Wildcard: Sinead, Seamstress, Chris, Drew (11-10-16)


Sinead, Southern Seamstress, chris dorsey, and Drew get together to discuss controlled opposition, the reaction to Trump’s selection, the role of Russia in this all, China China China, and more.

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Through their actions/association always and many through explicit statements the Feds/counter intelligence agents always out themselves. Occupy/Black lives Matter organizer Nathan Stickel say he is an FBI informant surrounded by his COMRADES. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uTNb_S70pA

Very interesting theory, the pussy grabbing video is part of a larger strategy to divide whites while setting Trump up as a pressure valve who will pacify whites.

Since the polls were falsified, it would have been possible for TPTB to know Trump was going to win, especially in the electoral college.

Tough to know what to make of it, but certainly whites are being manipulated in some way. It was the Jew York Police Department that hyped Clinton’s emails at the end.

Great show – educational and entertaining. You all chip-in when needed, true friends! I think Shaun used Sinead as his planned brexit – Sinexit! He may have issues with women in general. Does he love but blame mom for not protecting him and his siblings from the predatory dad? Also, the irony of blasting that other schemer, John Friend, for stealing people’s money. Well Mr O’Surplus ( he gave a surname? out on air ), or Mr Burns, enjoy your week of free food and (12) beers on me in the States – doh! Bon appetit, alright! I’ve got this feeling that Trump will end up swimming with the Gefilte fishes before the end of his first term. He will have served his purpose of… Read more »
Sir Algernon Farnsworth
Paul Fromm is an RCMP stooge and best buds with FBI informant, Don Black and CIA asset, David Duke. Paul Fromm travels the worldwide White Nationalist circuit, keeping the Canadian Federal government up to date on the latest goings on via his weekly briefings via the RCMP (Raping Co-workers Mounted Police or Royal Corrupt Mounted Police). The RCMP were just nailed with a 100 million dollar settlement for raping, sexually assaulting and being generally horrific to their female officers since the 70’s. There is no cap on the settlement amount either, as the amount owed may go way beyond the 100 million original payment. The RCMP have been involved in corruption and criminal activities for decades. An excellent example of criminal activity of the RCMP,… Read more »

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson pictured holding gun on Israeli tank near Syrian border
TOM POWELL Friday 11 November 2016

Good point Sinead made about rich people. They live in their own bubble and are very cheap. They can’t give a dollar to valet attendants but have hundreds in their wallet? Nothing wrong with wealth and private property, but how can you be so disconnected to reality?

Who knows if Melania Trump is a tranny. I don’t think she is, many Russian women are tall and have strong facial features. That said I wouldn’t put it past them, so much of what the masses are shown is fake. There are young boys that are kidnapped and have their genitals chopped off, so you never know.

Programming and scripts. Sad that Kyle would have to rebuild in this respect. Highly suspicious not to share this data. It seems there are multiple instances of this kind of behavior. I think it can be chalked up to a character flaw as opposed to a change agent operative.

Nice hearing a young lady’s again lead a show. Know one would know you were nervous unless you tell us and that you should never do. Take hold and be the strength you posses and it will radiate naturally. Not surprised about the loss in the network as it was obvious by the excessive ass kissing and perv obsession with “white knighting” women of the network. A sure sign of the opposite nature cloaked in excess. You very well may have lost a low level operative for a much more savvy articulate and well placed pentagon related “savior” oh so willing to pick up the slack say the right things with energy and vigor “for a movie. Trust the silent intelligent soft spoken “outsider” that… Read more »

All this I’ve been hearing, in addition to the young lady’s (Seamstress?) account shed’s different (and not so surprising) light on Slurpus.

Interesting case study

Sir Algernon Farnsworth

What do you call a chinaman leaning against a fence?


Structural integrity tester

Enjoying the replay. I’m REALLY enjoying the original music from Riverdance during the breaks too. That show might be a good topic for research at some point as well. When it first came out it was a celebration of traditional Irish heritage and culture. It made Irish people proud to be Irish. Since then you cannot find an original copy of that video or DVD.. since then you cannot find an original copy of that video or DVD. It went into litigation. they read did the show to include niggers and make it ‘diverse’ and about the Atlantic slave trade as though they have anything to do with Irish heritage. It’s really disgusting what they did to it. I guess (((they))) just could not have… Read more »

does anybody else think its weird that ivanka trump chopped off MOST of her face? l am so creeped out that they essentially chiseled her down to make her look white as a teen. that cant be good for a childs self esteem. what is that? who does that to their child?

Let’s see whether a Trump presidency will protect us from black savages, or not. “The First Executive Order Trump must repeal – the one that encourages black crime” video at ColinFlahertyYouTubeChannel, is right. Local governments should be allowed to pull out the most violent students, put them into reform schools and such.

Yea right. When can we start pushing back? The muz are already going full spastic akbar as they always do. Time to start cocking and locking