Wildcard: Steed, Chris H, Heathen Vegan – English Natural Nationalism (1-9-18)

Steed hosted a show which initially covered recent arrests that have taken place in the UK whereby nationalist have been targetted.

Steed, Heathen Vegan and Chris H then went on to discuss how we are being disconnected from our natural solutions through modern media and a political environment where people don’t want to think for themselves.

The programmed main stream society that demonises voices that challenge the controlled narrative that has been won with our blood sweat and tears for jewish masters who only wish to destroy our natural spirit.

Some talk on controlled opposition including the alt-right, Brexit as a distraction and mass culture that is now using technological means to programme our very thoughts through analytics.

Solutions were brought up including how truly connecting to ourselves as individuals we naturally connect to the true collective, thus breaking the paradigm of individualism vs collectivism.

This could be seen as a follow-up show to the following > http://www.renegadebroadcasting.com/wildcard-heathen-vegan-speaks-chris-english-sunrise-9-27-17/

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“Rule yid-tania, yid-tania rules the waves…home of sicko’s, satanists & child-raping gays!”

Does me h’art proud to hear my fellow British men – true White men. Great show and insights guys.

Our owners have done everything to shut down convo. White people used to meet in pubs, libraries, clubs, corner shops and post offices etc. All closed or “diversified.”

The yoof have all been “groomed” to only speak over crypto-space and self-snowflake (ie snitch on their own race!)

PS Thank you Renegade and you wonderful American (& Euro) people for giving British folk a voice, and platform for the great awakening to come.

Hi Anthony , do they have public notice boards where you can pin up notes over there in the UK that are not censored or controlled by another person you don’t know that has to authorize its content before you pin it up on the board? Over here we have created hundreds of all and only White race communities for the last 17 years using that method of meetings in our local areas . A lot of W.P.P.O. people use it to meet because the description of the y group is specific and simple and nice and easygoing and most importantly states in the description that if anyone claiming to be an org. Member makes the org. Look bad to the White race they are… Read more »

We don’t Truthguy. They’re glass fronted cabinets by me, and guarded by an army of local ‘do-gooders’ (lions charity dupes or christards etc). We have benches and bus shelters, but every busy location has (((cctv))) towers, and most shops/garages have cameras also.

Leave anything about race or the truth about White genocide, and plod would be knocking on your door quicker than you could say George Orwell. I have left Renegade notes in a city centre (Coventry) before, but just too many cameras, police and migrant eyes watching to do it on a permanent basis. #ShatteredNerves lol.

I figured it was like that in bigger cities , how about smaller ones? I think realistically if you can’t meet in person to organize to live around people of like thinking because of connection notes/messages being taken down your living in a Anti White race controlled area . I don’t see things getting better there, Now that you are awake ,move to where you can post notices on boards without having them taken down.

Hey Truthguy, Anthony is correct and our cctv environment does extend to smaller villages too. Moving is not really an option to avoid this level of surveillance, unless of course we moved outside of the UK. Which as appealing as this may seem on a personal level, is for me not an option. Me and Steed mentioned once that we had visited the great Uffington white horse around 3 thousand years old and Weylands Smithy about 5 thousand years old. What I didnt mention was that I have traced my family to that area rite back into the 1600s, meaning it is highly likely, because people didnt move around very much in the past, that some of my direct blood ancestors had a hand in… Read more »

In my opinion awake White RACE people that can still procreate MUST keep themselves alive to do so with other White RACE people that are AWAKE WE are too valued to our RACE to risk being gone . Other non awake ones with grown kids can get involved with anti White loud disscussions when they can’t take their being controlled anymore . The. Awake ones that can reproduce must be saved.

You should stick to mantra talking points if you are going to post anything in public. They don’t attack any racial group so if you get harassed people will see you being harassed simply for opposing the genocide of your own race. It’s been the most effective propaganda for pro-Whites in decades. Anti-Whites love it when you attack other races because it makes it easy to paint you as some “hater”. If you stick to talking about how diversity/multiculturalism is a program of White genocide then anti-Whites are on the defensive. Diversity/multiculturalism isn’t a racial group and can’t be defended with thought crime laws. This is effective propaganda. Designed by a pro: https://youtu.be/JXbA4grmEJU There is a reason why controlled opposition like Spencer, Anglin and Duke… Read more »
The mantra is fine for awakening people ,but, to really move forward Awake White race people MUST meet other normal average , or above ,Awake White race in their local areas to form all and only White RACE communities based on White RACE (Almost pure genetically), preservation and reproduction. To stop White race genocide . It might already be too late to recover the Almost pure genetically ,White race members , but we Must do it . The only way is to post notices on local public notice boards starting With WRG to meet in person ,drive to other close cities and post there as well .There is no time left to procreate enough almost pure 93.75 percent White race genetics to recover our numbers… Read more »

Meeting pro-Whites in real life and forming all White communities starts with your family and friends and maybe neighbours. Then it extends from there. If you cast a wide net by posting on public notice boards you better be an expert on spotting anti-White subversives because they will come.

