Wildcard: Steed & Heathen Vegan – The Solar Path (12-19-17)

Steed and Heathen Vegan discuss the significance of the Sun at Yule, and its significance as a symbol of divine spiritual ambition among the Indo-European folk.

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Anthony Roberts

It’s shows like these that give nourishment to my soul – especially during these dark months ( and times! ) Thank you Steed and HV for this very interesting information. It provides you with so much to contemplate.

Happy Mother’s Night, to our wonderful ladies. Whether you have children or not, you are still a mother to all of us. We are nothing without you. Merry Yule to all Renegades for Thorsday 21st. Gain strength and courage from our sun; we will need it in the coming months. Hail Victory!


Thanks Anthony. We just hoped to offer food for thought, and to share the bit of research we’ve both done so far. Wishing you a good Yule.

Anthony Roberts

Steed & HV: you’ve got me thinking about this big bang/yolo atheism. Do you think it was planned by jews as some kind of “screen refresh?”

Maybe they knew they needed a 100yr gap (1948-2048) from christinsanity, to then usher in and market their “all electric” one world b’nai b’rith religion to an existing future slave-race?

Whatever their evil intent, we Aryans have the power to jam a massive Yule log in their domination cog! We WILL break their electric dreams.


That’s an interesting thought Anthony – essentially, you’re asking whether our aspiring (((overlords))) intend Atheism for us as a means to a Noahide/Satanic end, or whether Atheism is the end in itself… It could well be that Atheism is here to show us how miserable life can be, so that when a new global religion is proposed, we clamber for it – Problem-Reaction-Solution. The problem with Atheism is that it does not honour ‘the Chosen’. However, I’d argue that Atheism is itself a religion; just one with material, not spiritual values. it is a religion with chains and punishment, but no higher purpose. The word ‘religion’ simply means ‘to bind/unify the people’, so a religion does not actually have to be spiritual, and thinkers have… Read more »


Absolutely, I concur, but on the other hand the new religion is already being implemented by means of harsh laws instead of “commandments”: http://www.renegadetribune.com/holocaust-new-religion-10-commandments/


FORTHCOMING FIRE – Der unbesiegte Sonnengott


Lyrics: http://www.sturmzeit.net/fcfdisco/fcflyrics/unbesiegtesonnengott.html



Lyrics in English The Undefeated Sun God And I know I know Yes I know THAT – I – AM! The undefeated sun god! The undefeated sun god! The undefeated sun god is stronger than death! Victorious sun, living light! The birth of Sol Invictus Risen young sun Victorious triumphant light Like the Phoenix from the ashes Baldur, Christ, Osiris, Tiu My ego consciousness My self Your you ALAF SAL FENA SAL SIG ALAF SAL FENA To the sun, to freedom Because your consciousness wants it You will not be subject The Aar (poet. eagle) awakens Raise your wings Use your power Child of a god Your way is far Immortal soul, living light Raise your consciousness, do not hesitate To the sun, to freedom… Read more »

Heathen vegan

“Sol Invictus”


My first comment with the link to the video and original German lyrics is waiting for approval 🙂 so here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHKrK_8yOeY

John from NC

Awesome show, thanks.


I am from Eastern part Europe. We have this lore that if you don’t eat during the day of Christmas eve and wait until the supper, you are going to see a golden piglet. (Golden Boar?). It is just a standalone statement and there is no elaboration on it and no connection to anything else, nobody could tell me why. You guys have shed a little light on it, thank you for it. There is obviously so much info lost and a lore like this is just a isolated flashback from eons gone. Still, I am pleasantly surprised it survived and maybe thanks to Renegade I will be able to connect more dots in the future. This is definitely a show to archive and re-listen… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Slavik. Thanks for this little bit of intrigue from the east. The Boar is a fascination of mine. I have spent probably 60 hours of reading on the subject of the Boar alone. Unlike you though I am not bilingual, so I struggle when trying to find information on eastern European mythology and folklore related to it. I agree, so much of our ancient knowledge is “lost”, I do believe however that within us we posses the ability to unlock some of the secrets in these “flashbacks”. I would encourage all people who have interest to look. This world is much more than just material Our ancestors lived and died by a belief far greater than our doubts, in what most today would push aside… Read more »


From the Prose Edda: “Brokkr brought forward his gifts: … to Freyr he gave the boar, saying that it could run through air and water better than any horse, and it could never become so dark with night or gloom of the Murky Regions that there should not be sufficient light where he went, such was the glow from its mane and bristles” I think the Golden Boar/Piglet is absolutely a symbol of the Sun. Because, as Heathen Vegan has pointed out to me, the Boar is so tenacious that seems almost to never die. The boar almost seems invincible, and as my Italian friend mentioned today to me in email, he has celebrated ‘Sol Invictus’ (The Undefeated Sun). At this time of year we… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Great analysis Steed.

Yes, although I was aware of “Sol invictus” I hadnt myself made the connection with the indomitable spirit of the Boar.


Last year I would have laughed at the notion of “memory of blood”. I can tell you now, that when I read your last paragraph a strange feeling came over me, don’t want to sound too cheesy but my inner core started to vibrate and I knew it was the truth. I can’t really say I have experienced something like that ever before. The sacrifice, of course, to will the Sun rise again after three days, takes the effort of the whole people. Thank you again.


Strange that anyone would vote your comment down, Slavik. I’m glad to have helped shed some light on a tradition of yours. It’s only my best guess, based on the knowledge I have, but it seems quite obvious to me.


An exceptional show brothers, it is so good to hear some informative discourse on our true heritage. The show samples from in the intro, you refer to is this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVCFF6NUq2U


Thanks gentlmen. I look forward to more of your excellent broadcasts. Nice job! Stevo


John Lash is a snake & not to be trusted:
“In 1987 John began a friendship lasting 22 years with Joanna Harcourt-Smith, the ex-wife of counterculture guru and psychonautic celebrity of the Sixties, Timothy Leary.”


I’ve not followed John Lash since, I think, the last Red Ice show he did. I read his book and exchanged a brief email with him. As with Michael Tsarion, I don’t think he needs to be a flawless individual for us to draw upon his research and ideas.


I just read about trump commuting sentencing for these jews that got busted with a mega meth factory, which has largely been scrubbed off of the internet. The main talking points out there about these guys is that they had a bunch of illegals working there. There is no mention of the meth factory inside.


This info needs to get out there and spread like wild fire. They can’t wage chemical warfare on us with no response on our parts. Everyone needs to act.


Frey has the golden bristled boar Gullinbursti. At Yule you take your oath on the bristles of the boar. Likewise in there is a boar the Einherjer eat that replenishes itself called Saerimnir.


That’s what I was remembering. Thanks for adding that.

Heathen vegan

And don’t forget Freyja, she also has the boar Hildisvini. Interestingly too she rides this Boar to the underworld, so maybe a connection with the setting sun.