Wildcard: Sean – Resisting Maliciously Manufactured Reality (7-7-17)

Sean talks about his own process of awakening to the rough reality we face, takes a number of calls about a variety of subjects, and then gets into the topic of false flags, hoaxes, and potential patsies, as well as the various agendas to disarm and defeat us.

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Call me a conspiracy theorist but this whole show sounded too good to be true. A host sounding like it’s his 100th show not first. His friend calls in who’s also a very polished performer. A second unannounced person calls in and the host knows his name ( does the screen show their names? ) I know America people are very confident, and west & east coast folk even more so, but jewsus, this was like listening to a fed ice production. If i am incorrect about this ( which is usually the case lol, ) i apologize in advance to you fine contributors. I am very heartened to hear intelligent White people discussing jew-made problems. PS Just read chocolate wrapper slave Jay-Z has upset… Read more »

Well…I guess I can take that as a back-handed compliment. I assure you I am not a “performer,” just a well-spoken person who likes to discuss issues with anyone who likes to have well-mannered, thoughtful conversation.

I made my comment before i heard you out yourself in the last 10mins Falon ( why do i hear the “dynasty” theme tune when i say that name lol ). You are a well-spoken mixed race person from a military background. By miscegenating, your parents disqualified you from this pro-White network. You are not a genuine White person, but your agenda was very clear for all to hear. Likewise with “Jason.” Having listened to the show a second time, his speech pattern was very dubious to me, and then he also unfortunately outed himself by saying he used to practice his shooting at fort Bragg lol. Yeah, like normal folk have that everyday facility to use. See, put them under a bit of radio… Read more »

darn; I will have to listen again now

so you are saying there was deceit and misdirection in a show about manufactured reality :p

At the very least, Sean should have asked Kyle if it was alright to speak with a non-White friend. Why do that on your first show? How disrespectful – especially after all the past dramas.

But these jews/traitors rely on that. Their whole thing is disruption. Like Hart, Surplus, Dorsey etc. They know Renegade are the ONLY true opposition. Kyle & Sinead work so hard; they cannot check every person or caller. This is where we all have to step in and help out. Call out these agents.

Do we seriously have to baby sit the hosts? This is what it has come to. The nights are the only time we have to be together without a toddler, and instead, we have to monitor every show. Thank you to the commenters for bringing up these issues. I have yet to listen to the show but will be doing so today.

My secret agent skills are so good, I got you all to listen twice!

Wrong! After reading your scornful reply I will not listen once.

Roberts, you are a fucking faggot troll, in house commentor, why don’t you ever call in? Why are you always the first to comment on every show, even on the weekdays? Do you have no life? Or is it something more? I noticed how you implied I was a fed on the last round table, when I was already scheduled on the Friday slot. Why don’t you step up for a debate on your accusations? I have put out far more personal info than you. Let’s get to know the real (fake) Anthony Roberts-

Let’s do a show, you fucking loser troll-

Judging by your response’s it, sounds like the only people who would want to call in would be your ”friends”… everyone else would get either verbally berated or hung up on. Tone it down and dish out some thoughtful explanations instead of accusations and insults.. in a picture perfect (not currently existing) white world, kindness and nobility wins the day.. it’s the jews who have brought the majority down to the level you regurgitate at.

Someone’s triggered. You’re right, I have no life because of the jews and their shabbos goy. I judge people by their words & actions Sean. I’m an honest person and expect the same back. In my opinion you have not been straight with the listeners in this instance. Why not just explain that your friends were calling in to help you through the 2 hrs? Why didn’t Fallon say she was mixed-race at the beginning? Most people would have listened to what she had to say. As for me being fake, that’s a no. Kyle & Sinead have all my boring details, and they trust me. A straight White male, Welsh/Irish stock, never married and no children. That’s my real name, 53 next month, and… Read more »

Somebody is sick of your bullshit- put up or shut up. I’m calling you out.

Not buying the mr belvedere routine.

