Wildcard: Richard Karolkiewicz – A Political Program to Cure Democratic Diseases (9-20-17)

Richard talks about the sorry state of our “democracy” and some of the solutions that are being offered and then takes a look at the example set by the Third Reich, going through the 25 point program and commenting upon it. There are some audio issues, which get hammered out, allowing Kyle to chime in on the “Cathedral of Light”.

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The cathedral of light rallies looked absolutely awesome.


Democracy is the last step before tyranny. I would prefer tyranny, because at least you know WHO the fucker is, and with Democracy everything is dressed up as “progress” and “for everyones good”


“Hitler was actually a very big avid fan of Parliamentary Democracy” I almost lost my breakfast, and nearly fell out of my chair too. Been listening for a while, and National Socialism seems to be Renegade’s one and only political solution. Not that you really advocate political solutions. Seems more like all you do is complain. But if there was a Renegade solution, it might be NS? So how much does this invalidate Renegade? Whatever, because when and if you ever turn to political solutions, you should learn a whole lot, and experience some enlightenment. “When the tables on which the speakers used to stand in the great beer-halls, addressing an assembly of thousands, were deserted for the parliamentary tribune and the speeches were no… Read more »

Great quotes there, Enthusiast !
The idea that the NSDAP was about a Term of Endearment known as “Democracy” (laughable) certainly had me scratching my head and wondered if it was a piss-take. 🙂

One only has to observe the behavior of Tropical Fish in the Fish Tank to see that the various Schools of Fish types swim in Homogeneous Groupings without the need to Interfere or Assist other Different Schools of Fish accordingly.


What is your political solution?

A Political Solution you ask ?
What is the worth of Politics without Psychological and Economic considerations if these Ingredients are Corrupted ?
No ! We must restore a Sense of Pride in our selves as a Race (Family), and done Amicably so that Naturally (Nature is Discriminative) Earns Respect, and with this, we can teach (show), The Others, that they too have Worth, especially within, Their Own Communities, and restore the Enjoyment of Life itself.


I never lost pride in my race. For me it’s hard to understand the psychology of those who have. It’s probably the same for a lot of pro-Whites.

To me the term “White privilege” doesn’t make me feel guilty. I feel privileged for being born White sure but I don’t feel bad about it. I got lucky.

Even as a young child it occured to me that Europeans were playing on a whole different level than other races. We still are. Even degenerated European culture is better than any non-White culture I know of. It’s been degenerated ever since Christianity infested it as well so that’s not a bad effort.


WhiteWolf This “white privilege” is simply a meme-ist weaponised language tool. You are best to just throw it out of your mind. It means nothing, just like RACISM which is a Trotskism; another antiWhite meme like (wait for it)…… NAZI!! Its snappy, low syllable and fast. Mind sugar for the small mind. It is just another bullshit term the jews use to get blacks riled up about them being congenitally underachieving numbskulls.

Richard Karolkiewicz


I do agree with the response Paul Davey gives here. We must indeed first win the war of ideas; bring the values, principals and perceptions of the white race home once again through tribal strengthening, teachings and evolution. Only then should we begin our work towards future political systems.


Salient points, but I would recommend the term “social organisation”; *politics* is a specific method of hoarding people into open static prisons as polls to be taxed in a money system. Once we have the top of the hill and not the filthy kike, then we can determine anything we want, and create our own context that we manage at our behest and edict.


Currently, there is no cohesive or even quasi-realistic plan that could possibly result in “winning the war of ideas”. The reason why the jewish shadow government is flooding the US and Europe with non-Whites is because they know that for their to be an effective Resistance – there must be a rallying call for all members of the population to join the struggle – that must come from an ideology that justifies its actions in relation to the Resistance movement’s grievances and explains what is wrong with the status quo. The non-Whites LOVE the status quo. And the non-Whites will NOT align with you. An effective Resistance must appeal to the “moderates” among the population that are in the majority. In a mixed society, the… Read more »

Thanks for the Acknowledgement Richard, just thought i’d take the time out to say so, cheers !


Entusiast Actually in his youth Hitler admired British parliamentary system and observed personally Austrian parliamentary debates. It is all written in Mein Kampf (My Struggle).


Oh the folly of youth. Hitler soon saw the error of that thought very rapidly hence NS was formed. The jews have been around since the beginning and parliament is another cankerous area they have made to infest.


There is no political solution per se because politics itself is the problem. NS is the only solution as Positice Christianity was to getting back to Heathenism/Paganism basically our non judaised roots, whatever they were. It is as much political as it has to be, in the sense it is involved politically in order to ideologically proceed/exit from it. It kind of has to because that is the environment that is prevalent. Play the game to get out of the game. That is why NS is the only solution to the R v B, Left v Right division. There is no reason ONE single party cannot see to the requirements of its Folk, none at all. The fact that we have different parties is like… Read more »

Richard Karolkiewicz

@Entusiast: Hello Entusiast, I am afraid you have misquoted me. In future please do not put something in quotation marks if you are not going to present it in verbatim. My statement was as follows: “He was actually a very big fan, an avid fan initially of Parliamentary Democracy as far as the British Model was concerned. It was applied in Austria before he took power. He really saw in Vienna in particular a lot of the inherent flaws with the system.” I might now simply direct you to the source of this perspective, which like the quote you cited is also from Mein Kampf: “I had always hated the Parliament, but not as an institution in itself. Quite the contrary. As one who cherished… Read more »

@Richard Karolkiewicz

I often see people quoting “Mein Kampf” but without stating which translation edition they are reading from. It is prudent to be specific. For example, when I first started out on this topic some 20+ years ago, there were the Murphy, Ford and one other version. There are by now many other “reprints” and there are subtle differences between most of them while others, usually written for Universities, contain gross errors.

Richard Karolkiewicz

@Paul Davey

Hello Paul, Thank you for the advice. I do see your point and agree with your stance that the translation edition is indeed of importance. The quotation which I have provided above is from the Murphy translation edition. I certainly do appreciate when such high standards for accuracy and discernment are exhibited. Your recommendation is indeed well appreciated – I do intend to specify the translation edition from this time forward.