Wildcard: Shield Maiden, John, & Batman – Toxic Times (10-13-16)


Shield Maiden, John, and Batman talk about a number of pressing issues and vent their frustrations. Topics include: disgust over the elections, the degeneracy of jewish media, the toxic world and its health repercussions, stupid sports, and much more.

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John A

Thanks Renegade (Kyle, Shaun and EVERYONE) for the opportunity! I am no longer a broadcast virgin. Thanks Sinead for always keeping my head swimming with ideas and for directly and indirectly giving me things to talk about by putting out EDGY and informative videos. 🙂 Thanks chatters for always being so cool. And thanks Batman and Shield Maiden for the nudge and not telling me I’m a dick for talking too much. Damn you’d think I just won an award or something, pfffft! Well it was very awesome in every way. If you are on the fence about trying this, as Batman mentioned, DO IT! It’s not as hard as I thought it would be. It’s like hanging out with friends and talking about shit… Read more »


Cheers John! 😉

Anthony Roberts

What a team! I thought your chatroom banter was good – but this, wow. Thank you Shield maiden, John and Batman ( where’s Robin? night off? ) Beattie boy is spot on. The calibre of folk at Renegade is outstanding – you all sound like seasoned pros – awesome job! Great talking points. People wasting their life energy on (((politicians))) If only they spent 5% on pro-white activity. And Trump, oh my word – what a sleazy, slimy, scumbag lech. He looks exactly what he is – picture him selling $800 cars. Then they send this corrupt billionaire money!!! Don’t get me started on all the degenerates in ((( entertainment))) Having said that, the jews have perverted all avenues of our lives. You guys give… Read more »

John A

Morgellon Stanley, HA! Yes they design that money paper it seems, with a homing device that always brings it back to them. You have a way with words brother. Thanks for the vote of confidence, we all appreciate it I’m sure. Yeah my ex is a lost cause….she remarried quickly (husband #3) and shuts me out of everything. I’d take her to court if I could afford it, but I can’t unfortunately. Glad you enjoyed the show 🙂

Great combo of hosts. On a roll !


Great show people.
Nice to hear Shaun at the end 🙂

Really great show guys!

Got to ask you about something. Im Swedish and Im following the Nordic Resistance Movement over there and Im allways on their site nordfront.se. Today I find an article from Eric Striker out of dailystormer writing some proTrump crap. Im calling them right out but do you guys have something on this Erik Striker? he’s also there now in the comment section promoting some resent Trump speech. people there are getting hooked on the shit and its worriesome, this alt-right stuff is some how finding its way into the organisation, I dont know if its getting puched in or draged in but the pro-trump sentiments have grown stronger and stronger and its making me ill, and worried where this is going..

#1 goy

likely paid opposition, or just another degenerate with too much time on his hand. you found your way here; stick and stay!

Nick Spero

Yes I am aware of Eric Striker. I used to follow him on Twitter until he started acting like your everyday AltRight chump. His content has gone downhill during the election cycle.

Here’s his personal website: http://thesocialnationalist.com/ & his Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pr0tocolsrReal

John A

Oh GODS! This article on his site is ridiculously ridiculous… http://thesocialnationalist.com/trump-as-world-historical-person-and-why-our-revolution-is-near/ You know these people are full of shit when they talk about Trump and his daddy as if they are/were a force against Jewish control…a “cosmic phenomenon” lmwao, what a joke! I can’t believe this is just a lack of insight… I link to this page whenever someone tries to tell me Trump is gonna fight the kikes: https://thezog.info/who-controls-donald-trump/

Donald Drumpf is in Debt to Goldman Sach’s Beijing China to the tune of $650Mil.

Not just 650 million $. Drumpf went personally bankrupt earlier and owes Jewish bankers it all. See this video Chris Dorsey https://youtu.be/L-mZsgY9Yu4

yeah, that endlink is a killer and I have used it to slap about stiffnecks plenty but for some toll’boothe-dummies the coin just wont drop. wrestling with them is so frustrsting behind a screen, i wish i could punch the obvious right into their actual face insted. damn office warfare..

John A

You can pretty much bet, anyone flogging Trumpism and the altright, is either retarded or working for the enemy. Dailystormer is pretty much all you have to say. I don’t know much about Striker, other than the name is familiar. I just noticed Mr. Spero already answered the question for you, always on the spot, that guy….AND WITH LINKS! Links EVERYWHERE! haha 🙂

appriciated. yes its lika a damn virus. They drop a crappy article and the kids in there go – oh Trump is cool, oh what a champ. I dont go lightly on them but they are so fucking many. Im monitoring nordfront and their comment section everyday and I imply inthere all the good truth you guys are putting forward here. So im stick with you for sure, hard hitting is my way aswell. The Nordic resistance movment is growing big and is a force against judea so my main concern is to help keep it as clean as possible but as i say i see it veering alot against Trumpetism lately.. Thanks for all your great shows and articles – a wealth of information.… Read more »

Thors Disciple

Awesome Thor’sDay Show you 3! In regards to the Renegade products, the Zazzle shop canned my Shekelstein design a couple of weeks ago (shirts, stickers, posters), you can check the ThunderHammerDesigns twitter spot ( @ThunderHammerD ) where I posted the ‘memo’ Lol. But it’s still alive and well in our Spreadshirt shop for now, unfortunately they don’t do stickers. The stickers do come in a couple different sizes as mentioned by Batman in the Show, the small come on a sheet of 20 which is nice and I think they’re good for ‘smaller’ type enclosures, whereas if your going outside big scale, the larger size is obviously the choice. Of course they are only used for legal purposes on your own property as to not… Read more »

Robert Heimdal

Great show I really enjoyed it. Very entertaining. Do it again guys (and lady). Cheers.


It’s interesting that we know from Holocaust tales that Jews had gold fillings. Mercury was intended for the despised goyim. I always wondered how anyone thinks mercury is could be a suitable material for filling teeth. Answer: hatred of the goyim.


I would recommend this show to a friend.


If she sexually mutilated your son she probably can’t face the reality that everything she believed is a lie. Easier to remain in a mindless daze. http://sexuallymutilatedchild.org/