Wildcard: Rollie Quaid – Intelligence Operations in Gong Show America (1-26-18)

Rollie talks about some of his recent articles, with a special focus on CIA agent Chuck Barris and how he “set the stage” for the “reality” that has unfolded in America and around the world.

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Rollie Quaid
5 years ago

Don’t watch Reality! Got to the Library, they audio books too. Read, no more America Idol i.e. Barris TV

Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Those 60/70/80’s game and reality shows have conditioned the sleeple to accept reality governments. Trump, Q-anon, jewtin, alt kike – all jewish-scripted theatre and show-people. Make shekels, degrade and dumb the goyim down further; plus carry on with White genocide – bau! Will our folk wake and beat the clock? YES!!

PS Good show Roll-e. I’ve just read that the zogemperor is having a new fridge on israel force one – $24 million, jewsus!! So that’s how Manlania gets its frozen-face look lol.

Rollie Quaid
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

Reality tv is conditioning mass surveillance, reality TV makes people desperately want to get on television to make an ass out of themselves. In houses today are more TV ie monitor sscreens than people ,,, The refrigerator story is a good story I’m at the write about that

Rollie Quaid
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
5 years ago

If ever see little stories like Trump freezer, send it to me via email 3301×3301@gmail.com and Ill turn it to a mega-story with my other sources

4 years ago

A Mark Goodson / Bill Todman production – remember that after all those merchant mindset game shows? Goodson a jew, son of Russian immigrants, and Todman from Wall St family, father was lawyer for Chase Manhattan Bank. Todson’s first show was for the Treasury Dept. Those shows seem to have been designed to get Americans pre-occupied with brands and the possibility of winning a jackpot or trip or car, etc. It’s also great to keep slaves excited about being clever and winning relatively paltry amounts, while the jews print the money, sell their products and LOL at the goyim. Rollie, I like hearing the children too, no worries about that.

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