waste a Saturday celebrating degeneracy, its young white woman, single or married, and they often are pushing a stroller. Jewish feminism did provide liberation, but it also assigned responsibility.… Read more »


No matter how many times your jew-created, divide-and-conquer, anti-White women garbage gets exposed by Renegade, you motherless bastardy will keep pushing the same lines in that bunk talking point over and over again.
Your demoralizing tactics will never work on aware Aryans.


Steve is a masochist, he just want’s dislikes.


So your position is that White women are to blame for White genocide?

I think you’re looking for this site.



“Ever been to a gay pride parade?”

No. Why are you hanging out at gay pride parades?


You have to get the facts straight.
The white female vote was romney not obama.
It was also 53% Trump.


Its just that your alt-right Youtubers like “black pidgeon speaks” like to give you false comparisons. They compare white males to women in general.
And you apparently arent doing your own research.

Also how is Trump better than Obama? 3D Chess?
I got news for you:
Obama is secretly a white nationalist, he was just hiding it from the jews by playing 3D Chess aswell.


To me it is totally unimaginable that so many people still believe in “elections”. They seriously seem to think that they have a choice and that their votes can change a thing. To me these people are very deplorabe illusionists and fantasists, dreamers and believers of the most pathetic order.


The only smart Whites were the ones who stayed at home on polling day.

The full stadiums of White people do show that Whites don’t really believe in diversity though. They just need to stop pretending they do. Let the cult die.


Yawn about how it is not the toxoplasmic kike that is the sole cause of death, decay and cancer. Abolish jews.


Many women today work long hours, by the way, all that shit started back in the 1920’s in Soviet Russia, when government forced housewives to work in factories and state owned collective farms!
Why they hell would women need to bust their asses off, take care of home and children and watch their husbands break out a six pack and fall on a couch to watch some NFL game after workday? And you wonder why divorces are sky high?

Chris H

This show should be more listenable once “UberEdit” appears at the beginning of the description.

I have added 7 songs on the end to make up for edited out breaks and parts where I generally took a while to get to point. And bad audio..

The songs will be:
Ketri – Tanev Vesne, Tutejszaja Szlachta – Imza, Aeterna – Odin’s Mead, Zamova – Vadzianica, Blitzkreig – Der Gefallen, Veritas Invictus – Teutonia, Von Thronstahl – We Walked In Line


@Chris H – Do you know the name of the first song played after the Renegade intro, with the sad piano riff? It gives me goosebumps (occasionally).

Yes please, i’d like to know that too. Thanks Chris H !

Chris H

That is Kyle’s intro music pick. I thought I would leave that in. There is alot of good music that Kyle has for intros and breaks etc. I got rid of them because of the amount of audio I cut out and thought it was pointless to artificially re-adding a break randomly at the hour mark. I very much appreciate the breaks Kyle chooses though, and feel it is a shame I had to cut out the amusing ad breaks. ps to Kyle, I greatly appreciate you putting up the edited audio.

Chris H

Of late I have edited in my own breaks and intro music that is true, but this was the intro from when this show was live. I left it in partly as respect to Kyle for having me on, but also because it is a good intro, agreed.


Thank you very much for the list of songs, Chris! 🙂

Chris H

You are welcome

Chris H

Den Gefallen not Der Gefallen, must have subconsciously typed that due to all the male supremacy talk in nearly every show feed. My brain decided it was Der Gefallen time.

Chris H

I hope Herr Nordstorm uploads the correct version of this show once all his latest shows are unlocked again. Not sure if that is because the videos are blocked in “my” country or just generally.

The thing about inner guidance reminds me of the Diplomat group of the Sixteen Personalities. I’m either a Mediator (INFP) or a Campaigner (ENFP) according to the following test: https://www.16personalities.com/


Some people speculate that the Venus figurines were a form of magic to try to manifest a pregnancy.