Wildcard: Remembering Rockwell’s Revolution (8-25-17)

Kyle plays a clip from Thule Productions, a speech by George Lincoln Rockwell, and audio from a short video about the heroic man who died 50 years ago.

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3 years ago

Rockwell’s speech is as relevant today as it was back then.
What a speech!

3 years ago

Awesome wildcard – thank you! I am deeply inspired by Rockwell, he was a great man.

3 years ago

thankyou so much for a great show & uploading thules rant here (they have censored his video & no one can comment)
seig heil & odin bless

3 years ago

Richard B Spencer has written a forward to the 1933 book: “Conquest of a Continent”. Is this the same galoot we often hear about associated with the Alt-Right ?

Bita Hunt
3 years ago

Great show Kyle thank you. Listening to Rockwell always uplifts me. He was a great speaker using articulate language and humor to get the point across.

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