You’re to be admired Anthony. hebrewdom has done a number in my life as well (you probably wouldn’t even believe me if I told you). “Sean,” you’ve reached a new low and I’m not even going to bother reading any of your incoherent ramblings and invectives. Besides, I get the strong impression that Anthony, or any of the other persons you’ve attacked, would mop the floor with you in a debate 😁

Let’s do a show, shitbag-

yikes Sean… what do you think a show with you and Anthony would sound like? Most of us listener’s don’t feel like listening to a highschool yelling match.. We don’t have time to waste.

I would respond, but why bother, you guys got it all figured out , lol.

No no, maybe I just need to come clean. I got my superior broadcasting skills in supersecret agent school in quantico Virginia, where I was first teamed my supersecret, deepcell cohorts Jason and Fallon who fell in love with each other despite the warning of the supersecret, deepcell community (hitherto referred to as the SSDC) and became a couple. We know that agents sometimes die carrying out their missions, especially infiltration of internet podcasts, but we are fearless and committed to the cause of fake exposing of fake tradjedies. We will continue on our mission, be it here, or anywhere duty calls. Durka Durka Durka.

When I’m exceptionally busy, I will listen to an unfamiliar podcaster while doing twenty other things.. I listen here and there, and if it sounds like quality material I want to retain, I will listen again with more dedication. While the controversy as to whether Sean is an ”agent” or whatever is interesting, I won’t be listening to this one over again.. It was at the point in the podcast where the host mentioned his niece, and something along the lines that he would prefer not having to tell her the truth, even though she was interested and wanted to know.. He started talking some whiny shit about ”oh it’s a lonely road, and I don’t want that for her, even though she is inquiring… Read more »

Well said Amber.

She learned the truth from me, idiot.

Hey dickhead was I talking to you?? For your info (and you’re not worthy of a response after that), I agreed with what Amber said in general about how people love to live a lie and how castrated society is. You know something big mouth, I thumbs downed a couple of comments on here about you I thought were unjust and was ready to even comment against what I perceived (THEN) as being overly harsh criticism of your sorry ass…thanks for sparing me that task.


Wow! You sound like a really honorable guy Sean… not! Calling people fags? Is that the level we should all stoop to when someone just calls us out once or twice? You just blew it right there in my book. And yes, this show sounded really set up to me. You’ve been suspect since the first day I heard you call in & the way you’re reacting now is only solidifying the suspicion.

He has done a pretty good job of guaging her progress as she matured. She has a pretty good radar and learns at her own pace. He has never kept the truth from her and always answers her questions without holding back the truth. I agree with you. I have never hidden the truth from my kids and have always guided them, as they went along.

Thanks for the show Sean. Would be great to hear from you often. —- I think the lady, especially at the very end, made it selfishly clear why it has been said by many that race-mixing is the “original sin”. If the lady happens to read this comment, hopefully by the end of finishing it she’ll realize why her “freedom to not discriminate” and a non-sequitur description she gave about it has been the very source of why we are in this dire situation here today. In terms of understanding humanity and what they call as “social sciences”, the ability to discriminate is the very byproduct of human and animal intelligence. Since the end of WW2, The (((enemy))) has done everything to destroy the sense… Read more »
I don’t think I made it selfishly clear, unless you are referring to the fact that I have to accept my own cultural background. I agree that this is a new issue for humanity, caused largely by the addition of transportation such as boats, trains, and planes. We now have people living in areas they never would have been able to get to in the not so distant past. Unless a person is living in the area of their ancestors, they are contributing to the “mixing” of the human race. This is the world we live in and must accept the current situation. As for discrimination, and the right or ability to do so, I believe it is a very old trait of humanity. The… Read more »

My people have not lived in their native land for several generations and we have not mixed and will not mix. We discriminated when it came to choosing a mate instead of turning our backs on our ancestors and race as your parents did.
Renegade might not be for you, you might chose a mestizo site were they promote the freedom not to discriminate. I find it suspect when someone slips this kind of bullshit in at the end of a show.