Truthguy Constantly running away to places where there is no apparent surveillance is not a an option. Why should we have to be ousted off our own land. Again, pandering to the invading impulse does nothing but strengthen it’s influence purely because no resistance or challenge. And where is this place of no surveillance? Every square milllimetere is under surveillance, so unless you want to live on a rusty boat wreck 3 miles off the coast, which is also most likely under surveillance. DOn’t you see how this works? Keep on bowing down and just let them take more and more. In fact, let’s just go all the way: why not just wrap it neatly in some paper, tie a ribbon around it and give… Read more »

One of the National Action guys is actually being charged for ‘plotting’ to post ‘offensive notices’ at a university. We don’t know what those notices are, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they were as tame as ‘It’s okay to be white’; honestly! That’s how bad things are getting in the UK.

Excellent convocation from the Isle. I agree that the State is constantly piss testing people’s reactions. They do this on all scales, councils do this with their town planning adjustments. They throw it out to the public, then they get the reaction, then they alter their strategy. They NEVER concede to the serfs. It ends up with the usual, protracted, gradualist change over time and by then the public don’t care or cant be bothered to gather up their own opposition, and no one wants to give the time for something that will inevitably happen anyway.

Speaking of spirited English folk, there’s a movie (that doesn’t suck) called The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant (2005) about a Cornwall young woman who steals something and is put on a ship to Australia as a convict. Her fighting spirit carries her through, and it also shows the conditions and injustice of the times (1700s, I think), and how she becomes a heroine to her people. I’d like to see more movies like that, to connect us back to Mother England, those of us who descend from the expansion of our folk that way. I love hearing your voices, so many great insights. I noticed a flatness after the holidays in people, instead of renewal and I think it’s a sign of full emersion… Read more »

Thanks Callwen – nice insight! I believe that keeping our folk’s spirits high is going to be vital in 2018, as we’re going to be facing a lot of hopelessness and injustice. I hope to do whatever I can – both occasionally on Renegade and in my other pursuits which I cannot discuss.
We must meet in person, or at least connect with nature and the wisdom/mysteries of our ancestors. If we turn only to the digital realm for comfort, we’ll find little of sustenance.

What’s happening to the English and white Americans seems to me we’re being aggressively subsumed in the diverse monoculture. There’s the derogatory ‘wasp’ acronym here in America, and some sense that it’s not a culture at all. Cucktianity is a shadow over our folk though going back so many generations. I found out recently from one of those tests (not 23 and me) that I’m 96% – ‘Great Britain’ origin DNA, and they include Wales and Scotland in that. But even I have downplayed the English lineages in my family, which are likely more prominent than I had realized. And yet when I was there back in the 80s it felt so familiar and I experienced a unique Englishness where I was in Cambridge. It’s… Read more »

You fellas talked about divide and conquer, and I saw a clip of a show recently called ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ – you have the elder ‘racist’ and the young ‘liberals.’ It led to a spin off in America, ‘Archie Bunker’s Place,’ which I loathed growing up.
The Dad character is worried about Pakis coming in, and the young equally annoying son in law ridicules “Old Enoch (Powell)” for thinking immigrants will live in mud huts outside London. Really spooky when you think of what’s happened to London, and how they created this shows in anticipation of rightfully angry working class people seeing their culture lost.

Yes, it reminds me how many years ago I was mocked for suggesting that the EU would seek to form an EU Army, and to form a ‘USE’ (United States of Europe). And now that it’s a mainstream proposition, the same types of people who mocked me are simply saying that it’s a good thing.

It’s the same with the overall drive for white genocide. Our ideological opponents used to say that “it’ll never happen”, and now that it clearly is they simply say “good! The world will be better off without whites.”

People would rather see the death of their people than unite with their ideological opponents. The ultimate use of ‘divide and conquer’.

Speaking of the EU, did you hear that EU / UN / Goldman Sachs’ Peter Sutherland died on Jan 8th?

