Wildcard: Rollie Quaid – Kosher War Dogs (11-17-17)

Rollie does a show about the movie War Dogs and the true story it is based on. David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli are two jews who found out they could make a killing off making a killing (of goyim) by running guns for many different sides, including the US government.

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Rollie Quaid

Israel does not just export oranges, according to Haaretz Israel approves 99.8 percent of all The Defense Ministry weapon requests for export and these weapon inevitably ends up in the hands of ISIS and Shi’a militants.
The Weapon Wizards: How Israel Became a High-Tech Military Superpower” by Yaakov Katz and Amit Bohbot (2017) pg. 8. Katz writes..

“According to Jane’s, British military trade publications. Israel is one of the world’s top 6 arms exporters..since 2007.” 2007 seems to coincide with the raise of ISIS. Katz continues..
“Weaponry alone constitutes about 10 percent of the country’s overall exports..In 2012, its 1,000 defense companies set a new record, exporting 7.5 billion worth of Weaponry”


Superb show. Camp Cancer-Kike is hard wired to getting money and infrastructure from Europe i.e. Germany and Austria, and also shit ton of US “donations” for being such a nice jacuzzi buddy. Most of the stuff is imported and assembled there, and made in the US and Europe. Just check out electronics and insdustry component supplier companies, they will have pissrael on their list.

Cut them off. Snip snip. This is all controlled by the puppets they have in government that keep the policy to export to Camp Cancer-Kike, but this is tied into everybody’s daily bread…

Rollie Quaid

Skylgarir, there is Affrimative action for Hasdaic Gun-runners! LOL Reagan Grants Hasidim ‘Disadvantaged’ Status New York Times, Jun 29, 1984 They were talking about it in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn yesterday. Bearded men in dark coats under a hot sun, men known for their deep spiritual values, their belief in education and hard work, their pride in self-reliance. They were all Hasidic Jews, and they were talking about President Reagan’s decision, announced Wednesday, to add them to a list of minority groups considered ”disadvantaged” by the Government. The list already includes Hispanic people, blacks, Indians and other groups that are considered by the Government to have encountered severe economic problems because of discrimination. The designation means the Hasidim are able to apply for… Read more »

Excellent job Rollie !

Rollie Quaid

Hugo Schmeisser invented the Gerrman Sturmgewehr” (the world’s first assault rifle).

Hugo Schmeisser was working in Izhevsk while Kalashnikov was supposedly developing the AK–47 from 1945 to 1947 in a different plant, in the city of Kovrov.

In October 1945, Schmeisser was forced to work for the Red Army and instructed to continue development of new weapons. He worked for them for 7 years, then died the year he moved back to Germany.

Dmitri Shirayev, a Soviet and later Russian armorer who said that many of the AK-47’s… Shirayev took this position. “The only thing Schmeisser did in Izhevsk was learn to drink vodka,”

Germans invented the AK-47!!! Kalashnikov was at Izhevsk just drink Vodka not Hugo.


The picture emerging for me is that every fucker has reamed some idea form Germany and palmed it off as their own, or at the least robbed it and renamed it. It would not surprise me that the AK is spawned from a German tech, the Ruskis have always hijacked some kind of German in one for or other. I found out today that Bohemia was originally German but thieved as war spoils by the Czek republic. I am seeing the picture here. Danzig, Breslau, Silesia, Boheima etc are all German territory reamed off as spoils of war from Germans.

Rollie Quaid

I got another one fo you.

Uriel Gal was a gun-runner I seriously doubt he designed the Uzi at the age of 21, he ripp off ZK476. Israelis say about the Uzi that it had a “Jewish father and Czech mother”..

And in tradition Jews tradiition the Mother’s race is more imporant than the father.

There is no moral alignment with Uzi it’s purely mercenary gun


What about that? ”
“The only thing Schmeisser did learn in Izhevsk was to drink vodka,” Could be true. It’s a cultural thing Russians love to share with foreigners.hehe

Thank you Rolly, packed with information. Absolute unknown info for me.

Rollie Quaid

Your Welcome. i think it should be a documentary with lot of visuals.

Rollie Quaid

Diveroli told an undercover ATF informant “..Once a gun runner always a gun runner.”

Ladies of RB I have good news! Diveroli is single, he has an Eharomy account, and other dating/relationship accounts on line. He describe himself as “sentive, caring and loves long trips to beach”

What a catch right?!

He wrote in his Memoirs “I am fuckable by any girls standards.”


I watched the movie in your title. Holy fuck. And the jews still dindu nuffin rong. They are not running around killing people with flaming swords and shrieking on horseback. There has to be something going on that we are not in on, no way can they literally hammer into your face that jews are causing all the worlds problems and still come off as the victim. The movie is unreal. People will still laugh and go on about how evil Hitler was and etc etc, and the jew, still the holocuzzer victim. The guy who played the fat kike has the same birthday, I am sure that is no cohencidence. Honestly the jew is the cancer of the universe, this is their playground.

Rollie Quaid

1.) the Fat kid Diveroli uncle is the most famous rabbi in Hollywood rabbi Shmuley Boteach, Madonna’s rabbi and Trump’s confienant.

2.) Bradley Cooper’s character the Israeli Henri Thomet name is all over the “Panama Papers.”

3.) AEY inc Sold to N. Korea, Iran and Hezoballah.

I have way more material, but I have a like problem that is described in this video.


Press Kyle into interviewing me about War Dogs, if you like this material. This information needs to come. I have been following this story since 2009.


I think this movie sums it all up. Scum jews scumming and fucking everyone, but oh no, the jews dindu nuffin rong, they don’t kill people in front of your face, so they must have been gassed. They are all connected, what a surprise LMAO. I guess you can take risks like this when you kikefather is one of the most privileged and richest landholders in LA. It is evident that it all converges on the jew. Hands down undeniable.

I would very much like to have your say on this matter. If anything, this movie is a bit of a gem, for the right eyes to see and ears to hear.

Rollie Quaid

Huffington Post reported ”
War on Terror A Boon For Virginia” By Matthew Blak 04/09/2008.
“..information-technology companies that have played a central role in the government’s response to Sept. 11. The notion of making money off war conjures up notorious companies like Halliburton and Blackwater (and, perhaps now, AEY Inc. ), that supply armed personnel or military equipment. But it is these relatively unknown IT’s… involved in virtually all aspects of the executive branch’s “war on terror.” These companies supply the databases, data-mining and surveillance technology…”


Tried to listen to this, but the host’s voice and delivery forced me to stop.

Rollie Quaid

Ok. Fuck you too buddy.


Your information is great Rollie, but i have to agree with James. Just improve your delivery and it will be okay.

Rollie Quaid

I have no regrets, but I do think this one would be better as a documentary with alot visuals. Who knows, I may pay Morgan Freeman to Narrate it.


Nah keep at it. Maybe try this out though to help delivery.




Great info but delivery could use some work. Reading text is hard to make sound natural. Even the tv guys with teleprompters and years of experience still sound a bit artifical. There’s probably some teleprompter software out there that might make delivery a bit slicker.

The movie war dogs was actually quite entertaining. One of the few watchable ones that I’ve seen lately along with the Big Short.


the lack of professionalism of these renegade hosts never cease to amaze me


it’s obviously a 0 budget production, why don’t you admire their effort. Personally I’m amazed the renegades are still around, keeping up the daily schedule etc.


It’s not their full-time job. Unlike Jews, they don’t get paid for being radio hosts.

the surplus of paulas faggotry never ceases to amaze me