Oh yah, I know bullshit when I see/hear it. lol

Well congratulations on perpetuating your lineage as is your right to do, and perhaps you should be thanked for “keeping it in the family.” I think after ancestry research you’d be surprised, though I doubt it would change your mind. For all you know, my parents “look white,” so I’m not really sure what you mean by you have not mixed. Are you referring to a ethnicity or color? I didn’t realize I was going into Voldemorts lair when I called in, apparently I’m not “pure-blood” enough for you. But I assure you genetic diversity has done me well. I find it refreshing that you suggest a “Metizo” site, since I am fortunate enough to have never heard this term in my life. I would… Read more »

You push Diversity, have incest on the brain, are a half breed mestizo and a Harry Potter fan, did the alt right send you here? Get a dictionary Miss Mestizo.

I have and use the dictionary, and many other bound paper things which contain knowledge. Unlike many who believe their opinion is right, I do not care if you have a different life or opinion. One of these days I hope my fellow working class Americans will wake up and realize who the real enemy is. They are manufacturing a division, to keep us from joining forces to overthrow them. Call me whatever you want, your opinion becomes invalid the second you seek to demean me.

I ‘am right and have the right to maintain my race and culture. You are manufacturing my peoples genocide when you promote mixing the races. You are a mestizo by definition and have no validity when you push diversity.

So, what race are you?

Agree completely. Divide and conquer based on any division they can create, the most effective tool of the masters. As evident here as in the mainstream media. I like to refer to it as the incinerator of progress. We are like ants being poked by a stick, attacking each other as they laugh and step up their game. This is nothing new. I find it interesting how there is never a single “like” under your point…In fact 16 “dislikes” identifying the absolute truth, the agenda behind halting progress of the very movement they claim to support (!?)

lol Are you really blaming the inventions of the White man on the JEW pushed White genocide? Hold on. Let me tell Varg about you. You’re perfect for his shitty videos.

The biggest problem besides the money system, which is the jewish elephant in the room that must be addressed every chance anyone gets, is the disconnect from the natural environment that is nurtured early on through the jewish school systems where the kids sit under fluorescent lights during the best hours of each day, completely isolated from the beautiful REAL world which the jews replace with their FAKE world that they have us believe is the REAL world.

Sean I’m guessing you’re not going to do another show?

Hey Sean just listened to your show , I think you have a few good points. I’m trying to hire someone myself and i agree with you it’s hard to find good hard working people at all and they do have a obnoxious mentality . My two cents on/for your detractors would be that if we constantly look for ways to divide ourselves even further than were just playing the big Jew game the best . If there is a person of mixed origin that’s for our cause than that’s great and I’ll accept their help wherever it can be utilised to further OUR goals. The similarity should be accentuated and nurtured towards what we all know needs to happen first in every true ethnic… Read more »

Gold and silver? The jews own all the gold and silver for all intents and purposes. The jew scam already has worked. They exchanged magical paper for all the gold and silver. You can call gold and silver money now… and you end up with the same reality. The jews own it all.

As well, Whites are so conditioned and mind controlled that even when they are jew-wise they still think and see reality, and see life, very similar to the way the jews do. They still function as jewish people do. They’re not Aryan. They still want jewish reality, except with the jews removed.

I never got (or missed) the name of the lady on the show, Sean… This isn’t really towards you or Renegade… This is to “Latinos” Ahem, first of all..etymology…root word…is? (Obviously) LATIN… Latin is “ancient/early” Southern European languages… Ahem, a EUROPEAN/CAUCASOID/”WHITE” language of the Mediterranean – based & followed after the Greek/Greco-Roman/Persian-Rus linguistics…I’m no linguist expert or have a piece if (horribly unstable & decrepit “paper”) paper in a frame (that cost $100,000)….nope, so that have one! Nor do I need one… (side note..it’s sarcasm but a good idea actually…I’ll go into the “ministry” & become a “Father”/priest…robed “holy” ASS….why? SHEKELS…free shekels…plus silently, but deadly, spread the truth – until they kick me..but I’d be quiet enough to make tons of free, non-taxed, shekels/money while… Read more »

Sorry….dumbass spell check makes me sound retarded & I need some sleep so..didn’t edit…great show Sean!! Would love to hear ya more & more!