I really like how you are all beyond parties / trans-partisan – I came from the liberal side of things too. I try to plant seeds on both sides, and see some promising movement on both at times.

The son in law was played by Tony Booth. His daughter is Cherie Blair QC, wife of ex PM jew Tony Blair. Anyone would think all this was scripted by jews.

The place and name ‘England’ was erased a long time ago Callwen. The jews, their media and cont-opp far-right grps have successfully linked the name, flag and people to neo nazis and football hooligans. Even jew PM Cameron, was slated for raising the English flag on St Georges day at no10. Of course it was all for (((show))) and done to inflame all sides, and cause further hatred. We English have to bow to the multicultural “union jack,” which also reinforces the slave trade lie. The jews also used the div & conq agenda with nasty “little Englanders” against the 3 celtic nations, and all that past (((history))). Then we have the artificial “British asian” & “Afro Carribean” monikers given to the hindu, mussie &… Read more »

“I’m an Englishman” – vid makes me tear up and I’m not English, well I am, deep down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KsljBj3UEI

The English are being treated like non-persons – already fading into the background. Similar thing happening here. So many of the same tactics used with Zog-US, like the orchestration of the ‘Civil War’ and demonization of Southern battle flag. The use and abuse of the army here to further the global goals, to be followed by demonization of ‘Old Glory.’ I was shocked to read in Gulag Archipelago that many veteran Soviet soldiers were put in the gulags and those that had been POWs treated like traitors. It seems (((they))) cover their tracks with genocide of the ones that they used as a host. It’s also to destroy the memory of what had gone before. The ones who created the very foundation of England and… Read more »

So true Anthony and Callwen. This is why HV and I did the ‘Ancient Anglo’ show; the English have been scapegoated for so long now, as the evil nation who enslaved the Celts and Hindus. Then we get it from our own side saying we condemned the world to hell by opposing the Germans. There is some truth to that, but we were manipulated. The reason we have been easily manipulated is that we ourselves have been an occupied and enslaved nation for centuries. Obviously there’s a lot more to this than I can mention here, and more than HV and myself had time to go into in the Ancient Anglo show.

@56:12 What Steed is saying about the internet being essentially the pseudo-human network (addictive because it can get you social connections and exposure very very quickly), I would call the Simulation. Everybody is a community, a collective BUT all fragmented and only through dead re-presentational media. Even this text you are reading, it isn’t ME, it is a dead, and fabricated version of my presence and expression. What (((they))) want is effectively to control the Territory with their Map. The Real is hostage to the Simulation, and even to the point where the Real the disappears into the Simulation.

It doesn’t matter that the text isn’t you. Is the bible and other abrahmic insanity the real people behind it? The ideas spread regardless.

I think you are missing the point.

You’ve put it better than I Skalgarir. This is something I believe to be of utmost importance, and it crosses into the realm of the spiritual war being waged (which, if you listen to the Solar Path show I did with HV, you’ll know is something I’m deeply interested in). The Archontic forces of the Demiurge are artificial and everything they create is artificial, not imbued with the divine spark. The Internet is an artificial equivalent to the real, spiritual network running through the folk soul. We have the sun and fire vs artificial light; vitamins in tablet form as opposed to organic fruit and veg; porn instead of sex; statutory laws instead of natural laws; multiculturalism instead of true diversity… and so on. Everything… Read more »
No no you did a good job sir. It is the same thing as these sex-bots, the more real they become the further they are removed from Reality. At the end of it, the movement becomes more complex. but there is no Soul, it is the sythetic dead machine, that at the base is not a life form, but binary digits; mechanical matter banging against each other with no Conscience. It mimics the movements but it is inherently undead. Matter in motion but with no actual Life force, just like the computer Simulation. It walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, but it isn’t one. It is actually a DARPA droid. Had you all there didn’t I?!!?!?

They are trying to map behaviour: the Effect, in order to establish a Cause, one that algorhytmically comparable to a real sentient being by analysing repeatedly patterns and behavioural movements/interactions in order to build a predictable and producible model.

Well put Steed, it is the great inversion and perversion. It is the mechanisation and effective death of nature, that is then re-created as a dead version of itself.

Y’all should make this a bi-monthly or bi-weekly occurrence. Can’t be connected 24/7 but I try to get my info when I can. That being said, I really enjoyed this episode. Gives me hope knowing that you guys have met each other and are expressing what we all feel.

