Wildcard: Petter Gustafsson – Nutrition from a Nordic Perspective (5-17-17)

Petter is a Swedish man who has been looking into nutrition for quite some time, though he is not a professional health expert or doctor. He talks about why the paleo diet is not a good idea, the importance of calcium, the need for magnesium, the role of carbon dioxide, and a number of other things. Kyle chimes in during the second hour to bring up a few points and ask questions.

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Finally, a voice from Sweden.

Wild Edibles In Sweden – Part 1.

Thank you Petter. That show was packed with Information. Years ago and still a student I visited Sweden together with some friends. We were warned and took lots of food with us to save some money but still were extremely happy, that our landlord was a cook and brought us poor Germans meals every evening. I read that the percentage of vegetarians / vegans in Sweden and Germany is at roughly 10 % . We Germans have the benefit to grow fruit and vegetables in our own country and even in the own Garden but still need import to have Oranges and those things. Hard to imagine how Swedish vegans are able to have a proper diet with these extremely high food prices. As my… Read more »
We can grow yellow peas. Peasoup with a glass of warm punsch(national drink) is the old traditional Thursday-lunch among university-students and in the military. We also got a rare bean, bruna bönor/brown beans. Eaten on a Julbord/Yule-table. The traditional bread is made from rye. Vikings ate “knäckebröd” a type of hard-bread. Usually with herring and cheese. And ofcourse, theres the old traditional Rotmos, a mushed ruthabaga/swede-turnip with butter and game-meats like moose. And our apples are the best i have tasted, sour, sweet and tart at once. Te climate make them taste a bit like ruhbarb. And as i mentioned, nettle-soup, usually with egg-halves. Pears, cabbage, mustardgreens, strawberries, currants, raspberries, blackberries, billberries, mushrooms, blackthornberries, lingonberries, Rubus chamaemorus, juniper-berries, sorbus aucuparia berries, strawberries, yewberries, Rhodiola rosea,… Read more »

Thank you Petter & Kyle. Very interesting and thought provoking talk. Not sure if this was your first show, but you did very well.

Fascinating to hear how jew medicine has misled us over serotonin and CO2. Our obedient, easy-going minds and brittle bones need to harden fast! We all need to become our own leader.

Serotonin was lied about around the time of the Manson Murders. SSRIs, the common anti-depressant boosts some good hormones. Its not the serotonin tat does it. And it is also a pro-depressant. Look at the label and studies, it can promote suicides and infertility. It can also induce learned helplessness. An inability to identify the real problems, as dealing wit those woud be scary. And instead inventing problems way to huge to ever deal with. It also promotes irrational aggression and a feeling of inferiority. Some poisonous plants can inject you with a mix of pain-inducing chemicals mixed with serotonin. You can use tryptophan-restriction, quinine, glycine, tiny doses of LSD, caffeine with sweets and p-chlorophenylalanine to combat serotonin if you get into a serotonin-spiral.
Calcium without vitamin K2 is a good way to fuck your body up big time. K2 is relatively hard to come by these days. It’s plentiful in raw grassfed butter and milk. Good luck getting ahold of some of that. For vegans, the best source of K2 is natto. Good luck getting some of that that isn’t made with GMO soybeans. It has recently come to my attention that daikon has vitamin K2. Daikon is a member of the radish family and most people don’t care for the taste. However, if you want to avoid hardening of the arteries, arthritis, dementia, and dental plaque & tartar, man up and chow down on sizable portions of daikon. It does a body good.

Sauerkraut (LOL) gives K2. You can grow or buy the green cabbage and make it yourself! Sauerkraut also gives vitamis C and B12.

And it lasts forever! I love that stuff! I’ve been getting into pickle and jalapeno kraut. SO good.

Also boron to deliver calcium out of blood to the bones

Actually most soy products are non GMO. The majority of the GMO soy is fed the livestock.

I did not get into K2, i wasnt focusing one one single subject.

Vitamin K can be found in Natto for vegans, and grassfed gaged cheeses for others.

Vitamin K2 is important.

I am grateful for your show. You covered a lot of good info. I was wondering what you said about far infrared. I use it daily. Was there one that is better than another? Mine is Far Infrared heater.

You can grow plant foods all year round, in any climate with an earth ship!! The coolest part about earth ships is that they are made of recycled material such as tires and glass bottles.

The earthship community started in Taos not far from where I live. The do yours. Ill post the link when I get home from work.


Yes! They have a whole village of earthships out there. They even built multi leveled ones. Very cool.

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I have not heard the show yet, but the picture gave me a chill from when I was in sweden years ago (very short visit), it looks so swedish to me from what I remember (not sure yet when I can catch up on shows…)

chills* not a chill… 🙂

A jalapeno?

I think its a photo of “Saluhallen” in Östermalm. A rich part of Stockholm.

looks pretty cool to me. It is not where I went, but I saw something similar when I was there.

Thank you for the broadcast. I enjoyed your material.

Great one!

What’s your take on hydrogen peroxide consumption?

I know little about it. From what i understand its to boost the free radicals used by the immune-system to kill invaders.

Used when antibiotics wont work.

But you might need to find a naturopat for that.

Colloidal silver is excellent for the immune system. The most effective is 10 ppm. If taken at 10 ppm, colloidal silver can be used long term without harm.

been doing the peroxide for a couple years; I would recommend it but be careful!

Would you elaborate on those precautions necessary, or maybe point to source info on the subject? Thank you.

Only just started listening to the show today & had to cut it short but sounding really good Petter, thanks. Will listen to the rest tomorrow.

Great show. As for the title pic, are we really going to let the kike destroy that, on the basis of their tenuous mind tricks of politics and legalism?