Actually Falonius is a Basque Spainard and German, therefore 100% European, didn’t care to explain to these Trolls. Thanks for one of the few reasonable comments.

great job Sean; thanks for stepping up

Thanks for the feedback and the interesting comments. I really enjoyed the experience.

I agree….great show Sean! Please come back soon!

Sometimes you want to believe there is still something real out there, but there isn’t. When you get back to that fundamental truth, all the bullshit dries up and blows away.

Thanks for taking my call, Sean! Really enjoyed participating in the discussion!

Haha- why do I ever even pay attention? This is all fake, just like everything else.

Your totally right! Let’s just quit and continue the complacency! I’m sure Trump will fix EVERYTHING for us in his second term… maybe we can get him to run for a third and he and Putin will save the White Race!!!!! Phew! I was getting tired of thinking about all these tough and confusing topics anyways.. Problem solved! Thanks Jews! I mean, Thanks Sean!! In the mean time, since we’ve now come back again to the high school conclusion that everything is fake, and it’s all just an illusion – there’s sure to be a festival near you for the coming eclipse where I’m sure we’ll be able to escape this paradigm for a day, solve nothing, and drown out the world with womp womp… Read more »

Maybe your head hurts because you are mind controlled by illusionary distractions like race wars and you believe that repeating jew hating mantras (over and over, in response to EVERY point, even unrelated) is the way to invoke change and overthrow tyranicall goverment. Shrieking “Jew hate” . Yeah. That”ll do it.
What thinking? What tough and confusing topics? The only thing I see confusing is the constant chaos of race hate infiltrating and overtaking every potentially productive subject…

I must have missed the potentially productive subject you brought up that we weren’t debating… My previous response was clearly steeped in sarcasm. By the way – I don’t necessarily ”hate jews”. I hate what they do. I hate how they have injected such animosity and cruelty between the races by controlling nearly every media outlet, the recording industries, the educational sectors, health ”care”, global governments, disgusting hollywood, worldwide banking/deathly debt, and every other nefarious thing you can think of! My skin crawls when I read their ”holy books” and I know not only their disdain for anyone who is not a jew, but their out right stated plans to turn the world into an EVEN WORSE cess pit than it already is!!! I want… Read more »

by the way – don’t you think that throwing out the hundreds of dual (Israel/USA) citizen’s in American political power positions would help end the ”tyrannical government” we both know exists?

Who’s allegiance do these dual citizens have?
America’s or Israel’s?

I understand and agree with your points on the industry, media etc.
As far as Sean goes, I did not agree with how he handled the situation and told him that. I tried to post my opinions yesterday but it didnt come through.
He was angry and hurt by the comments, but he is a good person. His intentions were in the right place. I can tell you that 100 percent. He didnt “script” anything and his goal was to do a good show. He did .

Sean freaked out. A lot. More than normal people do. He literally commented, “Fag.” as an entire comment. I don’t trust unstable people. I am unstable(truly) but I am practicing controlling myself.
“His show was good. He’s good.”

He doesn’t seem okay. In this Jewish world, we cannot help each other except in a rabbinic, antagonistic manner; scrutiny is a must. We’re killing each other to the point of extinction.

Call me an agent, and I will respond by….. or maybe I won’t. It isn’t personal. It’s Jewish. Anything personal is irrelevant to the degree of proximity to our destruction. Yes, everything is Jewish. People still eat meat because we all know, instinctively, the priority is external.

”The only thing I see confusing is the constant chaos of race hate infiltrating and overtaking every potentially productive subject…”

Take off your rose tinted glasses’ dear.
Imagine the world humming along undisturbed for another ten years… then twenty.. thirty….

What do you think it’s going to look like for you?
For your children?

Sure there are a lot of topic’s to discuss, but if you really ”can’t see color” or any other difference’s between the races, your not ready for Renegade yet.

Maybe you could listen to some of the show’s on the network pertaining to health and comment there?

Best of luck to you Steph, I have no ill will to you or Sean.

Thanks. Agreed.

Anyone who is “not allowed ” to thumb up or down a comment should post a comment saying so-