I would like to hear Steed & HV do another show together soon maybe first. I have an annoying delay with my audio atleast for now, so on my end I would prefer to wait a little. I also want to speak with other people and see what other projects can be brought together. However it is great the 3 of us finally got together on the same show. I would like to do a show with Steed at some point. (It got a bit frustrating having to time when I spoke because I had to take into account the lag.)

Great show guys, hope to hear more from both of you.

There were 3 of us Matthew. Which both of you do you mean?

Yes or course, my bad Steed keep up the great work!

ok good. Maybe speak with you some time

No problem Matthew, and thanks. Chris and HV are certainly the better known names round here.

I hadn’t heard about National Action discussing killing politicians before. That’s always going to cause you dramas. People need to be very careful about pro-Whites they meet up with in real life. Even if they aren’t government agents they could be clueless idiots that will cause you dramas. Years ago in Australia we had the ANM led by Jack Van Tongeren. I met one of their younger members just after he had narrowly escaped jail for being associated with those clowns. The ANM were going around committing burglaries to fund their operations and burning down Asian restaurants. Pretty much everything they did hurt nationalism and eventually their members. Meeting pro-Whites in real life isn’t always a positive thing. Especially if you dont have the skills… Read more »

It’s a good point WhiteWolf, but please bear in mind I only know one of the ex-NA guys through a Heathen group. I would not have directly approached NA as I knew they were asking for trouble. Also, note that everything we know about these two men supposedly plotting to kill a politician is from the MSM. And even if what the MSM are saying is true, all it amounts to is some emails which may or may not have been in jest.

But like I said, it’s a good point, especially now that the UK Tory government seems to be excercising ‘guilt by association’. it won’t be long before merely speaking with ‘criminals’ makes you one too.

Discussing killing politicians in emails even in jest is probably worse than openly calling for their death. Being supposedly private communication it suggests a conspiracy to actually make it happen.

It sounds pretty draconian over in the UK. As for speaking with criminals making you a criminal in conspiracy cases that is technically correct if they can prove that there was some intent to actually commit a crime and you belong to the same organization. Of more concern is the fact that a group can be made illegal to belong to. With vague descriptions of what constitutes a proscribed group any group that doesn’t support White genocide can be outlawed.

I’m not excusing the plot to murder a politician – if indeed there was one, serious or not. We made that quite clear in the show. But I don’t know those particular individuals, let alone anything of their plot. I would never associate myself with such people, but I will associate myself with good people; and I am ALLOWED to associate with people who once belonged to an organisation now proscribed. Or do you think the state has just cause to arrest the work colleagues, family members and teammates of those (wrongly, I believe) convicted? We need to be clever and cautious, but we must also remember that we are adhering to unjust laws. We must not give these ridiculous laws (such as guilt by… Read more »

I’m not against secret pro-White organizations. There are enough secret anti-White ones out there. Even if you have no intention whatsoever of doing anything even remotely illegal a secret organization makes sense. Subverting an organization you don’t even know that exists is impossible. Subverting an open pro-White organization is child’s play.

Predicting what a secret organization will do is impossible. It doesn’t attract any attention whatsoever and can’t be outlawed because it doesn’t exist. It doesn’t need to be doing anything illegal to be effective. Just being free of subversion is a huge advantage.

Sargon vs the alt-right is just the alt-right trying to remain credible. Same as the alt-right vs alt-light. None of the more experienced pro-Whites on stormfront take them seriously anymore. None here take them seriously I would hope. To talk about them as anything but controlled opposition is wrong.

The big problem is that there are still a lot of younger people being taken in by the alt-right. Young men mostly who are racially aware. They are being poisoned by the propaganda of Anglin and Weev. We need to shake them loose from their mind control.

I’ve found making fun of them to be more effective than trying to explain myself. I mean when dealing with someone who is obviously too far gone. Why cramp my fingers with long wordy drawn out explanations. The worse thing for an egomaniac is having people laugh at them.

At about 1.18 the talk about narratives and counter narratives all being controlled by anti-Whites has an important element. All the fake pro-White subversives tend to support the worldview of left vs right politics and even fake terror events as real. The alt-right even by it’s name shows itself to be controlled opposition.

People like Spencer, Anglin, Weev and Duke have been called out as controlled opposition for various reasons. It’s better just to call them out for supporting the validity of the smoke and mirror show that passes as politics. Long term that message is more powerful than denouncing Anglin and Weev for White sharia or other nonsense they come up with. If they support the validity of the system they’re working for it.

Americans who still have regional English accents – thought you all might enjoy.

Very cool video. Interestingly, on Ocracoke Island in NC, there is a British cemetery that is actually legally British land.