Wildcard: Rollie Quaid – Rundown of Recent Research (1-12-18)

Rollie goes through some of the articles he has recently had published on Renegade Tribune and takes a call from Chris H at the end to talk more about conspiracy culture.

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Great presentation, esp about how this web fits together. (Hollywood & politics). I wish you well in your career- full time at RB. Most of the population have poor critical thinking skills- trash goes into brain somewhere and affects behavior and acceptance. Tristezas!

If I remember correctly Mia Farrow was married to Frank Sinatra during the making of Rosemary’s Baby.

Mia is bluebloods sacred whore of Hollywood she’s married to the covenant and I don’t take any marriage in any church with her seriously much less with an Italian Catholic boy. Her marriage is not only a sham but she’s married to her pimps which is not only limited to Roman Polanski, Lavey, and Woody Allen. Do you believe that actress blow oDirectors one time and they get to be stars? Ronen was born 1987 sorry if I didn’t clarify that, my guest didn’t show and winged this show. If u have any more questions about any project I do ask away.

I wanted to add that just bc Ronen was born not during the filming of Rosemarys mean that that’s not how he was conceived and he is any less a Rosemary’s baby. Also keep in mind that Matthew Previn, MIA eldedest son was born 1970.

I just thought it was an interesting connection given the sleaziness of Sinatra and the Rat pack.

Some guy called the wrong way wizard had some insane sync and continuity on Rosemary’s Baby, but all his blog and videos got deleted, and I will kick myself for not saving them. He came up with some unreal time and space connections to that film and happenings in the current mainstream and how they relate.

Wow this is DEEEEEEP. I see quite a few MMA athletes seem to be hop on the flat Earth and just (((bullshit))) in general even if they don’t explicitly specify… Eddie Bravo for one, and some other MMA people he has had on his show.

On what show did I say the world is flat?

Rollie. You’re very knowledgeable about marshal arts. Very impressive. Wouldn’t want to piss you off, and I’ll see that I don’t. hahaha. I’m older now and someone so versatile can blow out the candle from so many angles and can box out a double leg like Dan Severn with no effort, only tiring the panic of the wrestler. I’ve found the wrestlers when they shoot and get boxed out, after a few attempts they literally lose the will to fight. A very stiff straight kick to the lower chest when they slow down their shoot movement really takes the “want” to fight out of them. They realize at these moments that h.s. wrestling wasn’t the top of the mountain….at all. hahaha Right? I know you… Read more »
Joe Blowgun and Eddie Bravo are merely mouthpieces for the tribe with their vile language non stop and telling our youth it’s cool to be acid droppers and mushroom heads. Look at that cia psychopath Leary. Knew a guy who listen to him “speak” at a college years ago and he was so burnt out he was an utter, nervous wreck. The crowd we so enlightened after seeing he was virtually ruined that the, “ehh, man, Leary is cool”, to “man alive, this guy’s mind is roasted, I’ll never do another drug as long as I live, that bastard.” ahhahaha Seriously. Our gov literally financed the “on purpose” attempt at ruining our wonderful kids. Succeeded in many cases. This crime must be talked about.